Ever go from fatigued to fine in the space of an hour?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lvjesus, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. lvjesus

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    Okay, how weird is this? Friday I was completely exhausted. Saturday I spent most of the day on the bed watching endless tv except for going to the dump and to the grocery store to get a side dish for church today and went to sleep at 9 (passed out actually). This morning I was up at 7 to get ready for church and was wiped out, walking around like a zombie until about 11. After church we had our Sunday school picnic and we came home after and I hit the bed.

    About 3 I finally laid down and consented to nap. Her comes the weird thing. I slept for an hour and when I got up, I felt FINE. Fine. I thought I might be my wishful thinking but I got up and fixed some dinner and did a few things and STILL felt fine. Has anyone else EVER had this happen??? I have gone to bed feeling like poop and gotten up feeling okay. I have gotten up and THOUGHT I felt okay and found out I did not after all, but I don't think this has ever happened to me.

    Earlier today I was debating with myself what is the worst symptom, pain or fatigue. I have said for a long time fatigue is worse, EXCEPT that feeling like you have the flu and you ACHE so bad. THAT is miserable. Well, I have a few pains floating around but could not care less since I don't feel like I got hit by a truck.
  2. poets

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    No I've never had that happen to me. Quite the opposite actually. I guess I'd look at it as a blessing. I think that's a bit unusual. I'm glad it happened for you though. Here's hoping you'll have more times like this!

  3. msbsgblue

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    I have gone from almost fine to darn where did that Mack truck come from in 5 minutes.

    BILLCAMO New Member

    this is possible !

    There are many things that can create this situation. two causes float to the top.

    1st is an adrenal surge. This is often followed by an even worse "let-down".

    2nd is a gift from the Supreme Being...(my choice of names is God).

    From your description I would suspect it is the 2nd.

    In either case , I would suggest that you enjoy and say thanks ! It most likely won't happen often.

    Blessings ,

  5. marti_zavala

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    I have had this happen only a few times in my 9 years of being sick.

    Like a reprise... very weird. Hard not to get hopeful but you try not to get excited.

    You actually feel normal and it is surprising how great normal feels.

    It never lasted more than 24 hours for me and it only happened 3-4 times.

  6. Its weird how fibro pain isn't just localised pain in a few areas. It's almost like someone hijacks your body and every inch is being tormented.It's hard to believe that an illness can cause your whole body to hurt from head to toe .Ruthie
  7. lvjesus

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    I give God all the credit of course. As I have said in some other posts recently, I had a remission that lasted nearly a year thanks to the Lord. Anyone can say whatever they want here but I tell you that I was at a healing service in my church and came out THAT DAY KNOWING that something wonderful had happened to me.

    I got rid of my mattress topper, stopped taking the endless meds I was on, went back to exercise class, the whole 9 yards. I am disappointed to have a relapse but I thank God that I did and know that I feel very different this time and I do wonder why but I don't "blame" God at all.

    I did say many thanks this morning. I hope and pray He knows how grateful I am. But the bible says that Jesus suffered in all ways that we do, so obviously He knew fatigue and how refreshing it is to have the energy to do what you have to.

    It is the next morning and although I was afraid (I know, lack of faith) of how I would feel this a.m., I am not bone tired, although I do have some pain, but really, who cares?
  8. layla1954

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    I'm very sensitive to barometric pressure/weather changes. Within an hour I can go from hurting all over and barely dragging myself around, to perking right up. It's AMAZING! It happens to me when a low pressure front moves out of the area, clouds move out and the barometric pressure increases. It's not just a psychological effect because it happens even if I'm not near any windows and don't even know the weather has changed, until I go out.

    It's temporary, but hey! I'll take it when I can get it, lol.

    Lee Ann

    (Unfortunately, the same thing happens in reverse, too. When bad weather is moving in I usually feel worse than usual for a day or so in advance.)

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