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    is there an enzyme expert in the house? bottom line, i'd like to know the best kind of enzyme to try for cfs/fibro. proteolytic? plant-based? pancreatic? for some reason i have a mental block when it comes to enzymes and can't get my arms around the options. i was speaking to a woman today who said her brother was healed from his fibro by pork enzymes! what are pork enzymes?!

    thanks for any advice!
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    I use ones I get at Wal-Mart and they work good for me. They are not expensive "Multi-Enzyme Formula" digestive aid,by Rexall. The plant based Enyzmes are good to take with veggies and fruit but you need more with protein or meat.These ones that I get will work with what ever you eat. There is enzymes in raw fruit and veggies but just enough to digest what your eating. As we get older we don't make enough enzymes,so our food passes though without digesting --which is what causes Leaky Gut and lots of other diseases. Do a Google search on Food Enzymes and you will learn a lot about your digestive system. Take 2 with every meal and you'll soon see a great difference in your health.
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    enzymestuff . com - recommended in another post. i learned a lot and decided to start with 'v-gest' by enzymedica. if i tolerate the 'v-gest' well, i'll step up to 'repair' or 'digest gold' (both by enzymedica available at iherb) which both contain more protease enzymes that help with tissue and muscle repair. sounds like the best way to go is experiment a bit with mixing and dosages.