esophogeal spasms

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  1. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    I have been having trouble swallowing. One of the tests that ran showed that my esophogus was having spasms.

    Gee, does FMS effect every muscle you have?

    He did not offer me any helpful advice about the spasms. He just seemed glad it wasn't something worse. I'm glad it wasn't worse too, but would like some advice.

    Do you just suffer with it? Eat soft foods and try not to panic if stuff gets stuck in your throat?

    I also had an EGD and all it showed was that I have h pylori bacteria in my stomach, so we've got to get rid of that.

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  2. hdbubblehead

    hdbubblehead New Member

    occasionally, it's a struggle and it's a miserable feeling. ya think your dying.
    Mine stems from spinal cord narrowing in my neck.
    MRI shows where the indentations of cord is. it figures.
    all my dx'x overlap, therefore, I am not in the norm.
    but again, if it continues, ask for an MRI of your cervical spine c-1 thru c-7.
    get some answers soon!! thats not good!

    xxx hd
  3. dellie

    dellie New Member

    I have trouble swallowing because of esopheogeal spasms. I try to eat normally but sometimes even swallowing water can be a problem. Because of the esopheogeal spasms, I also go into coughing episodes from the spasms which leads to problems with my asthma.

    My doctor has prescribed nitroglycerine to use under the tongue when these episodes occur and it does help with the cough.....but swallowing is still a problem at times. I always chew my food well and eat slowly. For me, it seems the swallowing problem is worsened if I am trying to hurry.

    I don't know if the esopheogeal spasms are associated with the fibro or not; Mine started after having surgery to repair a hiatal hernia.

    The best of luck to you and anyone else that has a swallowing problem. It can be very embarrassing and scary!!!

  4. lighthouselady

    lighthouselady New Member

    took me to the ER last summer. I saw my GI doctor about a month later and he said I had an esophageal stricture. They did an upper GI endoscopy and at the same time stretched my esophagus. It's somewhat better but shortly after I had all kinds of stressful things happen and it really didn't go away as much as I'd hoped. As you know stress causes everything with this stupid disease to flare up.

  5. hoodnanny

    hoodnanny New Member

    along with loosing my voice...i thought my throat was closing on me...dr.took the test where they run the light down and i had divertilias of the esp....gave me nexium to take every day and it went away...just like problems anymore....he did not do a thing other than the test...i was scarred to death that i had cancer oor throat would is surprising how one pill will do heals the problem....
    good luck and let us knnow what you find out...
  6. Gail8899

    Gail8899 New Member

    If you can, try to remember to slightly tilt your head towards your chest everytime you go to swallow anything but your own saliva. It greatly reduces the spasms. Most of us tend to throw our heads backwards when swallowing, and that can trigger the spasms.

  7. On my last visit to the rheumie dr. I told him about it, and he said yes it is a problem with patients with fibro have. The last one scared the heck out of me as it lasted longer and was a bit more severe. All I was eating was a cracker. He always does say fibro can affect any muscle in your body.
  8. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    Thanks for the reminder about keeping your chin down when swallowing to help. I remember the therapists telling my dad to do that (he had lost most of his ability to swallow due to Parkinson's) but I never thought to put it to use myself.

    I seldom have swallowing problems with food, coffee, or soft drinks, but plain water is a different story. It is so much worse when I'm taking my meds, and I realize that it's probably because I throw my head back to "help" the pills go down (not that that makes a bit of difference you know!).

    I'll start being more aware of my actions and I bet it will help. Thanks for posting that!

  9. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate you all taking the time to give me your input.

    I already take two nexium a day because of reflux. The doctor that did the barium swallow text said that it could be related to my reflux.

    I see the doctor tomorrow.
  10. CarolK

    CarolK New Member

    I have been having these for years now. Once it was so bad that I went to the ER... my hubby thought I was having a heart attack!!

    The nurse at the ER said I did the right thing by coming in cause sometimes women ignor chest pains and throat pains thinking that they are something else... when in fact they are having a heart attack.

    Esophageal spasms can mimic a heart attack. Mine would last until I had to vomit up the food I was eating.

    Saw a GI doctor and he stretched the esophagus... he put me on a drug called... ACIPHEX... IT REALLY HELPS!! COMPLETLY STOPPED THE SPASMS!! WHAT A RELIEF... ONE A DAY DOES THE TRICK.

    Hope this helps.... CarolK
  11. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    Not really happy with what the dr. suggested I do. He wants me to take 2 mg. valium twice a day for two weeks and not take any muscle relaxers during that time. He said that he thought I was probably having diffuse esophogeal spasms. What will valium do that the regular muscle relaxer I take would do?
  12. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    I appreciate your reply. That does make me feel better. I am glad it helped you and I am getting my prescription filled today.

    I already take Nexium for my reflux.

    Liquids go down ok, its usually things like bread, meat, raw apples, etc. that get stuck.

    I had a barium swallow test that showed the spasms and had an EGD. After the procedure the RN was in the room and another young lady. She had a small vial and shes shook it and asked the RN "Why is it turning this color, I've never seen this" The RN explained that it tested positive for H pylori bacteria and talked to me a little about that.

    Now, the doctor said the h pylori test came back negative. I told him what the nurse said and he said well, "I'll document that in your chart."

    Now its not that I WANT h pylori. But this makes me wonder if the test was performed wrong, or if the lab checked neg when should have been positive or what.

    I do have a lot of intestinal distress and if I have the bacteria I would like to get rid of it and maybe feel better. I don't see that doctor for another 2 weeks. But I see another doctor next week. Don't you think I should mention it again?
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  13. CarolK

    CarolK New Member

    I posted above... like you, I had trouble with bulky foods like bread, meats and even mashed potatos.

    After years of pain and suffering and trying many meds... the Aciphex finally worked. Ask you doc for a RX for some.

  14. earn

    earn New Member

    Thanks to everyone who shared information about this very scarry problem. I have had this for about 10 months now, and have had every test and scope.(all neg)

    Mine is not so much the food getting stuck in my throat, but muscles don`t want to work properly, and several times I have aspirated small amt. Water seems to be the hardest to swallow.
    It is much better now, but still have to be very careful. Dr says it is acid reflux. (but why?) I too take the antiacids---but am esp thankful for the information about Valium. Neuro dr gave me one per day (5mg)-but I feel that I need 2--and will talk to her.
    Gastro dr seems to think that pain meds make it worse.I could not make it thru the day without them, and one never knows for sure--as he is a dr who does not believe in pain meds.

    My family dr thinks I may have had light stroke, but Neuro says "NO". Thanks to all----Laverne
  15. earn

    earn New Member

    Thank you for the tip to tilt your head down. I did a post earlier, and forgot to mention that I have a problem at night in my sleep. I wake up strangling, and would like to know if anyone else has done this? I am afraid to take the Valium at night---afraid to sleep too soundly. This is a scarry thing --and I really appreciate all the replies. I am thankful for these boards--so helpful--Laverne