Estrogen Dominance - ??? cause of some FM symptoms

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  1. shinlee

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    Symptoms of estrogen dominance

    If you experience any of the following symptoms associated with estrogen dominance, or are being treated for any of the medical conditions listed, supplementing with natural progesterone cream may help:

    * Acceleration of the aging process
    * Adrenal exhaustion
    * Allergy symptoms (asthma, hives, rashes, sinus congestion)
    * Autoimmune disorders (lupus erytherometosis, thyroiditis, possibly Sjögren’s disease
    * Breast cancer
    * Breast tenderness
    * Cervical dysplasia
    * Cold hands and feet as a symptom of thyroid dysfunction
    * Decreased sex drive
    * Depression with anxiety or agitation
    * Dry eyes
    * Early onset of menstruation
    * Endometrial (uterine) cancer
    * Endomemtriosis
    * Fat gain, especially around the abdomen, hips, and thighs
    * Fatigue
    * Fertility
    * Fibrocystic breasts
    * Fibromyalgia
    * Foggy thinking
    * Gallbladder disease
    * Hair loss
    * Headaches
    * Hypoglycemia
    * Hysterectomy (ovaries removed)
    * Increased blood clotting (increasing risk of strokes)
    * Infertility
    * Irregular menstrual periods
    * Irritability
    * Insomnia
    * Magnesium deficiency
    * Memory loss
    * Mood swings
    * Osteoporosis
    * PMS
    * PCOS
    * Post-Natal Depression
    * Premenopausal bone loss
    * Premature Births
    * Prostate cancer (men)
    * Protection against reproductive cancer
    * Sluggish metabolism
    * Thyroid dysfunction mimicking hypothyroidism
    * Tubal Ligation (tubes tied)
    * Uterine cancer
    * Uterine fibroids
    * Water retention, bloating
    * Zinc deficiency

    The Natural Progesterone Advisory Network website has collated, through documented observation, a cluster of hormone imbalance symptoms including estrogen dominance not easily found in mainstream publications. And our list continues to grow. They include the following:

    * Gritty, dry eyes
    * Blurred vision and/or watery eyes, difficulty focusing
    * Tender heels and/or feet, from sensitive to burning
    * Restless legs - particularly at night-time (in bed)
    * Itchy, burning, sore ears
    * Sensation of foreign object in ear such as bees or insects, tinnitus
    * Vertigo, particularly around ovulation time onwards (more profound lying down in bed)
    * Palpitations
    * Heartburn
    * Low resistance to infection
    * Sinusitis, head congestion, flu-like headaches
    * Pre-menstrual asthma
    * Painful, throbbing face, one side more than the other often reported
    * Aching teeth - dental checkup inconclusive
    * Cyclic throat problems - too many sore throats around ovulation time, throats that don’t clear, consistent sore throats every month, tonsillitis, asthma, upper respiratory problems
    * Acne or pimples, particularly just prior to menses, also in older women
    * Premature wrinkling
    * Chronic recurrence of thrush, cystitis, vaginitis
    * Reports of acne on the vulva that flares at menses
    * Chronic Candida
    * Bouts of diarrhea prior to the menses, some alternating constipation, especially with women who have cysts and endometriosis
    * Leaky gut syndrome
    * Inflamed bowel problems - Colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome
    * Inability to lose weight and shift fluid
    * Loss of control over bladder (stress incontinence), inability to empty, tender & sensitive (absence of bladder infection), fluctuation/variation of bladder paralysis
    * Extreme dream agitation and anxiety
    * Panic attacks
    * Inability to focus
    * Inability to concentrate
    * Loss of short term memory
    * Alienation and loss of confidence
    * Androgen side effects: facial hair, increased body hair
    * Increased thickening and blacking of limb hair
    * Atypical periods alternating from shorter or extending to longer, cycles become erratic, can alternate from heavier to lighter, or can be a combination of both - heaving clotting (no fibroids)
    * Aching joints present in the form of rheumatism or arthritis, joint and muscle stiffness, nerve endings feeling very fragmented and fragile and tender to touch, imitative of fibromyalgia syndrome
    * Pins and needles, sciatica, hip pain down one side predominantly quite common although bone mineral densities and hip x-ray tests are normal
    * Painful ovaries upon ovulation
    * Painful ovaries in the absence of ovulation, confusing women that they have ovulated
    * Obsessive, irrational thought and behavior patterns: finding a lost item, trying to think of someone’s name, being aware on one level but unable to stop yourself on another.
    * Lack of lateral thinking and ability to multi-task
    * Fragmented physically, emotionally and spiritually
    * Headaches and migraines - sharp pains through top of head
    * Overwhelming panic attacks and unfounded fear
    * Social phobia, sense of loss of social skills, withdrawal
    * Unrelated grief & sadness
    * Sluggish liver (aggravated by hormonal overload, overuse of synthetic HRT, medications, xenoestrogens)
    * Vocabulary / speech difficulty - 'tongue tied', verbal stammer

    Hormonal imbalances masquerading as any one of the above conditions may take many years to accumulate and can be insidious in its physical presentation. Just remember, it took time to arrive at this point in your life, and it may take time to improve, reverse and eliminate many of these problems.

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    What is Estrogen Dominance?
    Estrogen Dominance Linked to Cancer

    In light & love,

  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    what do they recommend to rebalance estrogen levels, esp after menopause, I wonder? Will have to look at that site, thanks.

