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    You know, I am reading all these messages and I don't see anything talking about the enviroment.

    Does anybody wonder why it is this generation, the generation of baby boomers and younger that have been hard hit with this disease?

    I believe this and research is starting to show that this is all enviromental.

    One way to truly help ourselves is to try and clean up the enviroment that we have control over starting in our own homes.

    How many people are using air filtration systems in their homes?

    How many people here are using healthy non toxic products to clean their homes?
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    Well, I know that I have Fibro because my immune system was broken down by working in a sick building (MOLD). Just thought I would pass my info along to you.
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    DonnaMarie---I agree that environmental issues are beginning to rear their ugly heads, and the consequences of technology are now taking their toll. Our world has become so much more toxic in the last 50 years. I believe we are still in the dark as to the ramifications of all that technology has contributed to illness, and will become more apparent with each generation to come. Additionally our diets have changed dramatically in the last 50 years. Wholesome, unaltered, chemical free foods are no longer the norm.
    I have copied and pasted a past post of mine...detailing what I believe is a precipitating factor in my FM/CFS/MCS.
    It is probably typical of many with these disorders.

    I grew up in the hometown of Dow Chemical, during the 50's and 60's. The air was so thick and smelled fowl. The rivers and streams were polluted. This was prior to regulation, and actually at that time the Chemical companies were self regulating. Scary huh? Dow manufactured many products most with dioxin as a by product. As a matter of fact, Dow Chem. is the largest Dioxin producer in the world. They filled the air, streams, and ground with an unbelievable array of toxins. They were the company that manufactured Agent Orange for the Viet Nam War. There were many chemical spills within the plant, and also along the rail lines leading into the plant.
    Not only was this the home to Dow Chemical, but also of Dow Corning. I have FM,CFS, and MCS, my sibling has CFS, my mother died at 48, and her siblings all died in their early 50's.

    I grew up on a farm,(about 4 miles down wind from the chemical plant) where herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and nitrate fertilizers were used without any caution. That generation was convinced of the wonders and safety of these new products. I was in the fields on the tractors, day in and out, and as a youngster we all helped with the chores.

    Later in life I was still involved in the ag industry, and as a young adult was exposed to many more pesticides and insecticides. Now after living for 20+ years within 100 ft. of a field under cultivation, owned by a neighbor, both myself and my husband have been dx'ed with these DD's. Our well is even closer than our residence to the field. Today, we took in 12 sample bottles, filled with various acids as preservatives to a water testing lab, a days drive away. It will take 2 weeks for testing to be completed. We believe our well has been contaminated, as our neurological symptoms are over the top. This field is sprayed with fungicides from crop dusters with the prevailing winds blowing directly toward our house. It is fertilized twice during the growing season with ammonium nitrate, and herbicides and pesticides are regulary sprayed.
    I have raised 4 children here---and can only wonder what their lives will hold for them. I have a 13 yr. old who is showing many signs of FM and CFS. She will be the next one going to the Doctors. My 22 year old daughter has chronic fatigue ,postural orthstatic hypotension, and migraines. My 24 year old son suffers from migraines, as well. My 15 year old son has 3 birth defects, none life threatening thank goodness, and two have been corrected with surgery, and suffers from insomnia.
    What are we doing to our world and its people? Is the world and its peoples and goverments willing to change this, or will we continue down this path.

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    Thank you for the very informative responses to my post. I have so much more to say about this subject but I have my grand daughter with me today. She is 19 months old and demanding my attention so I will be back later.

    I have many products to warn folks about, things we use everyday.

    I have spent the last 4 years of my life educating myself about these things and making sure that my home became NON-TOXIC.

    I would love to share what I have learned with those who want to hear it. Bumping this post back up to the top.

    I will start everyone off by saying that it is almost guaranteed that the shampoo you are using regulary formaldehyde. The product use it to accomplish shelf life. It is even in Johnson baby shampoo, how scary is that?
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    Unfortunataly it can be difficult to get others to see the importance of using non-toxic, enviromentally safe products.

    Hubby just finished remodeling our home, dealing with the chemical "off-gassing" from the remodeling has been tough, although the atmosphere has greatly improved. He did make some good choices with paint and some of the products used...so I believe that has helped somewhat. Most of the older homes in this area had been "company" (coal) houses and fell victim to some not-so-friendly updating in the 50's, 60's, & 70's, ours included.

    Mining community around here...back when the coke ovens where in operation you could not tell night from day from all the smoke I hear, not to mention the chemicals that were used in the mines, mills, and near-by farms that probably leeched into the water over the years. They still spray the roadsides every summer with abundance, and oil down all the back roads with a mixture of used oil and who knows what else. From pestisides to the additives in our foods we are bombarded with chemicals each and every day...I think this is a big factor in our declining health.

    I've read PatPalmers posts on floride, and punched in and read the info about red 40 and other food colorings in Google...and that sadly I think is just a start into what we have been injesting for years. Chemicals may have made our life easier in some ways, but you have to wonder what is the cost we are paying for the convinence.

    I can no longer stand the odor of perfumes or aftershave, most cleaning supplies leave me breathless, when my son was a baby finding a unscented baby detergent for clothes, or a baby wash that didn't make me sneeze and my eyes water was a task in itself, I no longer use hairspray or many scented shampoos or creams, can not stand to use scented deoderant or feminine pads, scented air freshners or any of that stuff now, I stick to one brand of laundry detergent and dryer sheets that I can tolerate. My relatives don't understand why I cringe away from the scented candles and potpouri anymore. LOL.

    Maybe we are just so overloaded with all this "crap"...our bodies just start to rebel with time, you've got to wonder somedays.

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    First, let me say that I am a rabid tree hugger, and care very much about this issue. I am sure pollution is not helping our problem any and is surely making it worse.
    Fibro was written about in medical literature as far back as 1430 and many times since under other names.
    I have a novel from 1938 in which the main character has "fibrositis".
    Most of the chemicals in our environment were invented during WWII, not before. Chemicals affect children and very old folks first before others, and don't single out middle-aged females.
    The boomer generation was the first generation where any significant percentage of women worked outside the home. Fibro is much easier to manage if you are at home, in charge of what you do. When you must be somewhere else and work non-stop all day it is a different story. I think our being in the work force has caused this to become a bigger problem now.
    For hese reasons, I don't think the environment is the main issue.
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    While I headed this subject as Enviromental, I was referring to what we could change which would be our immediate enviroments (our homes).

    We can lobby for cleaner air and a healthier world but that will take time. We can all immediately begin to clean up our homes and remove the toxins from them which is turn to will start to alleviate your syptoms and you will start feeling better and see improvement in general well being and health.

    I have changed the heading to reflect this. Although I don't disagree with the poster who said, "another point of view" and talked about CFS/FM being written about long ago, I will contend that our toxic enviroments as a whole do make a difference.

    There has always been illness and disease but not in these numbers effecting and really attacking one generation (the baby boomer) as a group.

    That has to point to our life styles, the things we were raised around, how and what we ate and the air we breathe.

    Speaking of what we inhale......

    A product people use all the time that is a now known to contain cancer causing agents is LYSOL. WE buy it to kill germs and it does, it also creates carcinogens that we breath in. I NO longer have LYSOL in my house.

    Dawn dish detergent is another poison. How scary is this. Things we have used and had in our homes for years and they can hurt us, really hurt us.

    More to come on this!!
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    Suzanne, Are you a MEL rep?

    Donna Marie