Equilibrant: ANY EXPERIENCE? Dr Chia's son "cured" of ME/CFS from Enterovirus (gut virus) treatment?

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    I am considering going on Equilibrant, which is a Chinese supplement compilation that is ordered through my doctor. A Dr by the name of John Chia is an infectious diseases physician. His son came down with pretty severe ME/CFS and Dr Chia discovered a lot of things about ME/CFS and Fibro. He treated his son to the antivirals, and his son is said to be in full recovery, sustaining a very healthy and happy life. Dr Chia's son is currently going through medical school now! …I am considering it!! Does anyone have any bit of experience with an enterovirus?

    I would deeply appreciate any and all input! I am very nervous about side effects.. Please share if you know anything!! Thanks everyone! And hang in there
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    tdog333 Quote: <---Send him a PM

    Topic : Lipid Replacement Therapy

    "I probably did 1/2 a teaspoon twice a day for about 3 months. I haven't taken it since i recovered from CFS though. I think PQQ was key. I felt way more energy after taking it for a couple of weeks. I took it for 2-3 months. PQQ and equilibrant were game changers for me. If i took it too close to bed time I would get some insomnia, no other sides besides that. I took it with methylation supplements yes. I've been on 2.4mg methylfolate and 5mg methylb12 a day for the past 9 months now. (i am also +/+ C677T and both COMT+/+)"


    I worked with tdog333 in the past and I know he has benefited from Equilibrant. Also,
    Hip from PR froum is very knowledgeable on Dr Chia work.
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    Happycfs: We did try equilibrant on a number of people with ME/CFS. I can't recall the exact number but it was around 6. I ordered a large box of the preparation. The dosage is substantial after the first month and side effects include nausea and insomnia for some. No one continued with the treatment for long enough to measure its effect through symptom change so I cannot say if it was effective. I tried to follow up some of the people in the US who thought it was helping them (in 2013) but there seems to have been no longer term follow up. I know Cort Johnson (Health Rising) was covering it.

    I still have more than half the box we ordered, around 2500 caps.

    I know that if you test people with ME/CFS around 30% have one or more of the common enterovirus titres elevated. Problem is that an ELISA is required for this to test for elevated virus RNA and its more expensive than an Ab test to the viruses. If you could be tested to find out which if any of the viruses are present then it might be worth a try. Of course if it is a strain of coxsackie there are better drugs to rid you of the virus. You should check it out with your doctor, assuming your doctor is a medical practitioner. John Chia always does a full analysis before the treatment.

    Also such enterovirus infections may not be causing CFS but rather an effect of the illness because almost all people with ME/CFS have problems regulating viral infection, particularly of the herpes group. Different people will have different elevated viruses. I know his son was "cured" but we cannot be sure what he had in the first place. It is easy to just give people a label of CFS - but we still do not know what that means.
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    Thank you, Ian. As I've been saying here for years, it's important not to use the "c" word (cured) when it comes to CFIDS/ME and FMS for the very reasons you cited.

    * The person believed "cured" may not have had CFIDS in the first place. A diagnosis of CFIDS may be used to cover a lot of conditions and if one receives treatment which stops the symptoms of whatever that person suffers from, he or she may believe that treatment cured him or her when, in fact, the patient never had CFIDS to begin with.

    * A person may have CFIDS with an associated condition. When that condition is treated, the patient may feel well and believe he or she is cured. The symptoms of CFIDS may go into a temporary remission only to rear its ugly head later on. I know because I've had remissions from both CFIDS and FMS for relatively short periods of time.

    * It is important not to confuse a relationship between CFIDS, perhaps a triggering event such as trauma, infection or stress, with the "cause" of CFIDS. There have been many suspected conditions which appear to have a relationship to CFIDS but, as of now, no one has come forward with a scientifically proven cause of CFIDS nor FMS.

    I bring this up only because so many who get sick are desperate for a cure. It is important to gather imformation on our illnesses in order to treat what ails us. It is possible to get better and I am a prime example of that. As I have mentioned before, I started with my worst symptom and treated that. It was successful and I moved on to the second-worst symptom, etc. If one treatment doesn't work, try another as long as any potential risks are acceptable. I do not believe it is possible to heal if one has one, or more, chronic infections. I had two and, when I started to treat them with an antibiotic and an antiviral, my CFIDS improved dramatically over time.

    Finally, never, ever give up. Healing is possible. We all pray for a cure but, until then, we may be able to heal enough to have a rewarding and functional lifestyle.

    Love, Mikie
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    I want to make it clear that tdog333 spent many years battling his chronic infections and gut dysfunctions before he seen improvements in his symptoms.

    Lipid Replacement Therapy, PQQ, Equilibrant, Methylation support was the game changers as well as nutritional support that gave him his life back.

    Please review thread below:

    There are many contributing factors and complexes to any solution and variations to all healing strategies. We must bring awareness to the adversities of today's challenging topics. Please review my new thread below and Never Give Up the Fight!

    Avant-Never Give Up The Fight

    The information on this thread is not intended to be medical advice. The information is meant to inspire and motivate you to make your own decisions surrounding your health care and dietary needs. It is intended for educational and informational purposes only.
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    Thank you everyone! This is more input than I had been expecting, honestly. Thank you so much! I have echovirus type 6 enterovirus. My titers are sky high. …I am going to look into your suggestions further, thank you!!!

    I also am reluctant to use the word "cure" as it can mean a million different things ultimately.
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    There are some very knowledgeable people on here - that is for sure. Good that you asked your question...and got more than what you were hoping for as an answer! :) The thing is, you are still looking and researching and willing to try new and different things beyond western pharmaceuticals. And to that I say 'good on you!' Keep us posted! A.x
  8. Honestly, Equilibrant is the only thing I've tried so far that's made a noticeable positive difference for me. The start up was rough (even going up by quarter pills), but SO worth it for me. More energy, and a significantly higher level of functioning. I've still very unwell, but it's been responsible for taking my quality of life up quite a bit. And there have been absolutely no noticeable side effects outside of a week or two after each dose increase.

