Ever since I was sick last December

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  1. rosemarie

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    every time I get a cold or any thing t hat makes my heart race I painic. I get
    so nervous and worried that I am going to be as sick as I was and will have to go thru all the tests and hospital stay , that I make my own heart race and I end up with a major panic attack.

    AFter spendign several hours in the ER on Dec.22 and learning that my heart rate was not normal and in syinc I was given meds to get it back it to it's rythym but they didn't work. But increasing my 02 made my heart rate go in to a normal rythyam.

    NOw every time my heart races I panic and am terrified that i will have to go thru all teh tests and meds i went thru before. It was so terriiifiing for me and I had no one who could help me at the time. My Mom was not well and my husband was not avavllabe for some time. IT was right as teh hospitals had stopped children under the age of 14 from visiting family in the hospital.
    I have ben thru so many scary events in my life but this one was the worst. and it has left me scared and terrified of this situation happening again.

    I have done all I can on my part to not get sick , I even had th e pueumonia shot to prevent me from getting it again.

    i have been in so much pain since the loss of my mom and I don't know what is causeing me to feel this way.
    I just don't know how to cope with these feelings of panic and added pain. What can I do to help myself? I can't stand this pain any longer and i don't want to be a basket c ase every time my pulse race's.

    I know I sound like a cry baby and I am , but I don't know how to cope with what has happened to me having septic penumonia and then watching my mom die. It is all jumbled up and I am so tired of this never ending pain and panic.
    Please help me if you can.
  2. neoplus1

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    You do not sound like a cry baby and I certainly understand being scared and worried. With my Fibro/CFS/IBS I would get worried all the time because some of my symptoms can become VERY scary.

    I would suggest meditation, Qigong, and progressive relaxation practices. I would suggest really immersing yourself in them. One of my symptoms is elevated heart rate and it easily can become very rapid regardless of anxiety. Since implementing these practices, it has improved so much and the other symptoms don't cause me anxiety and stress like before.

    In some other threads I have talked about improvements in my other symptoms as well.

    It is just something to consider. I hope you feel better and you are definitely not alone.


  3. sunflowergirl

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    Look this up, take in everything suggestion and try things to help you calm down. First off.....get your mind off yourself and everything that's going on in your life. I'm a Christian so I also say to keep your eyes on God instead of your problems. Here's the link. I hope you find peace.

  4. luigi21

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    Rosemarie sounds like you're having a rough time of it. Im so sorry to hear about your mum, crikey that most come with a whole range of emotipns.

    Theres a few things, im not sure of diagnosis of pain ie is it fibro, cfsetc? Thats bad enough, but heart palpatations are part of fibro same as anxiety. Are there thoughts linked to your panic, or does the feeling come first. stress is a form of anxiety often supptessed and unrecognised for what it is. The 'danger' which occurs when you are feeling stressed is that you will not have the resources required to meet the demands being made on you or will be able to control the situation. Anxiety can be both situation specific or chronicaffecting many areas of ones life.
    If research subjects are given an injection of adrenalin it tends to intensify their emotional response to almost everything encountered over the next few hours.so it makes sense to assume that people whose bodies ate flooded with adrenaline will have more mood changes and intense emotion. People with stress, anxiety, and panic disorder can suffer this. Im sure losing your mum and your own health have been big triggers, but some people suffer without a known cause. Their bodies give of spurys of adrenaline and that intensifys feeli.gs, then because you dont know why you feel this way it gets worse.

    Anyway maybe you need to deal with underlying feelings bri.g them out into the open, because from my own experience you can be frightened to do this incase you 'lose control' i remember chatting to a friend once about it, i said im frightened i'll go mad. He said well go mad then go on. And i suddenly burst out laughing because i didnt go mad. Fears a horrible thing. But if there is no rhyme or reason it can be just a burst of adrenaline, it can be part of the dysfunction of the amygdala it contains neuroceptor sites which respond to danger when it interprets something as a threat it releases a surge of adrenaline, but our fight n flight response is up the creek anyway. So sometimes there is no reason. All you can do is recognise it as a dysfunction and your brain giving you a mistaken surge of adenaline, its called flooding. I dont know but usually when i know what something is, and whats causing it i know that it will pass, the adrenaline will burn up and it will be over.

