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    Who do you believe anymore?
    About 2wks ago I posted that I hurt my ankle. An er doc told me I rupurted my achilles tendon,painting a terrible pic of surgery etc.

    Well went to the ortho and he said they didnt know what they were talking about its a rupurted tendon liagment in ankle. He tended to brush me off and needless to say ankle-foot is in bad shape.

    Do I have to wonder why I hate docs? I went thru h@ll for a wk thinking the worst,then the next docs says no but blows me off. My family wonders why I won't go to them?
    To many have done more harm than good.
  2. 3gs

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    thanks jammin

    I do wear a brace,after the monster boot they gave me. agree about the vicious cycle.

    Are you the one that told me about vitd3 and grapeseed? do you have any recommends for aniexity that are natural?
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    As hard as it is, keep going to docs until you find one that takes you seriously. Maybe you could ask that ER doc for a recommendation?

    I know of a GP AND a neurologist who missed a broken foot and dx'd the pt with psychosomatic problems, sending her to a psychologist (my DH); DH told her it couldn't be, for her to go to podiatrist, who x-rayed it and yes, it was obviously broken. Nobody even took an x-ray before then.

    Neuro and GP were not amused, told my DH it was in poor taste to send her to a foot doctor... the mantra too often is, "Don't take my valuable time... and never admit when you're wrong."

    I had a similar experience. Tho I wasn't told my problem was psychological, I had a small bone spur that was in the wrong place to show up on x-ray; suffered for 2 years before finding an orthopod who ordered an MRI...

    good luck, there are some good docs out there, somewhere.
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    I once had a bicycle accident and I knew that I had broken bones. Since I never look like anything is wrong (no swelling or discoloration) I had to argue with the ER dr who kept insisting that I was fine......then he finally took X-Rays & oops, guess who was rt?

    I had FOUR broken bones from that accident and also a soft tissue injury that wound up needing surgery. I know my body & I get so sick of docs who think I don't.

    I never looked sick when I got sick as a kid, so no one would believe me unless I had a fever or was throwing up; I never looked injured, so often injuries didn't really get properly treated, and then they wound up getting much worse as a result (even to the point of needing extensive surgery on my foot and ankle that is now being held together by a permanent metal piece, and is never going to be really right); I have broken 16 bones and only two of them were visible (bc they were obviously far out of place).....and now with CFS/FM/MCS, etc I still never look sick and I am rarely really believed bc of it - it gets REALLY old!
  5. victoria

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    "For some reason mechanics and doctors do not like people to tell them their business."

    THAT's for sure. I've read articles on MedScape (for doctors) about this... some welcome it, some hate it, no matter their age.

    But I think the younger doctors- in general -are more OK with it than the older ones. At least in my experience I've been listened to more closely by the younger ones than the older ones...

    I have resorted to what you do, Broadcasting- listing the pertinent symptoms really leaves little choice for dx usually...

    3Gs, let us know what happens!

    all the best,

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