Everyone Has an Everest

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    My name is Sandy Andrews. I am not famous. There is no particular reason you should have heard of me unless you are a relative, personal acquaintance or have been active in American middle school education. However, I need your help! I have a story of triumphs and failures, both peronal and of the American medical and social service systems. I hope it will inspire and instruct others who have an 'Everest' to climb and will increase awareness of Parkinson's disease and its effects on sufferers and those they interact with.

    I am a single, female, 56 yrs. old and have had Parkinson's for the past 12 years the last 4 in its advanced stages. I have not worked in 18 months, have gone through my life's savings, had to cash in on my retirement benefits, have lost health insurance, had my car repossessed and am in debt $12,000. I recently had bilateral stimulation surgery and it was the right thing for me to do.

    I have 31 yrs. in education: as a teacher; a principal; a district administrator; a national math consultant; a college professor and I have given workshops on the national level. I recently wrote a book about my being an educator in Miami and the advanced stages of my disease title "Everyone Has An Everest." I am told by a professional ghostwriter that the story is wroth telling. He has agreed to rewrite the book at no pay waiting until the book gets published and successful.

    I AM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE to write an introduction for the book. If you are able to do this for me please E-mail me. I will send you a copy of the rough draft so you can read it. It is easy reading and will take no longer than 2 hours.
    Thank you!
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    I think you could get a dozen PDers to tell their story in an introduction.Id be glad to look at the rough draft,and share it with other pd ers, and yes would consider approaching others with PD to assist in an introduction if you are interested in multi PD afflicted input.I am a firm believer that the story needs telling,and if we squeak just maybe we'll get oiled.
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    Thank you for responding to my message. I am very interested. If you send me your E-mail address or the snail mail I will get it out to you immediately. Janet Reno was supposed towrite the introduction, but after accepting the book she called a month later and said she was too busy to read it.

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    If you respond with your email I will contact you. Ed
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    I am very intereseted in your book draft. I would be happy to do something for your book, as I am trying to find a reason for me to write a book. I am so relieved that someone would understand my path. Here is my original letter. You may
    e mail me at Maxfame2003@yahoo.com Maxy

    Dear Tam, I really need a friend also. Like your style and how you answered back, that is always important. I ALSO have gone through more than my share and it gets me down, but I keep on tramping, even though I have had many negative thoughts. Like what is the use no one understands. I have Lupus, Fibro, had cancer, chronic pain all over, spinal stenous, spondylosis, periperal neuropathy, dislocating shoulders , hip and back severe problems and etc. Forgot TMJ and fell and broke 5 teeth. I go 3 times a week to physical therapy, 2x to a chiropractor, who uses an activator, 3x/wk to the YMCA to exercise in a therapuetic pool, see a therapist, belong to womens group therapy, see a Rhuematologist, Pyschiatrist, oncology GYNist, go to church, "PRAY", belong to a lupus support group, Fibro group, Cancer support group, Nami, Advisory Bd. for a Mental institution, Advisory board in the Mental Health dept., Advocate for all kinds of polictical issues and the Mentally ill. I have 2 Masters and am fighting not to be flat on my back. I collapse a lot but keep trying. I take computer classes at continuing Ed in a local college plus other courses such as horticulture. This was cathargic for me. I am on SSDI, thus in trouble financially, Been divorced, live alone, and don't aLways eat right or take my medicine or pay bills __with no money. Struggling to keep my house. All I can say to all this is:




    ******** IS NOT LIFE A MIRICLE********

    This just does not seem enough. I know your frustration and am convinced those who have had and are having adversity lend special meaning to life's adventure even in pain. My life is much richer and I am there for others in great time of crisis and it encourages them to keep on keeping on. I think I needed to convince myself of this as I just had a major set back. You know what that is and so do many others.

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