ENZYMES...does anyone know if pets

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    can take enzymes? I know enzymes can help with inflammation. Do you know if it is ok to give to your pet? My 128 pound lab/akita mix has had 2 knee surgeries and just isn't progressing the way he should be.

    He had surgery on his right knee 4 years ago and on his left knee 6 months ago. Well, the surgery on his left knee didn't work (the artificial tendons broke in half) so he had to have the procedure re-done 8 weeks ago. He is 8 years old and a big boy so this is very hard on him.

    I bought a bottle of enzymes with "everything" in it but I can't take them. My stomach and chest burn like crazy so I just take Bromelain. Do you think I could give him the enzymes with "everything"? He needs help now. We give him glucosamine/chondroitin but that is for long term use due to arthritis.

    Someone, anyone, please help...this is my baby we're talking about!

    Thanks for helping, Wanda
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    the replies. I will still keep searching for something to help my "little" boy.

    To Gracie mlc, many people have the opinion that I think more of my dogs (I have 5) than I do people...and they're right. (of course, I love my family too) I remember the old adage: "THE MORE I'M AROUND PEOPLE THE MORE I LOVE MY DOGS".

    My dogs are all in the house and are all very precious.

    MAX [my lab] is 8 years old and 128 pounds
    ASHA [my stray chow mix that brought us puppies] is 3 years
    old and 75 pounds
    SUZIE [Asha's chow mix puppy] is 2 years old and 85 pounds
    BOSCO [Asha's chow mix puppy] is 2 years old and 80 pounds
    GRACIE [Asha's chow mix puppy] is 2 years old and 58 pounds

    Ok, enough about my kids...it's time to do some research.

    Thanks again to everyone. Wanda
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    I also believe that the more peole i meet the more i love my animals. people deliberately hurt each other. Hi, I am new and am looking for a friend. I have 6 cats and 3 dogs. Each is spoiled rotten. I am newly diagnosed about 6 mos. ago but knew for awhile something was not right. It is worse in my hands of all places.
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    Hello, Have you tried MSM? There is a product called Synovi-MSM Granules for dogs & horses. I have heard it has helped with there inflammation. You may only be able to get it from your vet. There are drugs also one called Rimadyl for pain that dogs can take. It is expensive especially for big dogs, but it does help. Good luck, Marcy
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    My vet recommended that I give my dog 1 baby aspirin daily for pain. Of course the 4 legged love of my life weighs only 14 pounds. He's a nutered half Maltese and half Minature Longhaired Dashound. The baby aspirin helps him a lot as he is 12 years old (equivalent to 84 in human years) and seems stiff and in pain when he gets up from a nap or early in the morning. The prescription drug(s) made him mostly incontinent which is hard to handle with a house dog and the aspirin is a lot cheaper......
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    Please have your vet check out the ingredients first, like someone else mentioned.

    I do not recommend the aspirin, it can cause internal bleeding, be very careful with it, remember he can't tell you his tummy is hurting, I almost lost one of my dogs a long time ago with aspirin. She was bleeding internally and I did not know it untill she passed blood. She made it, but I will never again give a dog aspirin. She lived to 17 years old.

    I do believe that most people with our illness love animals, they accept us as we are with unconditional love.

    I also have five dogs, three inside two outside, the reason they are outside is their choice not mine.

    I have one Pit Bull 11 years old.
    Boxer 10 years old (she is a big girl, 100lbs). These two's pictures are in my profile, thanks to my very savvy friend Marilyn, she inserted into my picture!

    The other three are all mixed breeds that I adoped, one on the road, one in a grocery store! The other I paid $50.00 for as they were going to have the pup put to sleep.

    The Boxer was also a throw away, she tore up five peoples houses before I got her! She is a wonderful pet, watchdog, and also my best companion, and no, she does not tear up my house! The Pit is the love of our life, he is one big baby, not mean at all.

    I sure hope you find help for your baby, I know how much we love our furkids.

    I will surely say a pray for your boy.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Hi and thanks to everyone for caring about my darling Max. He is doing better now (finally) but still has some healing to do. He is walking better but still not as well as I would like to see.

    MARCY, I have had Max on Glucosamine/Chondroitin for awhile but just got it with MSM about 3 weeks ago. I also have been giving him Bromelain (500 mg 3 times a day) for inflammation and pain relief. Taken on an empty stomach, the Bromelain is supposed to go directly to the inflamed site.

    The vet doesn't want to give Rimadyl unless nothing else works...Max has seizures and is on Phenobarbitol twice a day for them.

    CHICKADEE, my vet said if I have to give Max something for pain, use Ecotrin...it is easier on his stomach. But he doesn't want him to take it on a daily basis. I only gave it to him for a few days after his surgery. Please keep an eye on your baby's stools to check for blood. I understand the concept of "4 legged love of my life"!

    SHIRL,I asked my vet about the ingredients and he wasn't familiar with them for pets so I'm just giving him Bromelain (I know that's okay). I saw the pictures of your Pit and Boxer...I could just scrunch 'em. I feel so bad for throw away dogs... when we found Asha on the side of the road, she was full of burrs down to her skin. She is part chow so she has long thick hair... my husband very patiently got all of them out very gently. She is now a beautiful, shiny, healthy Furkid.

