epilepsy free after 14 years

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    when i was 14 and my mom walked in my bedroom and turned the light on to wake me for school she couldnt wake me up and my eyes were rolling in back of my head
    she tried walking me around but my body was limp
    she called ambulance but i was fine by the time they got there
    they took me to the ER and gave me blood work and and EEG all was fine they sent me home
    two days later same thing happened this time my dad was home and tried slapping me in the face but i wouldnt wake up
    same deal the ambulance came they gave me an MRI which was fine but the EEG showed seizure and the DR said i had a drug in my system like cocaine later they found out it was my sleeping pill that i was prescribed which was phenobarbital they said it was too strong for a child.
    my family DR said the sleeping med caused this but the neuro said it was epilepsy
    i quit the sleeping pill and started dilantin and for 15 years i have remained seizure free even though my dilantin levels have always been low
    i have developed anxiety that i may have another seizure but a recent neuro visit my first in 15 years said that i was probaly not epileptic and to tapper off dilantin
    what do you guys think
    the anxiety and panic make me dizzy and i worry that is a seizure
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    ProHealth doesn't provide any doctors for this boards, so you are getting opinions from people just like you.

    Since you have spoken with a neurologist, it would be a good idea, if you are uncertain, to seek a second opinion from another neurologist who can view all the tests, your medical background and your records, can do a physical, and can do any tests they deem necessary to provide that fully informed second opinion. You won't get an informed second opinion on any internet board.

    I strongly suggest you speak with a therapist to deal with the anxiety and panic and it can be dealth with in many ways including cognitive behavioral therapy. You can begin to deal with the anxiety and panic.

    Good luck and hugs.
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    Have seizure activity in our neurons but we do not have actual seizures. We may get agitated, feel panic, and feel dizzy, especially around a lot of movement. Talk to the doc about CBT and if that isn't enough, perhaps something which quiets the neurons, like neurontin or Klonopin, might help. Both drugs cause physical dependency so one has to wean off of them very slowly. In fact, I wonder whether your symptoms are not associated with weaning off your med. I would ask the doc about that too. Weaning off Klonopin too fast will cause the jitters, panic and dizzyness.

    Love, Mikie