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  1. marys1358

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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Mary and was wondering if anyone has had a epidural shot other then having a baby.I have a herniated disc and my DR. wants me to get the shot and I was wondering the out come of it.It scares me because it is so close to the spine I don't know for sure if I want to go through with it or just deal with the pain.Hope someone has some answers.
    Thanks Mary
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  2. Michelle Z.

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    Ugh!!! I went through a series of three of them. One each day for three days. I was in the hospital when it was done. They were hoping to avoid surgery...

    To me they were extremely painful!!! Made my legs feel paralyzed. I literally could not move them for many, many hours. The left leg felt the worst.

    By the third day they were wheeling me down to the procedure room..I practically hysterical begging them not to give me another one! They did. It was all very painful to me...I didn't get any pain relief from them. They scared me.

    The Doctor who ordered them to be done eventually did surgery on my back for the ruptured disk(s). I got a staph infection at the surgery site. That got out of control and turned to Cellulitis and got worse to Osteomyelitis!

    I nearly died...that was me. Investigate your doctor! Get as many opinions as you possibly can!

    I wish you all the Best!
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    Thank you so much for being honest.I'm so scared about getting it done and with lupus what might happen with side effects.I had the facet blocks 3of them and they didn't do a thing for me either.So you wouldn't do it again.Did they put you in the hospital for this procedure or something else?you don't need to tell if its something else.Because I thought you get 3 shots in 1 calender years but I could be wrong.If you think of anything else please let me know.
    Thank you so much for responding I appreciate it.
    Thanks again Mary
  4. Michelle Z.

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    I was hospitalized when they gave me the epidural shots. They were hoping the shots would take care of the pain I was having from a ruptured disk.

    They took me to the procedure/operating room every morning for three days in a row.

    If you "click" on my name to the left of this post you can read my profile, which will tell you a bit more about what I have gone through with my back.

    Some people have had great results with the Epidurals. I am one that did not and would NOT do it again!

    Please get serveral opinions before you make your final descision.

    All the Best!

  5. GrammaGramma

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    Epidural's are scarey, and as with childbirth, we all know there are times when they work and times when they don't. If you are feeling really nervous about one, you need to come to grips with that first. I hope some of those on this board can help with their experiences. Then take all those, sift through them, talk to your doctor, (write down questions for him/her), and go from there.
    An alternative that may help may be the Lidoderm Patches, which contain Lidocaine 5% and you put them on at the epicenter of the pain. I don't know if your condition would warrant these, but they are pretty side effect free except for maybe a skin irritation in some.
    Sorry to go on and on my first time up to the plate.
    I hope this helped.
  6. texasone

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    I can't help you with the epidural shots you get for
    pain but I will never forget the "MESSY EPIDURAL JOB"
    that was done on me when I had my first child.

    The shot was not administered correctly and two days
    later I was home with excrutiating headaches that
    would not go away. I begged to die they hurt so
    bad. The reason was that when the shot was given it
    tapped into my spinal fluid. I had to go back into the
    hospital and get a blood patch. They had to take some
    blood from me and with a needle go back into the very
    hole that the epidural was given in and put my blood
    back into the hole in my spine to seal it up. I had
    to lay there completely still for about 4 hours after
    the procedure so the patch would seal where the spinal
    fluid was coming out. It the patch popped then the head-
    aches would get worse and they would have to re-do the
    blood patch again. Thank goodness it worked...
    Please get a reputable antithesiologist(sp?) to do it.
    Thats who messed mine up. Dealing with that and a new
    baby bought on a spiral of depression that took me years
    to get over. That was 13 years ago and I still remember
    the pain and ordeal... Good luck and do your homework
    on the situation before hand. texasone

  7. marys1358

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    Thank you all for replying.And I have thought this over and I've decided to wait on the epidural shot.I think I need to have another MRI before the shot since I haven't had one since 2001.And just check and see if that is the next step to take.But thank you all for replying Mary
  8. Michelle Z.

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    I'm sooo GLAD to hear you're taking it slow and gathering more informaiton. The MRI may or may not show anything but, you're smart in getting more & more info!

    Thanks for the update.

    All the Best!