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  1. lenaw70

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    Hello all!

    First, I havent been on here in a long time due to housing crisis (like not having any) but now in MUCH NEEDED subsidized townhouse.

    I went to the ER about a week ago due to my Hidradenitis Suppurativa acting up (a VERY NASTY skin desease). The doctor on that night I have never met before. She gave me all but 1 minute of her time (ER was empty at time) and looked at me and said "are you doing drugs?" At first I was not that shocked as I thought that was maybe a standered question at this ER (BAD meth problems here in Seaside OR) But after I told her no as I dont like drugs at all she was distant towards me and and was very very very snooty as well. It was weird and my husband thought so too.

    I guess she assumed I was on meth due to the large terrible boils on my breast (thought they got sores on face). The nurses were great but this ER doctor was the absolute WORST DOCTOR I have EVER incountered!!!

  2. Cromwell

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    I cannot believe someone would treat you that way. How rude! I am 59, been married forever, and the gyne just asked me right off, "Are you having anal sex?" I look very prudish school marm type too! I was so embarased.

    I do hope you can get relief with this skin condition. I was interested as my elderly neighbor developed this weird skin condition where she has these big blistering bruises all over her arms, that bleed if she knocks them. Is this anything like yours? She has not been dxd.

    Love Anne C
  3. lenaw70

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    My skin problem is more like huge nasty boils that start out as red area, then turn into huge boil, then break open and ooze and then they get flaky as they ooze. they attack parts of the body over and over and over. Then they can spread. They also leave really bad scars almost EVERY time.

    That will give everyone a better understanding of HS. Hope it is OK to put that link on, they dont sell anything, its just an informational site.

    As far as this doctor goes, yes, I am planning on writing a mean letter about her. All she did was give me RX for Bactrim and that is NOT the kind I usually get. When I went in that night it was because my entire left breast turned red and was very inflamed.

    My old dermatologist told me when that happens to seek care right away to avoid staff infection. When it used to happen in Nebraska before I moved they would give me a bunch of shots of heavy antibiotics in my rear-end.

    I went home (to hotel we were forced to live in at time)that night and CRIED my eyes out. It was the icing on the cake for me. I have major issues with medications as I have anxiety of side effects, so if she would have at least waited to see if I would ask for pain meds she would have known that I DO NOT DO DRUGS AT ALL.

  4. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    I haven't had any luck with the ER. I was having trouble breathing one time... it was about the fourth day and I was getting afraid is was something real bad. The ER doctor actually asked me why I needed to take a deep breath! I have to admit, there was a whole string of four letter words that came out of my mouth.

  5. jhmitch

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    Hi Lena,

    Though the ER doctor you saw deserves a letter to the hospital administrator (at the very least) about her rude behavior, I was wondering if it might help you in the future to carry a letter from the doctor (the one who was treating you for your Hidradenitis Suppurativa condition).

    At least this might help you get past the nonsense at the ER and instruct ER staff on how to treat your condition .

    You have my sympathy for the way you were treated. Last weekend I spent 10 hours at the ER with an abdominal blockage.

    The first MD I saw at that ER was also a self-important jerk and took herself far too seriously. Luckily, the rest of the staff was wonderful - though way overworked.


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  6. lenaw70

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  7. matthewson

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    Write a letter to the administrator. If they get enough complaints about a Dr., they will get rid of them. I know because it happened with an ER Dr. at one of our hospitals. He just happened to really **** off my sister-in-law who is a big complainer and letter writer and also works in our hospital group and he was fired! I don't think it was her letter alone, they probably got other letters about this Dr.

    So write a good letter and send it to the administrator of the hospital.

    Take care, Sally
  8. libra55

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    Boy did that make me mad. I can so totally relate.

    In addition to FM I have Crohn's Disease. One of the symptoms of a Crohn's flareup are some very nasty skin lesions called Erythema Nodosum. When they open and fester they are then called Pyroderma Gangrenosum.

    On my last ER visit I was covered with them, and every doctor that saw me (until the GI came and got things under control bless his heart) asked me if I was HIV positive or had full-blown AIDS, or if I used drugs.

    I was so petrified and bewildered, insulted, hopping mad, and so sick, my sed rate was over 100 and I'm sure my blood pressure was berserk.

    Some of these doctors are so uneducated it makes me furious.

  9. lenaw70

    lenaw70 New Member

    I dont want to think of those doctors as "uneducated". To me they are LAZY and jump to conclusions and that does NOT take education to fix. To me, they seem to have this pre-disposed idea that anyone that may "look" like they do drugs ARE on drugs! Its sort of like a closed minded view on things, not a lack of proper education.

    I know I need to write a nasty letter to the hospital, but speaking of "lazy" LOL that is me these days. I started to write one but got so lost in words (fibro fog) that I gave up. You see in here (the board) I dont have to make a lot of sence LOL but to a hospital admin I need to at least sound coherent.

    Thanks for sharing your story, fellow skin ailment people know how I feel!

  10. CountryRocker

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    Ouch Lena! That sounds very painful. I'm sorry you're going through this.
  11. lenaw70

    lenaw70 New Member

    thank you countryrocker,

    It seems to be an epidemic for MOST of us, at least the ones who have visible ailments such as skin leisons.

    We need to stand up and fight, right after my nap LOL~!

  12. libra55

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    It's me here again. I guess I felt the doctors were uneducated because at lease 5 of them saw me before the GI man came in, none of them recognized Erythema which is a HALLMARK of autoimmune disease particularly Crohn's, which they should of learned about in med school. Of course I did not know what the lesions were either, not ever having had a flare up like that.

    However in your case it sounds like the skin disease is a little rarer and lesser well known or recognized, STILL the doctor had no right to assume drug use on your part. That is premature and prejudicial.

    It reminds me too of the time my beloved Dad came out of a chemotherapy treatment (my Mom had gone to get the car to come round and get him at the front door), and he felt dizzy and fell to the pavement, he said he lay there and people went by him, including doctors and nurses, and he heard comments like "stupid drunk" etc. Right out in front of a hospital no less. People make such awful assumptions without knowing the facts.

    I always remembered that story and one night I was driving home, I was a block from my apartment and I saw a man fall off the sidewalk into the street, of course my first thought was "Had too much to drink", but I thought of my dad, and then I thought better of it and drove round the block again. He was an elderly man who did not see well at night and had misjudged the curb and fallen. He was completely sober. I always feel glad I took the time to go back and check on him.

    Anyway too much rambling on my part. Let's hope the next ER visits (if there are any) go more smoothly.

  13. jake123

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    When someone at the ER asks you "Are you doing drugs??" just say "No, are you??"
  14. lenaw70

    lenaw70 New Member

    That was great that you went back to him!

    I always think before I judge as I know that diebeties can cause drunk and drug like behaivor.

    Do you remember that show way back when called "Night court"? The clerk was diebetic and she started acting "druck" and it was her blood sugar!

    Good to point this out to people but lets face it..most common people still just dont want to get involved or risk communicating with a drunk LOL

    Take care,

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