Epsom Salts/Hydrogen Peroxide Baths

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    A few years ago on this board I was given directions on these hot baths. I find that they actually do help.

    One cup Epsom Salts
    on12 oz bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide
    Fill tup with usual ammount of water

    I keep a large plastic cup to pour the solution over me while taking the bath and find that It is in the pouring that helps most. Sometimes it even hurts just to pour the water? But, it helps my neck ans shoulders especially. Somehow it is in the movement of the water.
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    I have taken epsom salts baths for years when the pain gets really bad. I find them very helpful. Sometimes I add a little powdered ginger to help with the pain. Be careful with that one, because if you add too much ginger in a hot bath it could make you woozy when you get out. What does the hydrogen peroxide do?

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    but I remember Shirl warning that the Hydrogen peroxide could have an 'awakening' effect, ie, you might not sleep well after taking a bath with it in it right before bed. It certainly worked that way for me, I tried it just to see hoping it would help me awaken more easily in the AM but instead had trouble sleeping. #1 for me really is Epsom Salts at the very least, even better if i can put essential oils in it.

    This is some more info I found on the net about it and other substances:

    Hydrogen Peroxide:
    Adding hydrogen peroxide to bathwater increases oxygen available to the body. Hydrogen peroxide baths leave the body feeling alert and revitalized, like just after a rain shower. This gentle bath is antibacterial, antiviral, and cleansing to the emotional and energetic bodies. Add six ounces of food-grade hydrogen peroxide to a hot bath and soak for 20-30 minutes. Be careful in handling this concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide as it can "burn" or irritate the skin. Diluted in the bathwater, it is fine for skin contact.

    Apple Cider Vinegar:
    Apple cider vinegar baths restore a natural pH to the skin and hair, as well as rejuvenating and building up the body’s resistance. It helps restore acid mantle protection to the skin, which is lost from swimming and from routine use of soaps on the skin. It thus helps combat “unfriendly” bacteria, fungal overgrowth, and as helpful with vaginal and bladder infections. Apple cider vinegar baths are soothing to the skin, alleviating itchiness, poison ivy, and sunburn discomfort. As with all hot baths, it causes the pores to open and aids in general systemic detoxification. Make certain to use pure, unprocessed apply cider vinegar. Use 2-4 cups in a hot bath.

    Sodium Bicarbonate:
    A hot bath with equal parts of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and sea salt assists in detoxification from exposure to heavy metals and radiation. It is also beneficial for cleansing the the auric field, and for soothing itchy skin. In combination, use 1-2 pounds of each. Sea salts is recommended, as opposed to rock salt or common table salt, which are depleted of nourishing minerals.

    Citric Acid:
    Citric Acid is a key ingredient, along with Sodium Bicarbonate, for bath fizzies. It is also great for making fizzy bath salts. The combination creates an effervescent blend that helps release the aroma of your essential oils into the air, creating an uplifting aromatic bath.

    Varous 'recipes' for different therapeutic baths can be found here:

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