    Freida had a good idea keeping a journal and writing to yourself as a third person. Keeping a journal for feelings is good anyway because it bring about self awareness. Writting letters to yourself of advice or writing to others you dont ever have to send then is all good therapy and self care

    take care of you

    katherine x
  5. luigi21

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    Im no dr, but you might have improved with the oxygen because in panic some people hold their breath and some hyperventilate and overbreath just a thought
  6. Beadlady

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    I know you are not able to attend church, but you could contact the church in your area and see if the Bishop or one of the church's visiting teachers could come to your house. Maybe talking with one of them would help.
  7. Fibrofoggy4

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    Hi Rosemarie and everyone I'm so very happy I found. A serious illness and loss of a loved one would make any one cry.
    Pain 24/7 is almost impossible to cope with. I've tried to search the web for answers. I'm googled out. Now I feel so wonderful here with real people.

    We can learn from each other. A panic attack is a horrible thing. When I had my first one I felt like I was going to die.
    Really. Some people don't like medication but there are medications for panic. That proves it's real. I chose to go for help and take a mild tranquilizer and my mind is clear that I never ever will go thru that again. Just knowing I'm not alone now is a wonderful feeling.

    I have researched the pain and sleepiness nights for months and the slowing down of things I could do since no doctors could help me. Now I think I'm well informed and still looking for answers.

    My advice right now for you or anyone with panic disorder is that you cannot control it with deep breaths since that makes it worse and then you feel you cannot breathe. You can speak to your primary care doctor or see a specialist to have something prescribed for you. I don't like to name any drugs, but what I take works within 15 minutes. What a treat never to have to worry about that horrible feeling again. I had and still have a list problems I want to take care of. Fibrofog is real also.

    That's why I write it down or I will forget it. List your priorities , we can help you also. You have to get your life in order so you can start healing. We all need to look Ahead and make little goals for ourselves. Once you don't have to deal with panic, you can go on to the next step you want to take. I hope I introduced myself well. I am a natural helper, but I'm here for help and answers also. I hope this will be informative and fun and together we will make friends and help each other reach our goals. See you all soon and I for one, am very excited to be here. Bye for now.
  8. Fibrofoggy4

    Fibrofoggy4 Member

    I wanted to edit my message as I saw a typo and I goofed. Just

    Wanted to change sleepiness nights to sleepless so I guess I'll add one more thing. When I started having panic attacks I was working and when you are in a closed office, across the desk from one or two people, I couldn't have kept working when I would start crying and sweating and I actually felt I was going to die. I read books like Go From Panic to Power, keeping journals, deep breathing and singing happy songs in my mind.

    It was also very dangerous driving, since we know it can come out of nowhere. After having to pull to the side of a crowded 3 lane highway on my way to or from work, crying, my heart pounding like a drummer in a rock band, my knees knocking, hands shaking, sweating like you couldn't imagine. I was taken to the ER a few times, given a mild tranquilizer, which left me fine to drive home, make dinner for my children(which they were then). Then I could help with homework spend time with them, and when they were asleep, I could clean, do wash and yes, I could function. I always take time when I don't take them. That way I knew I was not going to get addicted. Now I use them as needed.

    I'll leave you with one last thought. I, as I'm sure everyone reading me go on and on, have been through alot in my life. My father was. A wonderful man who always had these little sayings which helped me and other people. You will hear many as we get to know each other, but I leave you with this from him. Don't look back, since you will only get a stiff neck. Lets try to get our fears, problems and illnesses out in the open and plunge into a new exciting period of healing and dealing with weaknesses. Remember to turn your clocks ahead tonight.

    I can't wait to come back and since I don't sleep well will probably be on at night, looking for help since I research alot and hope to have some good posts for you to wake up to. This time I am really going. Nite all !
  9. rosemarie

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    Getting sick last December was one of the hardest and scarest tings I haev gone thru one my own. Usually I have had my MOm there with me but as she was so weak and not able to be there with me. She called me daily and kept telling met that it was a good idea she had for me to go to the ER. I My daughter took me to the ER and it was her who thought of it.
    None of us thought I was really sick , I mean i didn't have the hacking cough but when I did cough it was blood. I knew that was not good.

    I have not had heart problems before. I didn't feel like I was haing a hard time breathing, But I mist have as it caused my heart to go in to a supraventricular TAchicardia. for which I was given two dose's of a med htat makes your heart stop for a second and reset, dindt' work so had to go thru that twice and it was terrifing. I could feel my heart pound and that is not normal for me.

    ABout the panic attacks I haev had them for 23 years, the first after my hyesterectomy in 1990. I haev been on xanax since then and have staid on it forever so I will be one it forever , each time I try to get off I start having panic attacks. so I will keep taking it.

    Some one asked what did I do when I felt the first bits of a panic attack comming on. I called my mom, but do to her not being well she didn't remember I had paninc attacks so I have been trying to do deep breathing exercise's as I tend to breathe very shallow.
    I try not to think aobut me in this situation , i worry about my girls and my grandkids as t wo of them have lived with their great grandma since before they were born and haivng grandma there was normal for them and now they are missing her alot. Jaden told me that ihe wants her to come back now that she is better after visting heaven. the faith of a child is an amazing thing.

