Estrogen dominance and CFS

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    If you’ve been reading my posts you know that I
    believe CFS and estrogen dominance are the
    same thing. There seems to be some confusion
    about estrogen dominance. It is looked on as a
    female problem because it involves estrogen.
    Because of it’s role in perimenopause it is
    looked on as something to be concerned about
    only in the adult stage of a woman’s life. Yet
    estrogen dominance is caused by a an imbalance of hormones particularly a lack
    of progesterone. Progesterone helps to prevent
    and relieve the symptoms of estrogen.
    Symptoms of estrogen dominance are very very
    similar to CFS. (see symptoms below) Women are more
    apt to feel the
    effects of estrogen than men, yet that doesn’t
    mean men are not effected by estrogen
    dominance also. Dr. John Lee has a booklet out
    about estrogen dominance in men. This lack of
    progesterone can affect us at any time in life. The
    cause of estrogen dominance can vary. Dr. John
    Lee believes that xenoestrogens, very potent estrogen like
    pollutants in our environment that effect our
    estrogen levels raising them above normal, may cause damage to our
    reproductive organs even before we are born -
    while we are yet in our mothers womb. This
    results in our bodies failing to be able to
    produce adequate progesterone levels. Allergies, asthma,
    overweight are just some of things he attributes
    to estrogen dominance and are growing
    problems among children in this country.

    Symptoms of estrogen dominance
    acceleration of the aging process
    allergies symptoms including asthma, hives,
    rashes, sinus congestion
    autoimmune disorders such as lupus, thyroiditis
    and possibly Sjogren’s disease
    breast cancer
    breast tenderness
    cervical dyslplasia
    cold hands and feet as a symptom of thyroid
    decreased sex drive
    depression with anxiety or agitation
    dry eyes
    early onset of menstruation
    endometrial cancer
    fat gain, especially around the abdomen ,hips and
    thighs and an inability to lose weight
    fibrocystic breasts
    foggy thinking
    gallbladder disease
    hair loss
    increased blood clotting
    irregular menstrual periods
    magnesium deficiency
    memory loss
    mood swings
    polycystic ovaries
    premenopausal bone loss
    prostrate cancer
    sluggish metabolism
    thyroid dysfunction mimicking hypothyroidism
    uterine cancer
    water retention, bloating
    zinc deficiency
    This is a list by DR. Lee-there are other
    symptoms as well. Dr. Lee makes mention of
    things like bipolar disorder and rage, resulting
    from imbalance of copper and zinc in the brain
    due to estrogen dominance especially with PMS.

    The above is a long list of problems. Some of these are
    symptoms of too much estrogen which has gone
    unopposed so that the illness has progressed to
    its extreme. When I first went to my doctor’s
    office with a list of problems similar to this they
    made fun of me. They didn’t want to believe that
    I had an illness that could cause all these
    problems. Estrogen dominance is basically an
    imbalance of hormones that produces symptoms
    which may grow worse the longer the imbalance
    remains or the greater the imbalance becomes.
    I’ve added to my list as time goes on.
    Gallbladder disease is the newest.
    Women are especially effected by estrogen
    dominance because it can produce
    perimenopause. In women, estrogen dominance
    is usually when she has a lack of progesterone
    while her estrogen levels remain normal.
    Sometimes estrogen levels are erratic perhaps
    dropping low and then surging. Perimenopause
    is when a woman stops ovulating. Her estrogen
    levels are still high because she still has her
    period, but because she is not ovulating she is
    not producing progesterone to off set the
    symptoms of estrogen. She becomes estrogen
    dominant. Perimenopause can cause symptoms
    of menopause long before a woman stops
    menstruating- perhaps in her thirties.
    In Ann Louise Gittleman’s book, “Before the
    Change, Taking Charge of Your
    Perimenopause”, she states that perimenopause
    should not be thought of as a disease, but as a
    time of life when changes are happening. I’ve
    been reading this book and recommend it to all
    of you who feel you may benefit from it. Ms.
    Gittleman is a nutritionist and she has devised a
    diet plan that helps to bring the hormones back
    into balance. She also recommends some
    supplements to help in this readjustment. Many
    are those recommended on this board for CFS
    and FM such as magnesium and flax seed oil. I
    particularly like this book because it takes many
    of the recommendations that I have found on
    this board and shows you how to work them
    into your diet and lifestyle in order to find the
    proper balance for you. The book tends to take a
    lot of the guess work out of how to eat healthy
    for hormonal balance.
    As I mentioned before there are a number of
    causes for estrogen dominance, xneoestrogens,
    poor diet, and stress to name a few, so I tend to
    think of estrogen dominance as result of
    something causing this hormonal imbalance. I
    used to believe that a virus caused CFS, but it
    may be that viruses also can create estrogen
    dominance, so who knows.
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    I was wondering if you would mind emailing me. I am very intersted in this theory and would like to discuss mre about it but I don't want to share it on this board (too personal). If you are not comfortable discussing this with me in private I completely understand. My email addres is in my profile.

    Thank you,
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    because some of the symptoms listed there are also a sign of estrogen deficiency. Hormonal balance is such a difficult thing to fix. I went through hell after my hysterectomy, even though my blood said I was already menopausal when they removed my ovaries.
    The problem is I think that everyone reacts differently to hormones. I know some friends who swear by their progesterone and the stuff drives me batty!! I am a nutcase when on it.

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    If you are interested in estrogen dominance Dr. John Lee has a website that tells the names of his books and discusses his theory. You can find it by typing his name into a search engine. I was able to get the books from my local library to read. I like Ann Louise Gittleman's book because it takes a more wholistic approach toward bringing the whole body into hormonal balance and not just relying on hormone supplements. Balancing hormones is not easy and as far as I'm concerned shouldn't be attempted without a doctor's help.
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    I have so many of the symptoms listed above, and know anyway I'm estrogen dominant, and I am using progesterone cream.

    However, what about guys? After reading about how theres so many estrogen-mimicking things in our foods, would a saliva test or blood test be able to read a male's? Just wondering how sensitive it is, since I'm assuming they don't need much.

    Maybe you know, Ralph?

    Part of why I'm asking is my teenaged son is going thru a lot of psychological problems right now along with fatigue.

    Thanks everyone.
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    I've got more than half of the symptoms listed, but I my estrogen level is very LOW. I've been working w/ my doc for some time to try to get my estrogen level up to normal range, and am now on the strongest patch available, plus I recently started adding an estrogen gel I have to order from Europe. (I also use progesterone cream).

    Interesting how estrogen levels at opposite ends of the scale can produce similar symptoms! I'm curious if anyone else with CFS has a lot of these symptoms with low estrogen.

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    Another great book that was recommended to me here at the forum was: From PMS to Menopause: "Female Hormones in Context... by Raymond Peat,Ph. D". Good reading as is also Dr. Lee's book.

    After years of irregular periods, and being prescribed artifical progestin that only was making matters much worse in my case, I knew I was facing surgery or worse down the road...I was grasping at any info that I could find...these books where such a great help to find. I use the natural progesterone now...and haven't had any problems (in that area anyways) now for months.