Ephemera and anal fissures

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    wow, do I feel for you, my friend. I developed an anal fissure with the horrific sphincter spasms that kept me in the bathtub for HOURS a day. My fissure resulted from chemotherapy. Before my fourth cycle of six chemos, the pain was intolerable. I had the surgery for fissure repair and a sphincterotomy. Don't be afraid to do it is my bottom line message. Within a few days that horrible pain was much reduced. I'm still having problems because I had to do two more rounds of chemo after the surgery, but even now, after the chemo and anxiety/depression about my bowel function the pain is not as bad as before the operation. Without the chemo, I think I would have been fully recovered in two weeks. The surgery works and it works fast. Diane
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    Thanks for your good thoughts. The fissure is a direct result of my impacted colon & the 2xs being in the emergency room in November after 12 days without a bowel movement (despite following all doctor's orders & suggestions). Colonoscopy was done in Dec to rule out other problems. Fissure appeared in early January.

    Have done the ususal creams, nitrogylerin cream & high fiber. Doing the markers right now for the xrays. As soon as that is done then I start Zelnorm & wait for the text results late next week or early following week.

    I'm glad to know the surgery went well for you & that you are getting stronger & coming along after chemo. Best healthy wishes for you!