every thing happens for a reason

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    i have always been a strong believer in everything happens for a reason. but more so now than ever. one thing that i have noticed since i've had fm and all these other issues is that i am more aware. i understand things better. i appreciate more. and i am closer to god, even though i have been spiritual my whole life. i am still not the biggest and best christian, but u know what i mean.
    before i got sick i was a cna and i did home health care. there were so many things i took for granted. there was one patient that i became very good friends with and still am. as funny as it is the day i put in my notice to my agency she called them to have me fired. saying that i needed a doctor not patients. that i needed an aid not to be one.
    she had watched me dwindle away. i worked for this woman for over a year. and she is still one of my closest friends. she saw me go from working 60 hours a week to 40 to 20 then to 9. she saw me go from lifting a 180lb man 5 days a week multiple times a day. to barely being able to carry her grocery bags up the steps.
    even though i have so much pain and i have gone from doing so much to so little. i realize so many things and i am at so much more peace than i was before.
    my point is to you all to realize the things that are around you. to realize that everything happens for a reason that only you can figure out. just because you are going thru this does not mean its the end of everything.
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    I just read your message and you are right, it does make you appreciate the things you used to take for granted and lets you focus more on the important things in life and strive to be better.
    You sound very fortunate to have made such a good friend that noticed your own sickness even though they apparently had problems of their own. Cherish their friendship always. Take care and enjoy life as fully as possible.
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    You are right! But I think some of it is your attitude. You have taken a neagtive and looked for the positive in it. Take Care Lynn
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    Hi, my name is Dianne,atiledsner.I do so appreciate what you said.I am really struggling with the inability to do what I used to. i have done some public speaking in the past and encouraged women to become all they could be.I remember saying "You are only limited to what you can think and dream". Then later my husband had a truck load of feed for the animals delivered and told me it was my job to unload it.I found out that I thought I could and I could but at what price.I unloaded it but i never wanted to have to do that again.This is the husband that years later after I had raised two children...said he loved someone else.He also said "Don't ever expect to make over miminum wage,you've raised the kids, cooked and fed the workhands,and been just a housewife".Three years later I had a rolicking, successful home based business that i was running out of my living room.I was designing ceramic tile murals for three companies and my best year i sold nearly one hundred thousand dollars worth of my design work. I closed this business to care for my termanilly ill parents. Both had cancer and passed away.Then I lost my grandmother, I was very close to her as well.I had remarried and my husband was called to Iraq for a year.I had two surgeries while he was gone.One to my neck,I had a new bone made and a titanium plate put in,then they screwed my neck back togather.This year i had surgery on 7 discs in my back.I have slowly dwindled away too.My husband and I decided we are not going to stay married. We have signed the divorce.Finances are tight,energy is at a slow level.I have experienced all the awareness and good feelings that you mentioned but still seem to be fighting against accepting it is going to be this way the rest of my life.Thanks for your post,I needed reminding of the good things.
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    If you look for and accept them, blessings and lessons can come from hardship of any kind. There is a saying in the Baha'i faith (I'm not Baha'i, but I have a friend who is) -- "my calamity is my providence." I try to remember that, and learn the lessons that this pain and illness has to offer.

    That said, it is also normal and natural to feel angry, despairing, frustrated -- and to grieve for what you have lost.
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    thanks for all of your replies. i have been having a bad couple of days. it was so nice to come on and read that so many of you share my opinion. i hope we all get so much better extremly soon. keep counting those blessings!