Ever want to hang it up

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by starmom, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. starmom

    starmom New Member

    and just sit for the rest of your life?

    I am not talking suicide. I jsut feel so dang ineffective, and unable to do anything. I cannot go out in hte heat (a car w/no air conditioning doesn't help). If I spend my energy doing housework it is all trashed as soon as the kids come home. I don't have much energy to nag them into cleaning, though they are good kids.

    I just sometimes think that sitting or laying down are about the only things I am good for.

    This isn't depression talking, jsut the practicalities of life. I acknowledge depression, and am on meds for it, but really don't feel depressed. I just don't seem to see anything I am ABLE to do that is worth bothering with.

    Anyone else ever feel this way?

  2. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    If medical science was advanced enough to store me in a long tube until a cure is found, I think I would do it. Maybe I'd peek out once or twice a year in the summer, or whenever a new flavor of candy bar is invented.

    I always long to have my own storage tube for doctor visits. I'm housebound, and going out to see those brats (no offense, they just aren't helping) damages me in ways they can't understand and don't even really notice. Better yet, the tube could monitor my vitals and fax them to the docs, so I'd never have to leave it. You could even slide it perfectly into an MRI machine if needed, all while Im alseep.

    Just seal me up, and send me on my way. Wake me up when you have a cure!

    As for sitting, I lie down. I am frequently too tired to get up to go to bed. The irony of it all. Those are the times that I wish I was in a very quiet nursing home (though really I know that the sounds and chemicals in the air and the food would break me). Then I at least could count on being bathed and fed. I can't count on my body to take care of me anymore.

    Wake me up when there is a cure!
    (((vegging out))) Shannon
  3. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Every day I feel this way..My family still doesn't get it and there are times I feel it would be better if I just lived alone..So much expected of me and I try then end up in bed for days..feeling useless and so mis-understood.

    Have been to many docs and tried many things, nothing seems to work for any length of time..

    Good post,
  4. srh

    srh New Member

    Yes - every hour. I am so looking forward to heaven!!

    My husband and I both hurt constantly every hour every day, just like you. We talk about it all the time. Seems like a lot lately.

    Suicide is not what we are thinking. We just want peace and a pain free existence.

    When I say something about heaven or make a "joke" per say to someone that has no idea, they always say what about your family, your children, and grandchildren. I love all of them, but the way I figure it, I can still see and follow them the rest of their lives. And I would enjoy it more too!!!!

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