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    Hi everyone, has anyone heard of or used this device for treatment of trigger points or myofascial release? It suppose locate and treat trigger points by microcurrent but they claim much better than TENS unit and used by therapist for people with acute and chronic pain.Their website also says your dr can write a prescription for the purchase and use at homeI would love to find something that would help with the trigger pts and myofascial pain. Thought it sounded interesting.Let me know if youve used it and if it helped or not. Thanks and God bless
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    I have the 1000 ETPS by Acumed and it is as great as they say. Sometimes I have a problem with the ground plate… but Acumed is very good at standing behind there product! I also have the older 900. Both units have a tone that changes to a high pitch scream when you move the device over the spasm/nerve problem. Push the button and the unit sends a small electric pulse to the problem area. I do not go anywhere without this unit. I have a patch TENS also … it is OK for wide spots like your back… but it can not replace the Acumed units! You need a doctor to write a script for it. If you are anything like me… the doctors will do what they can to shut me up! LOL! I have Christenson fossa implants. I live in Colorado at a high altitude. Every time the weather changes, I hurt like crazy! Hope this helps.
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