    The change was very distinct for me, and there's been another boost after each dose increase (sick for a week or two, then much better than I was before, with the sickness getting milder and milder each time). On the down side, I've found that crashing seems to undo some of the progress, so I'm trying now to be extra careful about crash avoidance.

    I suspect we're all a bit different, so I'm not sure if it would do the same for you or not, but for what it's worth, I would trade my antivirals, and immune modulators, and every other thing I have taken or am taking before I would trade in my Equilibrant. It's been great for me. Not curative by any stretch, but helpful (which is more than I can say for just about anything else so far). I actually normally just lurk on this forum and hang out at PR, but I wanted to give you a perspective from someone who's had a positive experience with it. Best of luck!
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    Very interesting. I am in the UK - and have not heard of this before. Out of curiousity, have you tried Low Dose Naltrexone as well (LDN) as that is also making a huge difference for a lot of people. (I just hate thinking of someone being really ill from a med increase in order to feel better!).

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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  10. I haven't tried LDN yet. It's on my list of contenders, but I've learned it's generally not a good idea for me to make too many changes at once, and I'm focused on Valcyte at the moment.

    I didn't mind the start up, to be honest, especially once I made it through the first time and knew that it would pass. It seems to be a sign that it's working. And it felt like a natural "sick" as opposed to a "wrong" kind of feeling, if that makes sense. I'm usually extremely skeptical about anything that comes with feeling bad as a side effect, because it can be hard to tell in some cases if it's actually a herx reaction or if the supplement/medication/whatever is having some kind of negative effect. But this one was very clear. I can live with some die-off if it means that things are actually dying. :)

    It's also worth noting that keeping the dose increases smaller would cut down on the problem greatly. I just didn't realize at first that truly tiny doses would have been better for me as a start. And even then, it's been a lower and lower sick feeling each time (and vanishes completely within a week or two at maximum).

    So completely worth it for me, though. There have been plenty of things I expected to work well that haven't done anything much for me at all. This one I expected very little from, but it gave me back energy, and vibrancy, and feeling like a normal human being again, and for a while it completely took away the "sick" feeling I would get when I crashed (still felt weak, etc, but usually I'd get profoundly ill as well). And the changes were very distinct - no grey area or uncertainty about whether it was the pill that was responsible. Unfortunately, I used my new vibrancy doing way too much and crashed myself back down some from there. But even with the regression, I'm still a level ahead on the Bell scale from where I was without it, and I don't feel anywhere near as sick from crashes as I used to. As mentioned, not curative by any stretch, but a definite improvement in quality of life.

    I'm sure not everyone would respond to it, but it's an option worth considering (though I would start with less than an eighth of a pill until you know how you tolerate it. ...In my totally non-professional, not-medically-valid, patient experience opinion).
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    Thank you so much about sharing your experience with all of us. And you are right - one new thing at a time! Sometimes LDN can take up to 6 months to work (most people give up by then). And, like you said, some people aren't informed properly about starting it very slowly on low doses and working their way up. Also, interestingly, as you mentioned, you KNEW it was working because of the way it was making you feel.

    When I met with the chemist who does the compounding here in the UK he said two very interesting things (on top of a lot of other interesting things!). Firstly, that he has found that those people who have some side effects (mostly things like a bad headache or muscle spasms in places you didn't know you had muscles) that they are the ones in the end who achieve the best result from it. The second is that it is 'safer than an aspirin'.

    I am a big advocate of LDN, as I volunteer for them and my husband has done their app for tracking how it is working for them. So I have heard and seen lots of interviews and videos where this med has changed their lives. But as you say, everyone is different!

    I think that the overdoing it is something many of us do...we feel good (or better)at the time and just do it. For me, I push myself to the end, knowing that whatever needed to be done has been done, so I can collapse afterwards. Sad, but true! I think my OCD has a lot to play in this role!

    Have a good, restful, pain free weekend.

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    Wow, thank you everyone for your honesty!! This is a very important conversation. Great to know that Equilibrant, among other things, has helped! …I am starting it, on a very low dose, breaking up the pills into fractions. I started a few days ago and I have already had much less sleep. I don't actually know how long I will need to take these for. ??? But I will cautiously keep moving forward with it! Thanks again, everyone! Any and all input is important and appreciated!! It means a lot!!
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    I'm not sure about that specific anti-viral, but I am taking the anti-viral protocol recommended to me by Dr. Dantini out of Florida. He is the first Dr. I have found that agrees with my theory that ME/CFS is viral. I am two weeks in and I have noticed a difference in how the most prevalent pain in my shins, the one that makes your bone marrow feel on fire, has diminished and I find myself have glimmers of hope for a life for the first time in 15 years. I will try and keep ya'll posted but I actually have hope.

  14. happycfs

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    Oh, Nah.stacy,

    Good luck, friend!!! I am working my way up on Equilibrant still. I have had friends with ME/CFS who got their lives back after antivirals. One of my close friends was housebound and wheelchair bound. She went through antivirals a couple of years ago, and she now travels and even had her first child a few weeks ago. She is 80-90 percent better. She took Valcyte and it really did give her her life back. She had some weird side effects though during the year of treatment. Other people have had many similar stories. …Though, some people say that antivirals have not helped them. Different things help different people. …But, I'm hopeful too. Nervous, but hopeful. Good luck Nah.stacey, and to anyone considering new treatments. :)

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