Equilibrant - has anyone tried this? Dr Klimas recommendation....

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    I've just seen Dr Rae in Miami who works closely with Dr Klimas and she is recommending I try this supplement. I'm curious if anyone has tried it as it's quite costly and I've done so many supplements that haven't done a thing! It is supposed to help boost/regulate the immune system.

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    Done an online search to learn more about it? I wish I could help but I've not heard of it.

    Love, Mikie
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    http://www.astragalusextract.net/ will show you one of the herbs used in this product for immune regulation and this follows on with research being done

    dr chia is the one to research on this and you can find info on equilibriant website

    it has liquirice root in it as well which stimulates the adrenals

    dr chia is an excellent researcher and has had some good success withthis drug some good figures so you can check out his research papers

    good luck with this seems you are being given some good advice to me

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    Thanks for the info guys.
    I just received my first pack today so will keep the board posted on my status. I am supposed to start with only a half pill once a day so imagine it will be a long road to see any results. But if it works - then I don't care!
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    Wondering where your posts are located? I would be very interested to read about your experience.
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    After I attended a seminar by Dr. Chia three years ago both my daughter and I tried Equilibrant. After four months we gave up on it. It did reduce my diarrhea but nothing else. My daughter reacted badly to it ( but she had severe MCS at the time.) We still have several boxes of it but I think we have moved past it now.

    I think it may help if your ME/CFS has caused a rise in enteric infection or was caused by an enteric infection in the first place. (Which some cases of ME possibly are. John Chia's son being an example). The reason I started on it was because I believed that my ME/CFS started with a severe gut infection.

    Dr. Chia is a member of the INvestInME group of researchers and if you look up InvestInMe you will find quite a lot on John's work and theory.