Ever had a doctor not want to deal with you?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by survivalmode, Sep 6, 2006.

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    I am kind of puzzled. Aside from the fibro and my neck really being bad - I have been struggling with a sinus infection that will not go away. I have been told I have sinus issues since I was a young adult - and have classic symptoms. Usually the swelling, low-grade fever and horrible pressure/headache get better after a round of antibiotics and nasal steroids. This time it is not. My family doctor put me on Avelox (he said second line antibiotic) for six weeks. It still has not gone away. I had a sinus CT - my family doctor said I have retention cysts, something called a Haller cell and both maxillary sinuses have infections. He said "It looks bad." So he sent me for an ENT surgical consult. I saw in the chart my CT scan with things circled and notes on the side. The nurse mentioned to me that he would not be doing any procedures to me "today" then she chuckled - that he would just talk to me - then she commented on the fact that it looked like my CT scan 'said it all'. So the doc comes in and I am thinking I am going to have to have sinus surgery. He reads the sheet I had just filled out that said I have fibromyalgia, asthma, allergies and what meds I am on. Then he gives me a lecture about people who think they have sinusitis but they don't. He said there is no sign I have ever had sinusitis. He told me to stop taking the antibiotics - I never needed them. He also commented on the fact that for such a young lady I have an 'awful lot of ink on that intake sheet'. He helpfully diagnosed me with a migraine and sent me home with an article copied out of Reader's Digest on migraines.

    (silent scream from the woman who had her first migraine at age 7 and knows what one feels like!)

    I am going for a second opinion at another ENT with my CT scan. I don't think I'll mention the fibro.

    Am I paranoid?

    Anyone else have similar experiences?

    Thanks ~
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    i've been so mad that i thought i was going to burst!!!!!!!!!

    go for a second opinion, and a third, fourth, till you find a doctor who cares. i actually looked on the internet for a doctor that specialized in fibro in my area. not only did i find one, but there were patients comments that said how kind and understanding he is to our problems. but most of all he is knowledgeable.

    hope this helps...God Bless you, and i hope things get better.

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    But not just me. My kids too. We live in a fairly rural area. So, it became "standard" that I would get three different opinions from docs in my county. Know that they were WRONG and drive 1 1/2 hours away to a doc in the BIG city. Went throught that with ENT, Urologists and Ortho. Very pathetic.

    Don't mention Fibro. It will label you.


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    An Internist who diagnosed me. He said there is no cure and NO treatment and it would be too frustrating for him.
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    Yeah I had one doctor that was just a sub for my real doctor, say "you were sick last year" and completely ignore 10 months of medical history because all the tests my doctor did on me came out normal......he gave me stomach medicine, told me to find a close friend i can tell everything to, and i'll be completely better in two weeks.
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    It may be the meds were causing the CT scan to show non-surgical problems and that was the reason the nurse said what she said. They can't say things "outright". But...I've found some doctors just don't want to work with FM patients thinking our problems are mental.

    I strongly urge you to get a second opinion. Ask around to see if anyone had good results from a particular ENT. Perhaps your PCP can also give you another lead.

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    When time when I was sick and on the way to the Dr. (Immediate Care) my husband told me not to mention the fibro. He said that when I do they blame anything that is wrong on it or act like there is nothing at all wrong.

    I did not mention it and I was treated so differently. He did the necessary things to find out that I had walking pneumonia.

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    Just this week, I had 2 doctor offices turn me down due to having fibromyalgia. One was a rheumatologist, and the other an allergist....I didn't know this was possible. There should be a law against that..
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    I've had a doctor say "to be honest I don't know if I'm the right doctor for you. I need some time to think about whether or not I can take you as a patient. I'll give you a call Monday or Tuesday." She never called. Tip: If you are chemically sensitive don't complain about the horrible smell of your medical practitioner's office(or anybody else that is serving you)the first time you meet them.
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    Just went to another Rheumatologist at my PCP's request, thinking that he might just have a solution since my fibromyalgia pain are worsen so much.

    After weeks of waiting for the appointment and writing filling out tons of paper work, the day arrived. I knew I shouldn't have gotten my expectations up so high.

