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    Hi I am new to this board, there is a lot of helpful information, I was wondering if anyone has tried Esodynamics ( natural healing with hands over body kinda like voodoo ). I would appreciate any input on this healing regimin.
    Thank you
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    I've never heard of this before, and looked it up out of curiosity on google -

    I only found one reference to what appeared to be a chiropractic technique - is this what you're referring to?

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    I was informed this was nothing to do with chiro's, these people deal with hand motion on your back without touching you. My neice has fibro and she went for four visit's and has had no signs of fibro. this is $40.00 a visit.There is not much info on the web about esodynamics. Thank-you for your reply I guess I will have to do more research

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    I have no personal knowledge or opinion. I googled for info and this is what I found. I got this information on the quackwatch website.

    All's I can say is everyone has an opinion and here's quackwatch's.

    Good luck with your search!!

    Sending Love,

    Esodynamic Therapy

    Stephen Barrett, M.D.

    Esodynamic therapy is an obscure system of diagnosis and treatment based on the idea that central nervous system (CNS) "danger points" can be diagnosed with a leg test and corrected by applying pressure to these points. On October 16, 2001, Using to search for information, I found a description of this system on a cached page whose original was no longer posted. The page had been posted by Michael Lapointe, Bsc, EP. who practices in Ontario, Canada. The article stated:

    Esodynamic therapy was developed by two chiropractors, Robert and Jean-Charle Bourbeau. In 1994, after Jean-Charle's death, Robert founded the Institute Esodynamie to teach the practice.
    The Esodynamic philosophy states that human malfunction (disease) and chronic or acute pain, are simply the result of a systems auto-protection mechanism. These adaptations are the sole and primary factors responsible for human malfunction, as well as any or all resulting pain.
    The Esodynamic leg test is based on the principal of provocation versus reaction. Through the leg test, the esodynamic practitioner is able to locate all of the "molecular level CNS compression points (danger points)" found within the muscular, bony and visceral human systems. Not only does the test locate these points, it also reveals the direction in which these compressions need to be corrected in order for them to be eliminated from the human system.
    After locating each "danger point," the practitioner "corrects" them by generating impulse through the use of high-speed low-force hand impact. The practitioner places his or her thumb (correction hand) on a specific danger point and then proceeds to create impulse by impacting the free hand onto the correction hand. This impact or impulse eliminates the danger points, which subsequently "send the body into auto-correction." Once all danger points have been located and corrected, the patient is given a two-week period for correction.
    The Esodynamic correction is an effective way of eliminating and or improving most acute and chronic malfunctions. Most patients correct within 2-7 corrections (@$30 Canadian per session) and when needed, maintain their condition once every 6 months. In most cases, correction is successful within 50-89% of the time.
    This description is not credible because no leg test can diagnose multiple problems throughout the body and no treatment can "eliminate or improve most acute and chronic malfunctions."

    Further searches for information about Institute Esodynamie, esodynamic therapy, the Bourbeau brothers, and LaPointe yielded nothing, which suggests to me that the school is no longer operating and that there are very few practitioners.

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    I am at heart a skeptic.

    Certainly some of the 'alternative medicine' is 'quackery' but I am personally suspicious of Quackwatch itself.

    Quackwatch derides acupuncture and other things that have clearly been shown to work, which calls into question all their opinions as far as I'm concerned. I no longer bother to look at that website.

    The doctors who are behind Quackwatch have been losing now in courtbattles about libel etc.

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    I suspected this may be the case with quackwatch.

    I've never heard of them before googling for esodynamics and, this is why I made the comment: "everyone has an opinion" when I inserted the info from their site.

    I personally don't rely on other's to make my choices, judgements, etc. for me, therefore, I refrain from going to sites such as quackwatch in general. It seems there is always some sort of hidden agenda. Besides I love knowledge and learning!! I thrive on looking at all sides of anything I'm interested in.

    But, as a side note, it's very difficult to find much information out there about esodynamics. I do find that a little curious just in itself. I hope snowy is able to find what she is seeking.

    Thanks for the info and the insight!

    Sending Love,
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    Thank-you for all the information, I really appreciate it. I definitly will not go this way.. I will have to talk to my sister again, for she was willing to pay for my visits. thank -you again
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    are websites to get the information you are searching. Hope this helps.
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    YES I HAVE :)........ It is Excellent, there are only 4 people who do this complete therapy. It's worth every Penny! I'm in North Bay they also go to Sudbury! It Will be the Best 40.00 you have Ever spent! I'm not kidding you! The chiro charges 40.00 or more and your in there for minutes it seems! I go now once a mth just to keep my body in order! They are all very good at what they do...Martin and his wife are in Ottawa. As soon as I leave there I can feel the difference ASAP no joke! Anyways just wanted to share! P.s I was there today...and I feel Great!