    I have not struggled with her d eath like I thought I would, I don't know if it is because she had so many times of nearly leaving us and I would lose it then and cry hard like I had lost my best friend.
    But I dont' feel that way. Yes I am sad and I miss her but not the way I htought I would, there has been no crying bouts , no I cant believe this really happened momeents, I prayed that she would find p eace and be out of this life of pain and confusion. She could not do all the things she loved to do , no knitting,, baby sweaters or baby booties that were the best in the world. No reading as her sight was going. and she was forgetting so much abot her life in teh past and some of the every day things too.
    MOm was not happy and was in so much pain, I hated watching her go thru those last 9 days as they were the worst of all. She went from walking to the dinner area at teh nursing home to r iding in her walker and then the wheelchair and then not eating at all or drinking. She went fast that last day my youngest daughter and her litle ones vistied mom in teh morning and then they went to see my oldest daughter who lived at mom's and was moving to her new home.
    i got a call at 11 am s aying they had given her pain meds a liqauid morphpine and she was really sleepy. I called alot that day as I was moving to my new house in another city. My daughter called me at 4:30 to say that grandma was worse, then it was oh my gosh I think she is gone. I will call you back. In less than 5 hours she left us and went to be with f amily who all had passed before her, like my dad, I believe that Daddy was there to greet her and her pa rents were there brothers sisters and so many family that mom just felt love and no pain and that is all I wanted was for her to not suffer any more.

    I feel strange because I Have not greived for her like I thought I wou ld no tears that were uncontrolable I would tear up now and then but not c ry hard like I had thought I would. I felt more of a relief for mom that she was not in pain and that comforted me more than I can say.

    Now my issues have come from being so sick in Decemberwith Septic pnemunoina, after spending5 hours in the ER and anther `10 -15 in teh ICU and finally one the medial unit. I struggled to breathe each time my 02 w as reduced adn I was to breathe on my own. I had home 02 for a month and now i don't have it any more but I have days were I have over done it or I don't feel well that iit feels like my heart is racing and beating too hard and fast and that scares me. I have no control over that feeling. I have been to the doctor several times to make sure my heart is ok and that my lungs are working right and both are doing great.
    But I still have this fear that when my heart beats fast some thing is wrong.
    I will keep doing my deep slow breathing and try to relax and not panic.

    My pain has been so much worse and I don't know how to get it back to the old pa in not hurting most of the time like I do, I don't take much pain meds any more as they really don't help that much. i also am going to be a grandma agian once in August adn then again in SEptember a round the middle of the month. my girls don't like me to be on pain meds if I am going to be holding their new babies so I am taking as little as I can adn still not cry from pain.

    Thank you all for reading my post. I am so thankful for you adn your support and concern. TAke care,
  10. Fibrofoggy4

    Fibrofoggy4 Member

    Thank you for your reply. I will be creaking around, checking it out. If it works or not I thank you. I was reading a post, read all the replies, which are stories to enjoy also. Then I didn't know how to get back to reply or even think or notice anyone had replied. Thank anyone who did care enough. I realize that my real friends, you know the kind that annoy you gabbing on there phones and don't care that you are driving and being distracted. I have a neighbor and I really care about him. I guess I'm changing because he knows it can take me time to get to answer my door. I have a small place but when your knee is locked and your feet are on fire(that's the good part). He bangs on my door with his soes at least 6 times, then rings my bell at least 10 times then bangs with his knuckles. I'm tripping over nothing, yelling OK OK I'm coming but he still bangs till I get there. He thinks its funny, but I'm shaking by the time I open the door, which really is a short time. When I open the door I start knocking non his face, easily saying anyone home? After all that he sees someone else and walks away. He's a character, but I would never go to anyone without calling and ask if I can come. When I can zip to the door I'm OK with it, but when I am having alot of pain and really slow, I feel bad. It's not a joke to me. Anyhow, jabber jaws is going to stand up and do something's so it will be easier in the morning.
    Nite all and thanks for your hospitality.
  11. mbofov

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    Rosemarie - you might need more magnesium. Most of us don't get enough. It can be very helpful with pain, anxiety and abnormal heart rhythms. It can really calm you down and help prevent panic attacks. You can do a little research on this and see.

    I've found that magnesium citrate or magnesium glycinate are good forms to take.

    My doctor has told me to take magnesium up to bowel tolerance - in other words, if you take too much, it can cause diarrhea but won't hurt you. I take around 665 mg. a day in divided doses. You can take an equal amount of calcium.

    Best wishes,


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