Esophageal Spasms

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    I am a twenty-one year old female living in Texas. I have had no real history of disease or health problems besides alergies to dust mites and peneciline, and also migraines. Within the past four years I have had recuring symptoms of esophageal spasms. I have been told numerous times that it was just acid reflux because it feels like heart pain. The pain can often come without warning at no specific times or durations, whether or not I have eaten recently. Sometimes it only lasts a couple of minutes, sometimes a few days. The first time I was told it was related to my esophegous I was given glucose through IV and the pain went away. I went to the ER again a couple of months ago and was told that it was stress induced and was prescribed Belladona for my spasms and I am unsure if it is helping since there is no deffinate time frame of the pain(and also because I am not comfortable taking Belladona on a regular basis). I pretty much ignored it all because the pain was only slightly debilitating and not frequent enough to constitute a severe problem, but for the past three days I have had the worste 'episode' since I started exhibiting symptoms. Most of the time it is centered around my heart and hurts more when I swallow, but can ebb and flow regardless. This past episode started just above my collar bone and only hurt when I swallowed, then the pain moved down to where it usually is. I don't have problems eating besides the fact that it hurts, but these past few days I have not been able to function normally because of the intensity of the pain. Outside of the ER visits I have not seen a doctor for my condition. Is there anything I can do to minimalize the pain and frequency of my condition? And is this truely esophageal spasms? (I've read that it's hard to diagnose)
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    I don't know what to say other than I have worked with several patients that have had esophageal spasms, and what treatment I have seen done in those cases.
    You really should have your Primary Physician refer you to a gastroenterologist and have them do a video swallow study. This for two reasons 1. it will tell them definatively wheather it is truly acid reflux, and if it is if there is any problems with the esophagus itself due to the acid reflux, or if you have a swallowing problem that would cause those symptoms. Then they can go from there.
    Nextly, if there is nothing there I would go to a very good cardiologist and have them do a complete cardiac workup to rule out cardiac problems. And wheather you have a history of disease or health related problems makes no difference cardiac problems are not particular or age related. Most Cardiologists are starting to recognize the fact that WOMEN have cardiac issues more so than men nowdays, and are treating them very effectively and quickly. I know for a fact, not only am I a nurse, but I am also a cardiac patient, I have an implanted pacemaker. I recieved it when I was 35.
    Now, I can get off my soapbox and put my old bones to bed and hope and pray you make fast tracks for a Doctor and have things checked out. Because they truly can manage just about everything now days.
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    Years ago I was having feelings in my esophagus like a tightening sensation. I saw a gastrologist and he did a procedure where he stretched my esophagus. I felt a big difference for about 3 weeks and it came back, but not as bad. Occasionally if I get really upset, I can feel a small amount of the tightening sensation. But the diagnosis was esophageal spasms. I hope you can get an answer to what the problem is and get some help.
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    Hi Oestaira,

    I agree, get thee to a gastroenterologist. Request that your GP refer you to one. He or she could then throughly check your esophagus by doing an EGD, looking for strictures, or inflamation. Also there is a fairly new test called the Bravo ph monitor that can tell whether or not you are having reflux, without the guessing. That also would require a gatroenterologist.

    Also make sure there no adverse cardiac events happening. Did they hook you up to the cardiac monitors when you went to the ER? Check with your GP about having an EKG done.

    Please don't be intimidated by the process. Become informed, use the internet to search for information at reputable sites, make notes, and ask lots of questions. Pain is hard to ignore, get some answers, and persist. If your GP will not help you, or take you seriously , find another one.

    You are special and deserve to be healthy and pain free.

    Take Good Care of Yourself,

    Yours, Lil
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    If you are within driving range of coming to Austin, go to

    Ellis, Kenneth K MD - Ellis Kenneth K MD
    (512) 244-2338 7200 Wyoming Spgs # 1300
    Round Rock, TX

    I think he also has an office in Austin by Seton Hospital on 38th street. You will LOVE this doctor! The guy is brilliant, has a leprechaun jovialness about him, and a wonderful bed side manner.

    He is so perceptive that you may think he can't possibly be correct with the diagnosis. I've actually made bets with him that he has given me a wrong diagnosis. I haven't won a single bet yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still owe him a chocolate cake! I had totally forgotten about that!