evening sweets craving

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  1. Bellis

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    oh yes, I know all about it. half an hour or an hour after meal I want . no CRAVE something sweet! tried to make severel pot of thea , ordinary and herbal with and without hony just to avoid to eat chocolate bars, biscuits and so! sometimes I want I COULD smoke ( not for real - but instead of).
    If I don`t have something sweet, I make it myself: bananas with dark Billingtons suger, in the oven for 15 minutes, or with oak flakes browned on the pan --
    ( the shops er miles away and I have no car, so I have to be creativ, haha)
    thanks Kalaya mention about reactive hypoglycemia - when i was younger I had what the doctor told as low blood sugar.
    my cravings are not every day, but IF I open a box of chokolate, or take just one sugar piece, its there again -
    Ihave 2 books which has helped me:Dr. Heller: the carbohydrate addicts lifespan program, and taking charge of your life and your weight, the carbohydrate addicts program for succes, same author. bought them aT aMAZON.COM
    sunshine - Bellis
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    I have never been a real sweet craver. I alway preferred salty things... until lately.

    I've been running around the house searching for something sweet. I guess that is why I don't keep any in the house, that way I can't eat it.

    It's awful, isn't it. I know this will sound strange, but sometimes a dill pickle will cure my desire for something sweet. A friend of mine who lost a lot of weight swears by this.

    I happen to love dill pickles.
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    Dear Bellis,

    I know what you mean about really wanting something sweet at night - can go all day with no problem, but at night after dinner I often really want something sweet.

    Since I have put on a "little" weight since I developed cfs I try, not always successfully, to resist temptation.

    Chromium tablets help me.

    Also, I keep some really strong long-lasting-taste chewing gum around and, if I can, I just chomp on that.

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    by dbhughes - Evening Sweet Cravings, anyone have these?

    You might want to check it out, there's some advice about reactive hypoglycemia and candidas affecting our sugar cravings.

    I have the same, after my dinner at night, I have to have something sweet and one piece of choc or one biscuit is never enough.