Enzyme therapy vs. Amino Acid therapy

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    I am in the process of starting - and working my brain around - a new "protocol" to treat my CFS/FM. After reading tons of research over the past few years, I am very intrigued by the aspect of enzyme therapy (i.e. through the use of digestive, probiotic and even systemic enzymes) - and the amino acid "angle" (L-arginine, the list goes on.).... and the use of Immunocal.

    However, after we've put together a "program" for myself - one that looks solid, and acceptable... the monthly cost for the supplements is in the range of $500 Canadian. I simply don't have that much cash lying around on a month basis :(

    So, I'm curious as to which aspect people on here think is most beneficial - enzyme, amino acid, or even Immunpro/immunocal, etc.

    I'd REALLY like some input if anyone has any to share. Either that or a way to win a million dollars over night would work as well ;)

    Thanks in advance,
    Shannon L.
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    Thanks for the input. that was sort of what I figured. I'm going to work with the enzymes for now and hopefully that will help :)

    It has been suggested that the use of a good Whey protein shake would add in the amino acids, at least in part, that I would need. I'm looking into Immun... whatevers. LOL Immunpro, immuncal - those bunch. Again, hard to find here for some reason. Even Canadian made ones :b

    Thanks again
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    Enzymes are the way to go, provided your diet is healthy. You know what they say.....garbage in, garbage out! :)