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  1. Ryanslion

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    I have had pd for about 5 years now, this last month I have had trouble with enuresis almost everynight. Any suggestions to help or am I doomed to diapers?
  2. Catseye

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    I don't know anything about pd and I didn't have this problem but my bladder was filling up every night to the point of dehydrating me, I would have to drink water several times during the night and empty my bladder. I figured out I wasn't producing enough or any antidiuretic hormone, which causes your kidneys to recirculate the water in your body instead of directing it to the bladder. Since I have cfs, I assumed the hypothalamus has been damaged and was unable to direct the pituitary to manufacture the hormone.

    As soon as I started with the desmopressin inhaler, I was able to sleep all night without going to the bathroom or drinking anything. Maybe you could ask your doctor about the antidiuretic hormone, vasopressin. Desmopressin is the synthetic version. The only side effect is it may raise blood pressure a little and mine was a little low to begin with, so I got double the fun!

    good luck

  3. Willowsway

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    My husband takes this at night and it took care of his problem. He had a pituitary tumor removed and they also removed his pituitary. His urine output would keep him in the hospital without it, due to dehydration. Check on this with your doc. I am sure it will work with you too...
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    I would see a urologist to see if there is some physical reason for this problem. There are medications and other lifestyle changes that may help.

    One is not drinking fluids for several hours before going to bed.