ESR (sed rate) = 80

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  1. phenom

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    i've just got my latest blood test results back. i have and ESR (sed rate) of 80. finally my doc is starting to pay attention - but it shouldn't have taken this long. she has said that she now questions her diagnosis of FM and believes i have an underlying autoimmune disease. so i don't know what to think. can anyone offer some help or advice? thanks in advance.

    p.s. my thyroid function was fine, but the hormone responsible for regulating it was overactive - huh?

  2. tandy

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    Wow, that is a high sed rate! Your Dr. may suspect Polymyalgia Rheumatica,or a few other autoimmune conditions.
    I had the high sed rate too.Mine was 58. I had to go on short term prednisone to get it down.Which worked and at last my sed was 36~ I have FM....I never did get another DX for the high sed rate.But just about every time its checked,its elavated~(its been like that for 3 years!)
    A high sed rate is an indication of anything thats inflammed.Meaning if you have a sore throat,it could rise.Around the time that mine was highest....I had an attack of appendecitis,I had emergency surgery to remove it.(I wonder if thats why my sed was up?)probably!
    Hope you get some answers soon,and Good luck!!
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    I've had a sed rate as high as 61 , then 5 then 21.(It fluctuates like crazy)
    The rheumy, said he would do a crp lab test which i think is more sensitive marker for inflamation and mine was high so I may have something going on also . I am not going back to this rheumy, I have an appt with a reputable one mis- april and I will see what he make of this. Good luck and let me know what the diagnosis is.
  4. Sandyz

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    My sed rate has been running 70-80 the last 15 yers. Once in awhile it goes back down to 40`s. At first they thought I must have some autoimune disease that just wasn`t showing up on the test. Would you believe they still haven`t figured out what`s causing it after all these years.Its a mystery. When its high I know becaue I feel sick.

    I went back to a reumy not to long ago and asked about the sed rate and he said you`re probably just in 2% of the population that for some odd reason has a high sed for no reason. I didn`t think much of that answer.

    You very well could have a autoimune disease but it could take a long time to totally come out and show up on tests.
    Also, a flu or virus could also make it high so don`t worry too much about it yet. A high sed rate just means there`s inflamation and your body is trying to fight something off.

  5. KathiM

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    Hi !!!!!!!

    My sed rate was 69 and believe me I can tell because I am miserable...........muscle weakness and joint pain etc.....

    My rheumatologist did a "few" other testst but nothing conclusive .......ANA tests came back negative so......back at square one.

    High sed rate is not normal providing you dont have an obvious illness or etc going on .....
    normal is 0-20

    I am hoping to get to the bottom of my problem as I am sure you are too.

    Good luck....keep me informed
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    My current SED rate is 100 with a CRP of 1.9 - you can bet I've been hurting. Also have PMR and on a low dose 10 mg. per day of prednisone and methotrexate. Sure I have CFS but doc hasn't addressed it. Ultrasound on shoulder reveals RA although dr. hasn't been sure of that or "other inflammatory disease." More ailments too. What gives? Will I ever get final diagnosis and some treatment.[This Message was Edited on 04/14/2003]
  7. violettekb

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    Docs know something else is going on but they don't know what besides plantar facilitis, dupryten contracture, diabetes, PMR, etc.
  8. JP

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    glad you are getting some medical support and attention! Are you taking an anti-inflammatory prior to your test? th I find that I can keep my ESR around 30 with 50 mgs of Vioxx and about 3000 mgs of Advil daily. I know that this sounds extreme and is not a good idea long term. I worry about it and my doc checks my liver every 3 months; so far, so good. We are looking at other ways to keep the inflammation and pain level controlled.

    Just a thought...take care,