Ever Lived or Worked in a Building with Mold in It?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Slayadragon, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Slayadragon

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    I'm wondering how many people here have been exposed to mold in their homes or workplaces for even a relatively short period of time at some point in their lives.

    This would mean either smelling mold (or a musty smell), seeing mold, or hearing/learning that mold was or might be present.

    If you know what kind of mold it was or what it looked like, please mention that. (The mold that seems like it might be the most problematic is called stachybotrys chartarum and is a a dark green/black color. Any type of mold would be of interest though.)

    Also, if you think that a place where you lived or worked might have made you feel sick but you're not absolutely sure why, mention that too. It might have been caused by mold even if you didn't see or smell it.

    Or, if you've lived or worked in a place where you know there was water damage or flooding, mention that too.

    Please also state whether the possible exposure was correlated with a time when you got sick or felt worse.

    It's not been proven that mold is related to CFS, but it would be interesting to find out how many people here know or think they've been exposed, and if they have common symptoms.


    Best, Lisa

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  2. Densgirl

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    I worked in a school that where there was mold in the basement where my office was. They renovated a couple of years later and I got sick from the new carpenting. That's the first time I started having allergies. Oh yeah, I'm now allergic to mold.

  3. Skyemberr

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    I work in a building with mold in it right now! The mold is black in most spots, but in one room it is bright orange.

    My employer has declined to come up with any solution other than painting over it.

    I had FM symptoms prior to working in here, but they have been aggravated since I have been here.
  4. pw7575

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    Not sure if the mold contributed to me getting sick or possibly kept me from getting better.

    My boyfriend and I rented out the basement of an old house for 7 years. We didn't have much money and live in a very expensive area so it was all we could afford.

    We lived there for two years before I got sick. My CFS started as a very bad case of mono/ebv that I never recovered from. Not sure if the mold contributed and made me more suseptable to getting ill or if the mold possibly prevented me from getting better. I guess there is no way to know.

    There was visible black looking mold on our bathroom ceiling. Since the bathroom was in the basement it got no ventillation. Plus the basement in general was very damp for years until I got an air purifier. I never knew how dangerous mold was. I just thought ok old house I will have to deal with it.

    I guess I should be tested for mold.

    Take Care,
  5. Slayadragon

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  6. ravenpaige

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    Shortly after I started getting sick (I had already had a flu that turned into muscle pain that wouldn't go away), I moved into a new house with my 2 kids. After living there about a month, I came home one day from work and found that an input line to the kitchen sink had broken. This was a rental house, so (after turning off the water main) I called the landlord and he came out and fixed the leak. The water had been flowing for hours, since no one was home all day, and this was a split-level house, with kitchen on floor 2, family room, one bedroom on floor 1.

    The landlord fixed the leak but did nothing to clean up the water that had gone through from floor 2 to floor 1. The lower level had quite a bit of water, which I used a wet vac to suck up, and then put a fan down to blow for a while. However, it took, literally, months for the dampness to lessen. We were just going into winter, and the house was heated with a wood burning stove (plus electic for filler, but I never turned it up very high due to the bills). I noticed after a month or so that some things in the lower level started to get a thin film on them. Then, we all started to get sick, continuously. These were mostly respiratory problems, colds, sore throats, bronchitis, etc. I tracked the number of visits to the doctor, and we had two out of three of us at the doctor every month for about six months.

    I worked with my kids pediatrician a lot during that time, asking him, "what's going on here? do I need to have the water tested? do we need to look at something like AIDS?" He finally asked me, "Do you, by chance, live where it's very shady, where you might have mold?"

    Of course, I told him about the water damage, plus the house was very shaded. I wasn't sure about mold, but it seemed likely, so I asked for his recommendation and he suggested, if possible, that we move. And that's what we did, as quickly as possible (I think it took a month).

    In the new house, the respiratory ailments just stopped. I still had my muscle pains...at that point I had graduated from a diagnosis of carpal tunnel to a "we don't really know what you have" diagnosis. One doctor had suggested fibromyalgia for me, but I told him, since it wasn't a treatable condition, I didn't find that diagnosis particularly helpful. (Others who are in worse shape may wonder at that response from me, but since I was still able to work, and since I was, and still am, the sole provider for my kids, I thought a diagnosis of a chronic, untreatable condition would do me no good, and might cause problems if I ever wanted to switch jobs or go into business for myself.)

    At any rate, I do remember my kids pediatrician telling me at one point, "Let me give you the best advice I can. Just don't spend all your money looking for a cure." I've often looked back on that advice (at the time I was rather affronted) and thought that he was one of the better doctors I've dealt with. He really did care, and he got it right, at least about the mold. Wish I'd known then what I know now, of course.

