Esophagus Narrowing

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  1. Tango2

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to the board. I was wondering if any of you have a problem with tightness in the throat. Dr. put me on Nexium for Gerd. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago with Fibro. I just started having sore spots in mouth. I have lots of pain in between by shoulder blades and twitching calf muscles. I am seeing a Rhuematologist soon for first time. I was diagnosed by a Neurologist.

    Thanks, I love all the info here,

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    Tightness in throat, difficulty swallowing, feeling as if ones throat is constricted, are common in those with these disorders.

    The brain stem controls the function of swallowing. In new research patients showed a significant hypometabolism in
    brain stem in comparison to the healthy controls, using PET Scans. I believe this explains my difficulty in swallowing liquids and foods--they get stuck, as if my esophagus is constricted. I have even had episodes, mid-swallowing if you will, where I have forgotten how to swallow, as if the instinct or reaction, has been short circuited.

    Additionally, when not eating or drinking, I have sensations as if there is a cord, or wire around my neck, which is constricting. The area feels as if pressure is being applied there, but it also has a certain tingling, or numbness. I relate this to Central Nervous System involvement/dysfunction, as well.

    Sores in the mouth can be attributed to a wide range of things, I am very prone to them. Vitamin deficiencies, thrush (oral yeast infection), herpes (I not only get the herpes cold sores, but have had outbreaks inside my mouth as well). You should have your doctor look into these.

    I am sorry to hear about your pain in your shoulder region--most of my pain is in the neck, shoulder, and arms, then it hops down to my thighs, and knees. Thank goodness I have a compassionate Dr., and he manages my pain, well.

    I used to have alot of twitching, and myclonic jerking, but this has been taken care of with klonopin.

    Welcome to the Board--Ann--I hope to get to know you better. This is a great place to come to for support and information. You might try the library, its a good resource too, as well as past posts.

    Best wishes,
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  3. IngaDinga

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    I have a similar problem as you. I have been diagnosed with esophageal dysmotility by barium swallow. Basically that means that my muscles are not working well in my esophagus. Whenever I swallow food gets stuck on the way down. I also have GERD and feel sometimes that I have to swallow constantly. It seems like I have too much saliva. I think this may be due to the GERD and stomach acid.

    I recently read an article about CFS/Fibro and it mentioned esophageal problems. I will see if I can find it.
  4. Tango2

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    I know I'll be back here often to ask questions. You all know alot about this stuff. See you soon I'm tired.

  5. Cactuslil

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    There are a couple of things I would suggest. Concerning the sore spots in your mouth and the esophogeal really REALLY need to tell you doc and dentist.

    I am thankfully only ten years into this disease but regardless of what the "experts" say, there is a progression IF you get other ailments/syndroms et al. and if stress is a daily part of your life....

    I recently had to have oral surgery and the surgeon called his office/surgical staff to show them what "Sjorgens" looked like.....I had sores which I could not feel due to peripherol neuropathy on one side of my oral cavity! And the condition of my salivary glands.

    Well, the extractions went well and the mandibular denture was soon placed. I adjusted extremely well to this as I had p.neuropathy and did not feel any sores et al.

    NEXT I am driving down the road in broad open daylight when I pass completely out! ZAPP! My son gently touched my arm and I came to in time to barely miss running head on into a party's vehicle with several children inside! I parked the van soon as I hit my texas soil! NEXT

    I keep my son up all night while he was in mortal fear I would die as my breathing was seriously impaired!

    Come morning I was at the doc's. Sleep Apnea Study at the hospital was performed that night. I scored an 11 which is very high! I was immediately put on oxygen and C-pak machine; full hospital bed in my home (that is still an ouchie) with a spinal mattress!

    Moral of the story is...I learned why I was having such a time w/the salivary gland test results today; both negative for Sjorgens Syndrome. AND if you live alone or atleast you are the only one in the crib these symptoms may be a shot at stopping the problem before it becomes overwhelming. I never knew I even snored much less hold my breath to near-death limits;

    The shoulder.....collagen disease...comes with the package frequently. Have a talk w/the doc of yours and see whats going on. I have major pain due to nerve entrapment wherein the collagen has hardened; also disk compression, arthritic "spurs" et al. Depending on what area of the spine is involved could help you define where the problem is and see what is available to get closer to "wellness".

    I recently re-read Fibromyalgia...a Survivors Handbook..or something like is by Dr. Strangl (sp) (boy my cognitive deficits are in high gear!) Anyway...I found in her book just what info I needed to proceed to the best wellness I am able to acquire.

    Hope you do too. Love Lil'
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    Some times I just can not believe this board!!! I have this narrowing in the throat which you call "esopitageal dysmotility". I had the barium swallow and the doctor who did it told me I had a narrowing ,then it opened up a little and then more narrowing, it has caused me all kinds of trouble. I had a surgery and came home that day with this problem. I assumed it was from a tube in my throat or something of that sort. I had never had the problem before and I could`nt even swallow my pain meds. crushed that day. Well, it remained with me and I have problems swallowing, especially liquids that are cold. It puts a damper on the "drink all the liquids you can " need. I had no idea any one else had this problem. That`s why I say I just can`t believe this board!! I have had so many things answered for me without even asking.I appreciate everyone on here so very much.I really don`t know how I would manage this disease + all the problems without this "life-line" to others with the same problems.
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    Thanks again for all this information. Before I started having the tight feeling in my throat, I used to have a sharp pain that lasted only a second in my throat behind the thyroid cartilage. This usually happened during my menstrual period. I thought I had a tumor or something but it would have killed me by now, this was 10 years ago. Dr. had no clue. Just wondering if anyone else has it. Also, the first time I had a spasm in my back between my shoulder blades was after a flu shot. It was so bad that I got stuck in the tub and couldn't move until my husband came home from work. It happened again the next time I had the shot but not so severe. (food for thought)
    I plan on telling my doctors everything on the appts. I have scheduled and I am applying for disability because my job is so stressful that I only have enough energy for part of the day and then I come home to bed sometimes for days. I am a teacher at a medical school so it isn't fair for the students to be without a teacher often. I stopped working at a hospital because I couldn't handle the physical exertion as an x-ray tech. Now even teaching wears me out.

    Thanks for letting me vent,

  8. MildredAnn

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    Our problems are the same. About once a year I have my throat stretched by a doctor and it much better. It is a simple, outpatient procedure. I believe it is worth it.
  9. tannat

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    It was a real simple procedure, and I didn't have any pain or discomfort after. My Dr. said the narrowing is caused from the stomach acid. Apparently it causes scar tissue to form in the esophagus. I take Prilosec, and it has done wonders!!!! Swallowing my meds is soooooo much easier!!

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