essential oils for pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by singingharp, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. singingharp

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    HI all, wondering if anyone has found essential oils useful, specifically for pain (neuralgia-type - not inflammatory). If not for pain any other symptoms???
  2. MamaDove

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    My body was damaged from an abx called Levaquin...

    I had severe pain, tingling, burning of my extremeties for months...Nothing can be done...You can take more drugs but that won't help anyone in the long term...

    I was invited to a class about home remedies and the teacher heard my story...She recommended I do the following:

    5 drops of rosemary oil
    5 drops of lavender oil
    5 drops of peppermint oil
    1 oz. of carrier liquid, sweet almond, olive or grapeseed
    I used sweet almond...

    I rubbed my legs and arms very gently at first cause the pain was intolerable but she showed me where to begin and end (wrists, elbows, shoulders and back down toward and 'out' the hands, ankles, knees,hips back down and out toward the feet)

    The first day I had some relief...In the beginning I could not have anything touching me...anywhere that even air blew on me was excriutiating...My injuries are comparable to a burn victims open wounds only its worse cause noone else can see it and the drug companies and docs won't admit it either... ;(

    Anyhoo, I have done this everyday for about a year and the majority of the neuropathic pain, tingling and burning has become bearable...In fact I can sit and type at my computer without tears coming down my face just to type this...It was truly an awful experience and I would have never been turned on to this treatment if not for what happened to me and I certainly wasn't coming from a place that I ever thought oils rubbed on my skin could heal nerves and tendons, but it did...I still do my legs every morning after my shower and also when I cannot tolerate the pain anymore...

    It must have worked on others for my teacher to recommend it to me...I swear by it...I have recommended it to others who have been floxed, I haven't had any feedback as of yet...

    The cost is only about $20 for everything and it lasts for months...The sweet almond oil I use alone on my entire body and no longer have callouses on my feet or thickened skin on my elbows...It's a wonder oil...


    I haven't found anything natural for inflammation yet, esp. for the outside of the body...I doubt I will be open to ingesting anything ever again...
  3. pansylady

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    I have been taking St. Johns Wort Tincture now for two years mixed with Camomile and Skullcap which my Herbalist mixes together.

    You can also get St. Johns Wort Oil which I massage into my face and jaws where I get the neuralgia and It also helps the pain of tMJ which I also have.

    I take Passiflora Oil for sleeping

  4. singingharp

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    Hi, and thanks for the help. There is a co. I've used in the past - nature's gifts - (if you google you can find) which is in my homestate of Tennessee. They have a high shipping price but it's an interesting website and it seems reputable.

    Mamadove, I looked at your are quite a warrior. I'm sad for the pain you've been through. The fact that you're still here is no small statement. Blessings to you....
  5. kbak

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    I use essential oils for a lot of things but it only gives me mild relief for my nerve pain. I have BAD nerve pain. Altho I have taken the herb skullcap and found it helpful. Skullcap is hard on the liver so if anyone is taking it be sure to do a liver detox.

  6. campbeck97

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    I have been using 024 Fibromyalgia sray pain for several months now and its really helped with my pain in knees, neck and shoulders but esp. leg pain. It is made by Swiss Medica and I buy it off ebay for very little. recently I bought 10 bottles for $37.00 on Ebay, I think on swiss medica cite it runs about $25.00 per bottle plus shipping.My son and my husband also use it for aches and pain.(my son has Fibro too)They were amazed how well it worked. You might want to give it a try. I think it has 7 different kinds if oils caphor, aloe vera, orange oil, lemon oil, rosemary oil,pepprmint oil, and eucalyptus oil. Very strong. or ebay to purchase. I have never paid over $IO.OO ON EBAY. hOPE THIS HELPS bLESSINGS TO YOU!
  7. cct

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    I have just started using straight camphor oil.

    I rub the essential oil into the skin on my very bad left knee. Then I wrap the knee in an Ace Bandage. It helps alot!

    The straight camphor is better for me because the blended oils usually contain something that I am allergic to.

    Originally, I got interested in camphor because a woman in a documentary film happened to mention that camphor stimulates Natural Killer Cell activity!

    Whether it is helping NKCs or wheather it is just helping the pain, one thing that I know for sure, whenever I smell the camphor oil, I get a little pick-me-up reaction.