ER Doctor put me in mantal room !!!!!!

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  1. goldie

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    I had been out shopping for my kids. It was time to take my meds. But I had left them at home. Well, to make a long story short. I started hurting really bad. If the pain get to bad my medication don't help. So, I went to the ER and when I told them I had Fibromyalgia and myofascial pain. They didn't put me in the regular er rooms. They put me in the Life springs room which is the hospital's meantal wards room. And the Doctor would not give me anything for pain. He sent me home and said, I would be alright. I felt like an inch tall !!! I had to suffer for three days. Now, I feel better I made copies of stuff on Fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome. Then I placed in the lobby of the ER !!!!! Doctor need to wake up and get a CLUE.
    Lots Of Love
  2. allhart

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    PLEASE file a complaint with the hosptial about this dr if he did this to you hes done it to others!
    also make sure you tell your reg dr about it,
    glad to hear your doing better now,grate idea putting the info in the waiting room,
  3. pam_d

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    For copying the information & putting it at the ER lobby. These uncaring doctors might just be forced to read it on a slower shift, & LEARN SOMETHING in spite of themselves!!

    I hope you are feeling better now.

  4. ssMarilyn

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    Don't expect sympathy at most ER's. You had the meds at home, you should have shot right by the hospital and gone home. Look at the time you wasted getting relief from your meds. There's still an incredible amount of physicians that think we're nuts, so don't even waste your time at an ER!

    Marilyn :)
  5. garyandkim

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    I didn't tell the docs what I had at first but I was having horrible chest pain and lowered oxigin levels and hard to breath. They thought heart attack or PE. I was put on the Telemetry floor. I too wounder if it was this.

    When the docs asked me about seeing a cardiologist for a Echo 3 1/2 years ago. I told them that he said it was due to my muscle condition. They said what is that I said FMS. Well, they almost lost it. They siad the Cardiologist who is the head of cardiology. So since he said it they were amased. I too had my guides from here with me so I handed them out. When I got a room mate she had one of his younger partners. He didn't believe but, after I talked to him and gave him some info and told him I would let his boss know what he said. Well then next day he had a reversal and said he didn't realise it was real. Gee, I now wounder if any of thoses docs and nurses have come here.

    Sorry, you had the experiance you did it is unconshonable to see this happening to us. I agree with the other people about going to get your meds but, if you had called your doc before getting there he or she would have known to expect you there and could have called to prepare what you needed.

    We plaster these free guides from here all over where ever we go, plus hand outs that we print.

    Take care and sorry you had to go through this humiliating experiance.

    Kim and Gary
  6. Baboo1

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    Goldie, I am so sorry to hear that you were treated that way. I knew that this problem could come up in many situations so I had my doctor write up a small letter saying what I was suffering with and it was a legitimate disease that needs treatment. I had the pharmacy put it in their records since there is such a turnover of personnel there. IT has helped in many situations, even when I had to fly and they had the bad taste to question my medication. Once I showed them the letter, no questions asked. Hope this helps.
  7. goldie

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    Thanks to all for words of encouragement. I see I am not the only one here that has been treated badly. I hope and pray one day all Doctors will have a clue !
    Lots Of Love
  8. Jen F

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    ER docs should be familiar with how some ppl with FM get severe pain and need medication.

    I watch a show sometimes called Strong Medicine and on one of the shows a woman with bad FM pain came in and they treated her and gave her what she needed, tho if I remember correctly one of the doctors wanted to dismiss her...can't trust mymemory but I remember they did have an FM patient come in with pain, or was it on Providence...or maybe both.

    I'm really helpful aren't I???

    Well, anyways, I'm glad you survived your terrible treatment, or lack thereof...

  9. kredca4

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    Help me out here, I'm totally confussed, were you in the Hospital for 3 day's? or was that the result of you being without your med.s and then the Pain getting so bad , that it took that long to get back to the Pain level you were at?

    I know if I go to long without my Med's, it's like starting all over again, takes about 2 day's and some rest for me to feel, HA!, Normal again, for me.

    I always carry extra meds and also some articles on Chronic Pain and FMS/CMP. So far haven't had to use it, but glad it's handy just in case. With the RX bottles with me, they Can't say I'm nuts and lock me up, my Doctor has the get out of Mental Ward card, and I can call him anytime.

    Didn't they call your's?? Poor Baby, glad your out and feeling better now.

  10. 2girls

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    This is the reason I DO NOT mention FM if an ER visit is required. I had my own experience with this. Mention FM and you will not get the medical treatment/evaluation you seek. I visited the ER twice since diagnosis. The first time, I mentioned FM and was dismissed. The second time I learned - did not mention this and got a proper check - chest & sinus xrays and no attitude. What a difference this makes. I thought I was doing a good deed giving the doc a clue as to what might be going on but instead, the doc thought I was nuts. Never again.

    You are so right - docs need to accept that FM/CFIDS is real. We are far too often treated as mental cases.

    Sorry for your awful experience,