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  1. Has anyone had an epidural shot for pain in neck and back? How helpful was it? WEre there any side effects? Ruthie
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    HI Ruthie, I haven't posted on this board for a couple of years but just decided to check in and saw your question.

    I have had MANY epidurals over the past 8 years on both cervial and lumbar spine. I have had as many as 4 sites injected in one appointment and have had those repeated a few times per year.

    I do receive relief, although not everyone does. I have stenosis and degenerative discs in my entire back/neck. The medicine that is injected in, a steroid, reduces the inflammation in the immediate area and a little in the surrounding tissues. This seems to calm down the nerve pain for me, but it is temporary fix, not a cure. I've been through lumber surgery and have 3 fusions w/hardware in the c-spine. Also been through 2 hip replacements, the lastest on was 2 months ago. The back pain and the hip pain seemed to feed one another, so calming down the back pain actually helped the hip pain a little too.

    Side effects for me were pretty much like I were talking oral steroids for about 10 days. Doctors will tell you that injections should not cause systemic effects, but I have a brother with similar condions and he too is effected just like he would be from an oral dose! By this, for me, it is a red face (flushing), nervousness, sleeplessness, moody, like a bad case of PMS!!! LOL

    Good Luck!!

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    I had this procedure done and it hurt alot and didn't give me any relief at all, the ride home was hell!

    Now a freind of mine had it done and it helped her. But if I am right it seems like when I looked at your bio you are diabetic and so am I, well they assured me it wouldn't affect me that much, well it did my sugar was high despite me watching what I ate and the diabetic meds I am on.

    It may help you but just be ready for your blood sugar to cause you problems. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Gentle Hugs, Pamela
  4. No I don't have diabetes. Thanks for concern. I did freak out a bit aftr steroid shot in shoulder. Ruthie
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    My mother has had these done many times for her FM pain. She had no side effects and they did help. She only got them during major flares.
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    I have FM and have had 2 epidurals. Didn't help at all.
  7. Yes several over the yrs. for my low back. I wish I would have continued, I went for back surgery and OMG the pain is 10 times worse than it was. Sometimes the injections help, sometimes not, 75 per cent helped. good luck! no side effects.
  8. I have osteoarthritis and R A.I hurt my neck a couple yeard ago.Ruthie
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    I had two epidural shots in my neck a couple of years ago. The second one I wanted to break my neck to get some relief from the pressure after the second day. The Doctor told me that the one who did the epidural was still learning and must of not hit the correct point. The cost was not worth the pain and suffering, also I hated that I was not told he could miss and was not all that experienced.
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    has had these for back (DG Disks). They helped for awhile but now he has the flurchette (sp?) and they seen to last much longer....months and months!

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    I just recently had a series of three for the lumbar pain and herniated disk located at L5/S1 level.

    They were administered in the Caudal area and did provide some relief as far as pain went to that specific area only.

    One shot every three weeks and were done at the local hospital in their out patient surgical clinic.

    I have had alot less incidents of bilateral sciatica yet experienced more type pressure pain to the lumbar area and legs. I have also had an increase in my Restless Leg Syndrome, since the second injection.

    I was slated to get the same type injections in my cervical area (which is done under fluroscopic camera by a specialist)but have lost my medical insurance and will have to wait for my Medicare to kick in this December.

    The initial injections were not very painful at all. I felt a wee bit of pressure at the injection site and a "popping" sensation, then nothing. I have a very high thrush hold for pain, so it might be very painful for some.

    If given the opportunity to do them again, I would as I would prefer the pressure type pain over the constant and shooting type pain I was experiencing before the injections.

    Hope this helps. I would talk to your doctor in great detail to see if you are a candidate and just how much experience the person administering the injections has.

    The anastesologist (sp?) who did mine, this is what he did all day long. No other procedures, so he was a real pro and very gentle by my standards.

    Good luck and God Bless

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    I had an epidural in C4-C5 area (herniated and general neck pain, C4 through C7) and was in much MORE PAIN for 2 weeks after. Vicadin I was given for pain didn't help at all.

    The procedure itself wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be discomfort wise. I was very anxious about it before hand.

    I believe that my fibro. issues prevented me from having any luck with this procedure.

    Possibly made my neck painworse! Other's have had good results however. Some people only get short term relief.
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    I just had my 3rd shot (a serious of 3 were done) in my back (lumbar area). I have DDD, the 1st and 2nd shot did nothing but the 3rd shot has enabled me to be almost pain free for over 2 weeks. I go back next month for a re-evaluation.

    The procedure is very uncomfortable but not painful. At this point I would have another shot as the pain has went from an 8 to about a 2.

    Good Luck,