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  1. chrissy12

    chrissy12 New Member

    Hi Erica,

    I just wanted to thank you again for all of the information you gave me regarding testing for lyme. A month ago, I talked to my doctor about it and asked me if he would test me if and when I wanted to test for it. He said he would do it. I told him about the tests you recommended and the place to test.

    Last night I received a call from his office. He wanted the information so he could test one of his patients. I had printed it out and found the info and called his office back. They were very grateful for the numbers and names of the tests. I wanted to let you know that your act of kindness may have helped another to get well. Thanks again and hope all is well with you. Cindy
  2. erica741

    erica741 New Member

    You just made my day! :)

    Thanks for the sweet message. I've been feeling really sick and herxing like crazy from my antibiotics, and your message totally lifted my spirits by reminding me that I can still make a positive impact and help people....and help people help people. :)

    Please post your Igenex results on the Lyme board when you get them. I am still too new at this, but the more veteran lymies can interpret an Igenex lab report better than most most doctors.

    Thanks again for the update!


  3. chrissy12

    chrissy12 New Member

    I found out the doctor ordered 3 tests so he would have them for other people. They were really impressed that you knew the numbers to order.. I am going to wait for me because I have so many other known problems that we are dealing with right now.

    Dr. Lerner wants to see me again because my mycoplasmais still very high. I don't know how he is going to treat it now. I am on azith. right now.

    I do hope you start feeling well soon. You have been through a lot.. Again, thanks for helping me and the other patients here. Take care,Cindy
  4. acer2000

    acer2000 New Member

    Did you convince Lerner to use the IGENEX test, or are you now seeing a different doctor as well? He would only test me for Lyme using Labcorp.

  5. chrissy12

    chrissy12 New Member

    No, I did not ask Dr. Lerner to test. I am going to wait until I go through Dr. Lerner's procedure. I have a doctor in town who would be willing to do it, but I have too many issues right now that I am going to wait.
  6. acer2000

    acer2000 New Member


    How are you doing so far on Dr. Lerners treatment?

  7. chrissy12

    chrissy12 New Member

    I am doing okay. I still feel sick. I was supposed to see him 2 weeks ago, but my back went out and I am in a lot of pain. I couldn't do the 8 hour drive, so we sent him the labs from here. His office called and wants to see me right away. My mycoplasma is still very high (899). I am not sure how he is going to treat this. I plan on going this week or next. I am looking forward to asking him what his prognosis is with all of these viruses and mycoplasma.

    How are you doing??? Cindy

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