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    I have had the catscan, and I am hoping that we will have some answers today.

    I'm getting really worn down from all the running here and there, for this Dr. and this Test.

    I am dropping off a ton of Information, on FMS/CMP at my Primary's today, while I am in the building.

    I have a cover letter to tell them that since they are the ones who are suppose to be writting all my Rx's, on the Recommadation of the Specialist, they gave me the Dx. I didn't tell them I had it, that's for sure.

    That since it is a maintance problem on the most part, they need to uphold their end of the Job. I excerise, I eat the best that I can, I don;t drink, don't Overmedicate, in fact I am Undermedicated. But more would also be counter productive, to my having some sort of "Ouailty of Life".

    That's what I am Fighting for. Not drug's, anyone could get thoes on the street. They wouldn't go through the Runaround that people with True Chronic Pain are put through.

    I sure hope I don't have to have an operation, for the Mastoid Problem, if it's an Infection, like we are hoping for, then I will probably have to take the Dreaded Antibotic's. They all make me sick, except for 2 of the most expensive one's of course. But that's why I have Insurance. So since they are giving me such a Hard time, and my co-pay is low enough for me, I'm going to have the Expensive ones. lol. If they are used for what ails me right now.

    Thanks for listening to me, this sure sucks, right at Summer time, and our Pool is Open, warmed up, and I can't swim right now, no ear plugs, they hurt the ear, and can't take a chance on getting it wet, and as far as Bathingcap's, well, all I can say, is Scalp/Hair Pain, maybe a cute clippie?