`Everlasting Valentine`

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    `Everlasting Valentine`

    I remember when my heart was all a flutter,
    With dreams of love on every Valentine’s Day;
    All the anxious moments, all the waiting,
    To see and go by what the daises say.

    I’ve lived awhile and found a few good answers.
    And, ‘love’ is truly different for me, now.
    I know it's not a ‘feeling’ I encounter.
    It’s a decision made to keep a vow.

    The world would say, when you lose certain feelings,
    It’s time to move on; seek some newer thrill.
    But, it's easy to prove my conviction,
    The Greatest Lover testifies of ‘will’.

    My Everlasting Valentine decided
    To love and win my heart, and save my soul.
    But, I was unaware of His conviction;
    Made no attempt to validate His goal.

    Still, He persistently continued loving,
    Until it led Him up a rugged hill.
    ‘Feelings’ put aside, He kept His purpose
    And died that awful death to pay my bill.

    I know that if I asked the Lord, He’d tell me,
    "Love’s a thing that you decide to do.
    You walk in, with both your eyes wide open,
    And give you life. You love them more than you."

    That’s what He did, friend, even with tears brimming.
    He loved us even more than His own life.
    He faced God, all alone, with our sins showing.
    He paid our awful debt for sin and strife.

    It was an act of daring consequences;
    Complete surrender - all His heart He filled!
    He saved a world. He published Love’s Sweet Story
    By His unselfish act - of His own will!

    © 2003 by Joan Clifton Costner