European cleansing safer than enemas/colinics?

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    this was from a portugal health spa they use this in all health spas in europe what do you all think it can be purchased. paul m

    The Clysmatic functions like a gravity colonic. It is comfortable and easy to use. It is used directly on the toilet. Good intestinal hygiene can help keep many diseases away.
    During the two weeks fasting program at 1. MOINHOS VELHOS the Clysmatic is used every day to facilitate removal of the deposits in the large intestines. Probably all of us have these buildups of hardened deposits on the intestinal wall, and the programs that we have at Moinhos Velhos is unique in effecting the removal of this. Here is a picture of a typical and very common elimination of some of these deposits, and most people leave behind 10 to 20 times this much during our program. It is very nice to get rid of so much sh--- and the cleansing of the colon is truly most beneficial in establishing good health.

    The intestines’ reflexes are stimulated. When the Clysmatic is used, some few deciliter of water enters the rectum at a time. The intestines are emptied as by a normal toilet visit. The procedure is repeated after some minutes. Experience shows that even a very constipated intestine will start moving by this training. To the left is a picture of what was eliminated in just one session. This will often be repeated two or more times every day for many days. The Clysmatic is not habit forming. The method is not an enema. The water rinses only the lower part of the large intestine, and can never penetrate past the ileo valve. The villi in the small intestines are not affected

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    bek: neurontin 200 at bed l mg klonpin bedtime 2 small drops doxepin bedtime l00 mg. AM and afternoon less thatn dr. cheney tells me to take don't like them but have to take them pain no sleep

    tianeptine, eureopean anti depressant l/3 dose doesn't got through our 450 cytocrome sykstem

    42 lbs. udnewght bedridden much of day leaky gut react to everything can't get hardly organic here in hick west ky.
    can't drive anymore losing hope

    very debiliated

    did colonics acunpunture hydrogen pyr. i'v's when lst got sick in l998 then dx by cheney in ll/98 he's out of office

    paid 240 to arrange p. consult with gloria gibbere ND in idaho who had MCS adn fibro leaky gut etc not true CFIDS wrote i was poisened by my body

    the ol's we vs. they meds vs. all natural

    do you have to take meds, i hate them, but low dose and need some to survive at this point

    where do you live,

    i go 2 days w/o eating just veggie juice and that's a catch 22 breaks out lips tongue mouth, went to ayrvedic institue in n. mex. 2. 5yrs. ago parents pd for 2 weeks of pancharma made me sicker they say one diet (not much on jucing esp. beets, carrots spinach) macrobiotics i worked with stayed with me when could afford (they were from nashville 2 hrs away) say anohter diet, the the recent alcat igg delayted shows many foods allergies (leaky gut problme yeast binging)

    i get so hungry i'm suffering nutritoinoally and bedridden dry dry too yen they say cough fire ants sandpaapery mouth tongue thorat i'll go 2 days can't eat cuase of stomach hurts so bad then bang before i know i 've beinged on bananas nuts avocoada obviously i'm craving fat
    sugar protein at same teim worse case scenario i get enough carb hig to drive 4 miles and get ice cream, hypoglycemic i know better kind of like cheney said the brain craves the sugar, plust the nutritionaly status, yeast body gets used to the hormonal insulain spike then i 'm so sick and fatigued and the fire ants sandpaper of 6 yrs. is enough to drive st. peter himself out of his mind

    Well i'm sorry i'm just on a VENT here

    how are you, you are one who doesn' tneed meds right?

    tell me where do you live get organic foods, i can't find any source here the stores say not enough demand they rot on shelves

    thanks for help Paul mark
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    thanks i'm pretty sure it's leaky gut Comp dig . stool anaylysi thru g. smokies show shot gut ecology the binging doesn't help and i know i shouldn't but i'm bedridden so much and go 2 days w/o food then i've eaten everything fore i know it then allergies bad sicker body pain

    i'm going to pay 240 i have to chare on credit card to get phone conferene with gloria gibbere ND in idaho go her book

    she had more chmeical sen. fibro leaky gut etc than real CFDIS but has some CFS too

    pray it helps on the l8th

    maybe she can help she's been thru hades herself

    thanks BEK i wish i lived where i was closer to alt. therappies although when i was able to drive to nashville in 98 i tried several and didn't really help but at least maybe somehting possibly the clysmatic could help the leaky gut i know enemas and especially coffee enemas make me bedridden even more

    and deplete my electrolytes more,

    even veggie juicing my lips inside cheeks stay broke out in sores, maybe the ayruvedics were right in 2001 when i wen tto NM for pancharmar they ain't too big on juicing everybodyies got a different diet macrobiotics, haleluagah right know it can't eat much of anything react to everything from binging leaky gut food allergie from that

    thanks for caring paul mark