  3. pepper

    pepper New Member

    This is all explained very well in Dr. Lee's books "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Peri-Menopause" and "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause". The recommendation is Natural Progesterone Cream (prescription, not OTC). It is an eye-opening read.

  4. nanna4550

    nanna4550 New Member

    In Dr. Lee's book he lists the creams that are good. You
    don't need a prescription. "Emerita pro-gest body cream"
    can be purchased at Fred Meyer and at New Seasons or on line at I have been using the cream (1/4 am and pm) for 21 days. Now I'm off the cream for 7 days. I have not noticed anything yet, but it could take 3-4 months to balance the hormones.
  5. louiesgirl2

    louiesgirl2 New Member

    I have been using it for quite sometime and it makes all the difference to me. Hot flashes almost all gone. Sleeping better. I get mine at my mom and pop health food store.

  6. dreamharp

    dreamharp New Member

    There are some women that become very depressed just using
    the progesterone cream. Almost like they are allergic to it.

  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I've read some info before on progesterone cream for both Peri-meno ( and menopause) and for even treating Endometriosis.
    I have Endo,Fibro and horrible pain with both.

    Does anyone here know if your currently on any kind of birth control, or Depo shots or anything like that,... Do you have to get off all of that stuff first.

    Is the progesterone cream to be used instead of???

    Currently I'm getting Depo provera shots every 11 weeks for treating my Endometriosis,but I really wanna try the progesterone cream hoping for better results.

    Do I need to stop the shots??
    My guess is yes, to stop the depo.
    I just don't know?? so I'm asking you here.
  8. shinlee

    shinlee New Member

    Hi Tandy...

    RE: Deprovera Shots - you'll want to read the book "Dying To Get Well." I read it several years ago when I first started having FM symptoms.

    The author is Shelly Keck-Borsits. She tells of how she was dxd with FM which was so severe she believed she was going to die - she could barely get out of bed. She discovered that her problems were caused by the DP shots...

    Here's a paragraph from her website:

    "I share the info about what happened to me with the poisoning of the birth control injections depo provera, the continual drugging of conventional medicine to 'cover-up' illnesses instead of curing illnesses, and my reversal of disease through strict dietary and lifestyle changes because i believe that it is something that i am supposed to share."

    Just want to pass the info along to you as it may be helpful.

    Hi Ralph.

    Oral progesterone is better than cream? In the past and am recently reusing Prolief that was recommended by Peg Seng,
    Registered Dietician/LD from Mt. Vernon, OH. Peg does a monthly radio spot with WMVO regarding nutrition and the use of natural remedies.

    The reason I thought cream was better than ingesting was because stomach acids somehow rendered the progesterone ineffective. I read this many years ago, perhaps there are new findings. I would appreciate your directing me to articles written regarding cream vs oral.

    BTW - my son really enjoys working with Mary Dinneen and Joey Smith.

    "All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; and Third, it is accepted as self-evident." Arthur Schopenhauer
  9. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Thanks for that info on that book & author.
    I'm gonna search that tonight online.

    I apreciate it!
    :) Tandy
  10. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    And I have tried using the Emerita pro-gest body cream but I find it increases my anxiety attacks for some reason. I get very anxious, all day. Many times flowing into panic atatck.

    And then i stop using it.

    But I know I need it!

    ANyone else.
  11. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    Have you read the book by Dr. Elizabeth Vliet "Screaming to be Heard? I wish I had read it before I had a hysterectomy.
  12. shinlee

    shinlee New Member

    I started back on the Progesterone cream because the optometrist believes I may have dry eye syndrome because of the 3-month complaint below explained to her.

    I don't seem to have dry eyes during the day or even while wearing contacts. However, for the past 3 months I notice my eyes would sting when I got water in them. Also I noticed my eyelids, corner of eyes and contacts weren't getting oily as they once did.

    The most annoying complaint is that when waking up my right eyelid seems to stick to the eyeball - not the lower and upper eyelids to each other. I have to keep my eyelid closed and rub around on the lid to release.

    Anyways, Peg Seng (registered dietician) says that often chronic dry eyes can be caused by the adrenals not producing enough DHEA. She told me to take 25 mg in the AM only for one month. If this doesn't help then there could be something else going on.

    This eye is the one that the optometrist can't seem to get the prescription correct so I'm wondering if this is due to the sticking going on. It isn't blurry - squinting helps make vision more clearer in that eye.

    Anyone have this problem?

    Light and love.

    "There are some things you don't have to
    know how it works - only that it works
    While some people are studying the roots,
    others are picking the fruit.
    It just depends on which end of this you want to get in on." Jim Rohn

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  13. pepper

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    I strongly believe that a Depo Provera shot is one of the catalysts that caused me to become ill with CFS/FM. My gynie wanted to give me a hysterectomy but I did my research and didn't think that he had good enough reasons for doing the surgery and refused it.

    So he decided that depo provera shots would give my body a rest from the long, heavy, painful periods I had every month. I asked what it was and he told me that it was "natural" progesterone. He lied. And I didn't do my research.

    He gave me one shot and I immediately suffered from extreme fatigue, edema, depression, and many more symptoms that have become all too familiar. I refused the second shot but that one shot was enough to eliminate my periods for 13 mnonths.

    I eventually recovered but came down with mono, then CFS a year later. Coincidence? I think not.

    I would stay away from those shots completely. They are dangerous.

  14. shinlee

    shinlee New Member

    Did you happen to check out Shelly B's website? Her book chronicles the hell she went through after the DP shots. God love her.

    Take care.

  15. pepper

    pepper New Member

    but I will now.


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