Enzymes and amino acids

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    Anyone know anything about these in connection to Fibro?

    Thanks, Gina
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    Do a net search for "Dr. Brice E. Vickery amino acids fibromyalgia" if you do the search at goodle, it's the first result that comes up.
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    Thanks - that the site I found, too, that actually got this thread question started by me ;-)

    I want to know if anyone knows if 'proper' research shows if the 'supposed' links are real...

    That company has a lot of self-promoting web sites when I google them...LOTS...and no real research posted...just charts that the head guy (a retired DO) put up...

    One needs control groups. etc for real research...

    Thanks for the reply, though!
    MUCH appreciated!

    I'll tag on if I find any real research on this stuff....

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    Dear Gina,

    I am writing from Aust. so there could be some differences in terminology to take into accunt.

    Re: enzymes. I was tested for pacreatic enzyme deficiency by a series of "po" tests which showed that I was not digesting my food properly. As a result, I was classified as pancreatic enzyme deficient and now take about 5-6 pancreatic enzyme capsules a day when I eat. Supposedly, this will help me absorb both nutrients and medication more effectively.
    Re: animo acids: the Uni. of Newcastle Aust. has a series of tests, I'm sure US has similiar which determine what, if any, animo acids, your own body is deficient in. Then you can purchase the specially mixed animo acid mix and take it daily to help level out your amino acid profile. I did it for about 3 years. It did not seem to help me (have had CFS for over 8 years) and it certainly affected my bank account. An Ausie web site which might have some inf: www.bioscreen.com.au.
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    I will check out that web site, and look into those tests!

    Here's hoping that your Thursday, on the other side of the world's Wednesday, is going well.

    Best wushes, Gina

    PS - I am "FaithInScienceToo" at www.celiac.com 's Message Board.

    Have you been blood tested for Celiac disease? Just curious.
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    I don't have any research articles to reference connecting amino acids to CFS/FM as a cause and effect type thing, but I do use amino acids as part of my treatment and management of these illnesses.

    I believe whole-heartedly in my AAcid Therapy and wouldn't give them up for anything.

    I posted a thread a while back about amino acids and how they can be of benefit. I listed several and what their action is .... what they do for us.

    You can put my name in the search and it should come up. Title was something like Amino Acid Therapy in CFS ... or there abouts, LOL.

    I'm sorry .... I don't have any information on enzymes you requested, but there are many here that are knowledgable on them.

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    You are very correct. There is a need for more "credible" research by the scientific community in the area of Enzymes, amino acids, and their connection to FMS. The problem is always in the area of FMS and its' definition.

    Fibromyalgia is a syndrome associated with chronic, widespread disabling pain. The word "syndrome" means, "a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and characterize a particular abnormality." Unlike the condition, "diabetes", the cause cannot be accounted for at this time.

    There are basic theories that researchers feel the underlying cause may be related to. These theories are:

    1. Sleep disorders,
    2. Caused by a microorganism,
    3. Altered skeletal muscle metabolism
    4. Chronic overreaction of the immune system
    5. Altered pain processing / changes in neurochemicals in the brain

    When people discuss how Enzymes and Proteins may play a part in FMS, they should keep an open mind to the fact that most likely, there are various causes of what is termed, "FMS."

    Basic facts about enzymes and proteins:

    Enzymes are made from amino acids, and they are proteins. When an enzyme is formed, it is created by the "stringing together" between 100 and 1,000 amino acids in a very specific and unique order. The chain of amino acids then folds into a unique shape. That shape allows the enzyme to carry out specific chemical reactions -- an enzyme acts as a very efficient catalyst for a specific chemical reaction. The enzyme speeds that reaction up tremendously.

    I've researched and have written from various sources on what FMS is. To understand how enzymes and amino acids play a part in a condition, that condition needs to be defined and then researched individually.

    Here is an example: people who are lactose intolerant. The problem arises because the sugar in milk -- lactose -- does not get broken into its glucose components. Therefore, it cannot be digested. The intestinal cells of lactose-intolerant people do not produce lactase, the enzyme needed to break down lactose. This problem shows how the lack of just one enzyme in the human body can lead to problems. A person who is lactose intolerant can swallow a drop of lactase prior to drinking milk and the problem is solved. Many enzyme deficiencies are not nearly so easy to fix.

