Epstein Barr Titers

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  1. valliali

    valliali New Member

    Hi guys,
    I have posted about this topic before, a couple of months ago, but have some more questions surfacing in light of my most recent EBV tests.
    As I said before, I am seeing a CFS specialist who treats patients for EBV. When I posted before, in March, I had obtained my EBV tests which indicated that my EA was 40 and my VCA was 640. At the time, my doctor nor I were very concerned. My doctor, and many others, believe my symptoms have been caused by a virus, but my symptoms don't glaringly align with EBV. Most of my symptoms fit into an autonomic dysfunction (I do not have CFS).
    However, today, I obtained my results from another EBV test done at the end of May. My EA is still 40, however, now my VCA is over 10,000!!!! That is a HUGE jump! My doctor said that these levels are off the charts, and that he treats his EBV patients with Valtrex when they are in the 2000s.
    However, my doctor also said he doesn't understand how this number could jump so vastly but not my EA. He said he would have expected that number to rise as well.
    So I am pretty confused. When I look up values of chronic epstein barr on the internet, my VCA values are like WAY larger than most other chronic eb patients I read about. I asked my doctor if this could just be a fluke, and he really didn't seem to think that would happen.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this could mean??
  2. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    did he also test your EBV NA (nuclear antigen)?

    once my EA was low, my NA was normal, and my VCA was high. my doctor at the time said it was just an "immune system reaction" - no idea what that means.

    when you mentioned that your EBV EA was 40, did you mean IgG or IgM?

  3. valliali

    valliali New Member

    Thank you so much, Sue.

    He did test my EBNA, which was normal. But I believe that the EBNA is only for recent infection, right? I have been sick for over two years, so I don't think we're suspecting that I was just exposed to Epstein Barr or anything. I am not sure if the EA was IgG or IgM. I want to say that my doc said IgG. But it would be whichever one tested for a reactivated virus??? Sorry that's not more helpful. I have had mono, so I know I would test positive for the virus, but this illness has been going on for two years so we are testing for a reactivation of the latent EBV.

    Thanks so much for your help!
  4. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I have my test results out and I am not for sure what some of the lingo is. I have my Epstein Barr Antibody Panel and it lists:
    Epstein Barr Virus VCA
    Antibody (IgM)
    Epstein Barr Virus VCA
    Antibody (IgG)
    Epstein Barr Virus (EBNA)
    Antibody (IgG)

    All reference numbers are below OR = 0.90 Negative
    0.91-1.09 Equivical
    plus OR=1.10

    Is this a standard formula or is everyone's different? My dr. also said this was my initial infection but I feel I have had it alot longer and it is re-activated. He thought that my Cytomegalavirus was the one that has been giving me the big problems for the last five years. Lots of questions! P
  5. valliali

    valliali New Member

    Hi, I think there are a couple of different formulas used to express the titers.

    Are you taking antivirals? Have you ever had your titer numbers jump around as greatly as mine have?
  6. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    my ebv vca igg titers were 5120. took valtrex . retested - was still 5120. took valtrex longer. retested- and went down to 640. and i have been doing better w cfs.

    best of luck

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