Everyone here seems to know what virues they have

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    I have no idea. I have FM, and all that comes with it, IBS(constipation for me) migraines, muscle tenson, dizziness,etc.

    I want to improve my immune function, but not over stimulate it, because I also have allergies to lot's of thing's.

    I also have a dog who just had cance surgery, so I want to boost his immune system to reconise invaders ( virus, bacteria, cancer, just like for me) but not over stimulate his system becuase also like me he has many allergies.

    It seems our sytems are over=reacting to some thing;s and under reacting to other's, we need healthy strong, balanced systems.

    I use to use Tansfer4life.
    I'm on disability(plus paying forhis huge vet bill) so I want the best I can afford, but the more I read your posts and study the more I don't know what to do.

    Right now I'm just using colostrum and IP-6.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance, from me and my dog, Max.:)