    Here are some more facts that I've found about enzymes:

    Enzymes are made from amino acids, and they are proteins. When an enzyme is formed, it is created by the "stringing together" between 100 and 1,000 amino acids in a very specific and unique order. The chain of amino acids then folds into a unique shape. That shape allows the enzyme to carry out specific chemical reactions -- an enzyme acts as a very efficient catalyst for a specific chemical reaction. The enzyme speeds that reaction up tremendously.

    As far as your body is concerned there are two different types of amino acids: essential and non-essential. Non-essential amino acids are amino acids that your body can create out of other chemicals found in your body. Essential amino acids cannot be created, and therefore the only way to get them is through food. Here are the different amino acids:


    Alanine (synthesized from pyruvic acid)
    Arginine (synthesized from glutamic acid)
    Asparagine (synthesized from aspartic acid)
    Aspartic acid (synthesized from oxaloacetic acid)
    Cysteine (synthesized from homocysteine, which comes from methionine)
    Glutamic acid (synthesized from oxoglutaric acid)
    Glutamine (synthesized from glutamic acid)
    Glycine (synthesized from serine and threonine)
    Proline (synthesized from glutamic acid)
    Serine (synthesized from glucose)
    Tryosine (synthesized from phenylalanine)



    The digestive system breaks all proteins down into their amino acids so that they can enter the bloodstream. Cells then use the amino acids as building blocks to build enzymes and structural proteins.

    It would seem that there could be a great correlation of inadequate amounts of amino acids if a person doesn't get all of the "essential" amino acids by diet. Or a great correlation to problems related to digestion that prevents the amino acids from entering the bloodstream. Cells would be inhibited from normal function in numerous areas.

    This all would need to be studied with specificity as to what the underlying cause for the FMS is.

    There is much more awareness and acceptance of FMS and CFS among the scientific community. I believe that there will be more scientific studies and that valuable information will be obtained that will eventually help those afflicted by FMS and CFS. It will take time and money.
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    THANKS for the replies -

    Glad to hear that someone with diagnosed FMS is benefitting from AA therapy - thanks Elsa. I will do a search for your info about AA's and FMS.

    ALSO, thanks to the other member - Jaltair - for listing info about AA's - I was able to find a lot of info about them, too, and will tag on some URLs about them here. I also bought 2 books on amazon.com last night about enzyme therapy, as I plan to begin to use it in 'my aresenal againt my continued illness' - even though going GF helped A LOT, I still have some flares.

    THANKS especially, though, for highlighting for me/us that FMS/CFS most probably has multiple causes...

    To me that would imply, therefore, that individuals 'with it' most probably wouldn't all respond uniformly to any particular therapies...so, it makes it harder for researchers to design their studies....

    Perhaps 'they' will need to sort people into 'most probable causes' categories?

    For instance, I was diagnosed with FMS years before learning that "I am a Celiac"...and I carry one of the genes for it - DQ8.

    Perhaps someone like me would be in the 'diagnosed Celiacs' category, and all FMS/CFS research subjects would also be blood and biopsy screened for celiac disease, to sort them out 'properly,' too, to be sure to not create a 'confounding variable' out of the variable of the subjects 'having CD or not'?

    And, those 'with FMS/CFS, but testing neg for CD via blood/biopsy' but who have genes for CD would make up another category...and those without the genes would be another...etc

    That can be one study....

    THEN, after they test AA's and enzymes on those large groups, 'they' can break those groups down further, into other potential causes, based on their individual histories/other blood work, etc...

    However it gets done, I look forward to 'it' getting done, so that we can better treat ourselves.

    THANKS, again, for the info - Gina
    Here are good AA and enzyme general info links I found last night (they are NOT linked to any companies/brands):

    AA Info/the what, how to use them, and precautionary info:


    Enzyme therapy/getting started:


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    BUMP -- interesting read :)
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    I have found some excellent info . If you google "The Way Up From Down Dr Priscilla Slagle " you will find some really helpful and specific suggestions on aminos .

    I will check out the other sites mentioned also. Thanks!!!
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    Good to see this topic still circulating.

    Not sure what that smilie face is doing...thought is was supposed to be clapping it's hands...

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