    DEJAVU, I never thought about Omega 3. Did your vet say it was okay to give it to your dog? I would like some more information if you don't mind. I will briefly put my e-mail address in my profile so you can send me the info.

    Incidentally, I really do kiss and hug all 5 of my sweeties all the time. Maybe strange to some but not to animal lovers!

    Blessings of Health,

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    Bromelain is great the msm takes three months to see the effect and yes fatty acids are great. You can call your vet and get the caplets for the dog. I just rescued a long coat Chihuahua that had no hair and was in very poor condition. Today and it's only been 5 weeks her hair is a inch long with the fatty acids. My pit also gets some hip problems and we make sure she is laying down on a blanket or something soft. I also use the rice socks on her if she can't walk. She is too young to do much now I give rimadyl when needed and rest and warm rice socks. Good luck the caplets are great. They also help with the fleas and ticks, they like dry skin and this will help with there coat. Ellie
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    our vet is recommending MSM with glucosamine/chondroitin for my mother's Lab. Dogs can also take one baby aspirin a day, but that's all. They can also take Benadryl for allergies and bug stings.

    It's funny, but I was just reading about enzymes and pets - Yes, you can give them digestive enzymes. However, dogs do have delicate stomachs, so you need to make sure they get it right after they eat. I would recommend a poly-phasic digestive complex - mine is Ultrazyme. It works in the stomach and in the intestines. I good place to check for meds is at a feed store, too.

    Bromelain works as a digestive enzyme with meals and an anti-inflammatory between meals.

    I forgot to mention that dogs are also prone to kidney distress and/or failure after surgery. Make sure to watch for signs of not drinking and feel the roof of the mouth; if it feels dry and cold, get them to the vets ASAP!

    Hope this helps,

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    I can't believe you have a dog named Bosco! That is an unusual name for a pet, and today is the one year anniversary of the death of our beloved 17 yr. old cat named Bosco!
    Our 8 1/2, 97 lb. Golden Retriever, Bert, has arthritic inflammation and our vet gave him a powder to add to his food called Arthoflex. It is a marine, powdered form of Glucosamine, very natural and he loves it. He was limping so bad he could not walk around the block, but after about 2 wks. on this stuff he was bouncing up and down and acting like a pup again...he even ruined one of my flower beds to prove it! If you are already giving him the more easily absorbed powder form, then just ignore me.
    You might want to try to find a vet that does acupuncture. We have a vet near us who does it, and some claim it really helps with arthritis pain. We have not had to try it since the powder works so well.
    Our four furry family members are tops with us too!
    I hope you can find some help.
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    I can't believe all the information you can get on this board!

    ELLIE, Thanks for the heads up on Bromelain and MSM...I can definitely see a difference in the way he walks already. I don't know which one is helping him..maybe both. Right after his surgery the vet said Max needed warm compresses on his knee. Well, I remembered the rice socks from this board and that's what we used. Very convenient and stayed warm long enough for a complete therapy session.

    LANE, The enzymes that I have are called Mega-Zyme. They have "protease, amylase, lipase, trypsin, papain, bromelain, lysozyme, and chymotrypsin". I don't know if dogs can take all of these enzymes. If you know of any informational sites please e-mail me (address in profile).

    KLUTZO, That really is a coincidence! Believe me, the name Bosco certainly fits him! When the pups were 2 days old we took them to the vet. He picked up each one and described their markings. When he got to Bosco, he picked him up and said "I'm not so sure about this one"! (Dr. has a super sense of humor). Bosco had about every color in him at that time. Has now turned black and brown with freckles on his face.

    Thanks to everyone and would like more input if possible.

    Blessings of Hope and Health,
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    Dr. Goodpet Brand gave this info; they also have their own website (goodpet) with some good information:

    Canine Digestive Enzymes ™


    Even when we feed our dogs the best possible diet and provide vitamin and mineral supplements, many animals still do not attain the anticipated level of health. The reason could be a deficiency of digestive enzymes. Veterinarians and pet nutritionists often find such deficiencies and recommend digestive enzyme supplements. By aiding in the breakdown of food, these supplements help animals absorb more nutrients from their diet

    What's in it: It contains different enzymes that breakdown various kinds of food. Protease is the enzyme that breaks down protein. Amylase works on carbohydrates and lipase on fat. shown by research to be highly effective, less costly, and with a wider range of activity than animal-based enzyme supplements.

    Each 1750 mg (one tsp):
    Protease - 16666 HUT
    Amylase - 2000 DU
    Acidophilus - 66 mill CFU
    Lipase - 8.02 IU
    Cellulase - 9 CU

    How to Use: Enzymes are particularly beneficial to older dogs who often slowdown in their natural ability to produce digestive enzymes. Our Canine Enzymes are made from natural plant sources and come in a 7 oz. container of powder that can be sprinkled on your pet's food.

    I'll see what else I can find,

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    Thanks for the continued information. I would appreciate anything you can find on the subject. In the meantime I will look up "goodpet". Thanks again.

    Blessings of Hope,