    But I'm still not willing to say the mold was the trigger, certainly not in my case, since I already had symptoms, and of my 2 daughters, one is still healthy (10 years later), while the other was diagnosed with FM about 2 years ago, but it was at least 2 years after the "mold house" before she showed any symptoms. Plus, I distinctly remember living in an apartment for a few months when I was in grad school where the black mold literally covered a wall in my bedroom. It was gross, and I eventually cleaned it off using bleach, but I don't remember any ill effects at the time or afterward.

    I still think, the way this DD acts, it's like it opens a door. Once you're exposed to the trigger (I still think it's a virus), then you lose your ability to fight off other pathogens; it's like your immune system ceases to function properly. So, you might start being affected by mold, or by chemicals, or by excess stress, or by the virus of the week. For some, this happens; but others, like my other daughter, seem to be immune. We were all affected by the mold in the house, because it was very widespread. After we moved out, I had some furniture that had been on the lower level of the house, and it all sprouted out with these thin, hairlike "spores" covering any porus surface. Very strange.

    I've followed Erik's discussions on mold a lot too, and I think this is definitely something to stay away from, if at all possible, if you have CFS. But I still don't think it is the "trigger."
  7. AllWXRider

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    growing in the condensate pan. This includes our cars.

    The cold coils condense moisture, its dark and there is an ample supply of dust for food. Mold spores are everywhere so it grows in these coils best.

    My dad is a retired building engineer. The air conditioning was his main responsibility. The common practice was to add a chlorine tablet to the pan to keep it clean.

    I use Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) myself.

    The worst time is when the heat is first turned on, this heats up the primordial soup and really accelerates the growth. This rapid growth is what caused Legionaires disease.

    For my cars, I run the AC on recirc and bomb the inside with Lysol for ~1 minute. This disinfect it very well.

    For my bathrooms, I coated all the tile grout with a sealer from Home Depot. The bathroom fan dries out the air so no mold grows.
  8. California31

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    Didn't know it....kept complaining of "something being wrong...was the old rug off gassing....was the stove leaking..." couldn't pin it down....and then the black goo discovered in my closet....I simply purexed it....and did not notify the landlord...or think much of it....then the saga began.....intense flu lasting for weeks....then difficulty walking (needle like sensation in feet)....then a bit later shingles......so my feeling is mold was the initial culprit......took months for a diagnosis...had extreme difficulty walking....got to a pain specialist that helped turn things around. Want to add that I was in an extremely difficult work situation as well with what I would now consider a sadistic boss...as well as other personal "stuff" that was a wrap up of years of junk....so as I see it....bottoming out was close at hand.....
    Later on there was mold in a house in NM....which I had removed immediately.....so I'm hyper vigilant when it comes to mold....or mildew now. There are some museums that I can't tolerate entering.....can smell the mold instantly.
  9. Calleigh

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    I worked for years in a moldy office (in a hospital, no less), but we were in a separate building from the patients. Allergy testing determined that mold IS one of the culprits contributing to my ill health.

    I just moved into new quarters late last year... yay, there is NO mold!!! Unfortunately, I still don't feel any better.
  10. hugs4evry1

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    We have mold in our home now growing up one wall. There's no way to tell how much is between the walls.

    Also, from the roof leak I found in Dec, I have mold growing on the ceiling in my dressing room.

    The landlord's have asked us to leave (I think so they can sell the house) so we're actively looking for a new place now.


    Nancy B
  11. lafont

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    10 YEARS AGO i STARTED HAVING HEADACHES, DIZZY ADN COULD NOT FOCUS. Dr's but me on antidepressants. Felt much better. Never felt depressed, but felt better. About this time I found black mold on our new(2 year old home)window sills. Didn't know anything about the harms of mold back then. Cleaned with bleach. But it kept coming back. By then our warrenty on windows and home had expired, so I just kept cleaning it up with no mask or gloves. Every time I tried to get off antidepressant, I had same symtoms and had to go back on them. Because of the side effects, problems started to arise in my marriage. Som I finally got off the antidepressants, and my life started to end. It took about a year and a half to be diagnosis with fibro. Then I heard their could be a connection with mold and fibro,so I had the mold tested and sure enough Stachy B. Since then I got a air purifer-ecoguest- and got on line and purchased mold killer and protecter. Since I used those products, I have not seen any new mold. My fibro is still the same or worse. So I could say it might have been a trigger.
  12. Slayadragon

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  13. bunnyfluff

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    I worked in a dilapidated 100 yr old barn!! (10 yrs)

    That had to hold some real treasures!

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