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  1. tjo

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    I am scheduled for an epidural next week and wondered if anyone else has benefited from it?
  2. Gloria37074

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    I have had two, one on each side of my lower back. They have taken some of my pain away but not all of it. Good Luck
  3. ETN

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    I have had SEVERAL for my lumbar area and also my cervical area. Fortunately for me they did help quite a bit with the pain. After I reached my recommended amount on my lumbar we then switched to doing radiofrequency ablation in my lumbar area. They actually burn the nerves in hopes to stop the pain process. This helped really well for me too. It hurt like the dickens but I have a high pain tolerance.

    The bad think about epidurals is that is is a 50/50 chance of it helping. My hub had several and did not help him at all. I was lucky and it helped me. The only way of knowing is to have it done.

    Good luck and you will be fine. What I noticed is the pain seems to get worse for a couple of days after until the steroid medication begins to take affect.

    You'll do great!