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    Hi! I'm going to see an ENT tomorrow for chronic sinusitis. I'm almost sure it is bacterial, as vibramycin always eradicates it, but my GP won't give me enough to get rid of it completely.

    Does anyone know if an ENT does cultures on nasal discharges? I know that if I get this problem straightened out, I will feel soooo much more physically better.

    Thanks for listening.


    EZBRUZR New Member

    Hi Jinx, I have had several types of sputum cultures.I do not know what they were called,it was real quick. My ENT did say sometimes more than one culture maybe needed to b conclusive,I hope that helps some.Good Luck :) ! Peace, lisa
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    according to the Mayo clinic..Carla-nl had a article, posted on this message board, that goes into detail to that effect..I had Chronic Sinusitis for years, until I was finally treated with OLE..and have not had any since...

    Last year, I took an antibiotic every six weeks, but the infection kept coming back..and I was taking very potent ABs..It did not stop reoccurring until I finally stopped the situation with OLE..Please look into it..

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    Bumping 4 Jinx! peace, ez
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    Thank you both for your information! Can't wait to see what the doctor will find out. Seems as tho if this problem is solved, my CFS will get much better. (Thanx for bumping, Lisa!)

    I'll say extra prayers for you 2 tonight!

    Peace and love,
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