    He walked in the door, shook my hand, glanced at my history and said."You have severe fibomyalgia and you are just gong to have to learn to live with it. There is no cure and there is nothing else for me to do. Also, I am just not into this stuff." "Good luck". And out the door I went with pure disgust.

    I specifically asked it he worked with Fibromyalgia patients when I made the appointment and the answer was,

    Also, he had the nerve to write a letter to each on eof my doctors and told them that he had examined me throughly and I was getting the right care. After requesting a copy of that letter, I wrote a letter to him and sent copies of my letter to all lof those doctors so they would know what the true visit was like.

    I'm sick of all of them.
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    Here in Canada doctors appointments are paid for by our provincial health insurance. But that sometimes means we have ridiculously long waits to get to see specialist.

    I waited for a whole year to get to see my first rheumatologist. She was really rude because I was 5 minutes late getting to my appointment because there was no parking spaces left.

    Now my second clue that this wasn't going to be a good appointment was when I was changing in the hospital gown she gave me and I noticed that she had articles on the wall about her being a marathon runner! Oh great!

    Anyway I finally get to see this woman, she diagnosises me with FM and CFS. Hands me a 2 leaflets, says she is making me an appointment to see the Arthritis society so I can 'motivate' myself to get back out there and in better shape! Then she says see your GP about medication for this condition and tells me she isn't accepting any more FM patients! We are too hard to treat so she is only accepting new RA patients! This I waited a year for!

    I have since found a much nicer Rheumatologist but I have to drive 2 hours for my appointments!

    Marion (Redwillow)
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    Yes do get another ENT it sounds like your sinus are a mess. There are times when migraines are misdiagnosed as sinus problems but it doesn't look like that in your case.

    Good luck

    Karen :)
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    No, but I have given up asking any dr to do something about the CFS, FMS, Myalgic Encephalitis, Myalgic Encephalomyelits, whatever it is called or whatever they are called, since drs don't seem to have any idea what to do besides prescribe things that make me feel more horrible than I did before going to see them. Also my resentment button gets pushed big-time when a dr tells me whatever this is, it is a mental illness and insists I go see a shrink.
    Yeah. Talking to someone...that will help. Right.
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    I recently was in to the clinic because of a UTI and I was also telling this DR. about the nerve tingling that I have developed since I was bitten by a spider in July.

    This tall, thin doctor who looked like she may blow away in a stiff breeze took a look at my list of meds and said my problems couldnt be related to the spider bite. I mentioned that I was concerned that maybe the headaches were related to the mobic the clinic had put me on or related to the spider bite. Oh no.

    She was more sure that it was the fact that I am bipolar and that my psych meds were causing this. She was also very concerned that I had gained 15 pounds in the 4 months I have been going to them.

    Hmmm...her advice to me was to go off my psych meds to get rid of the neuropathy.

    Ok honey...yeah...Im a severe rapid cycling bipolar, borderline personality disorder, ptsd patient...and you want me to just go off psych meds...that is great. NOT!
  16. PVLady

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    You definitely need to start over with a new doctor. It sounds like you have a chronic condition that might be cured with surgery (after the infection is cleared).

    I don't understand your doctor's behavior, but I would move on to a new doctor.
  17. rachel432

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    i hate the way dr's behave at times. i'm especially horrified at netnut's story with the dr who suggested stopping her meds. that is the worst thing to do.

    i work as a nurse and i see dr's daily who's treatment of patients i completly unexcusable. the wotrst behavior i often see is middle aged male dr's who see female patients and just blame whatever there curret illness is on anxiety or something else mental. i also work in one place quite often that has a make gyne who does vaginal hysterectomies and sends the patients home with nothing other then ibuprofen. he thinks that because he didn't make an outwardly visible incision it shouldn't hurt, nevermind the fact that he just rearranged these patient's insides.

    dr's need to be taught how to treat their patients with compasion and respect. they need to take acurate histories from patients and actually treat what the patient says is going on with thier bodies. if you come across a dr who does not do these things just leave and go to see someone who will treat you properly.thier is no excuse for dr's who behave tis way and we as patients do not need to put up with it.