Everyone on this board pleeeeseeeeee read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by luvumore, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. luvumore

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    Hello to all my wonderful friends here on the worship board.
    I,m just writing this to let all of you know that i,m so happy i found this board. I truely think you are all some of the most wonderful, kind , selfless, non judgemental,
    people that God has ever created. You all are filled with only unconditional love. You are truely a blessing for me. I posted a prayer request on this board and thought , Ah noone will care , I got 35 responses and was overwhelmed with all the love and caring i found here. I cried and realized How God must be sooooooooooo very proud of you all.
    I know one day we will meet in heaven, and as my friend Dixie told me in one of her posts ,we will all recognize each other. What a party we will have up there ey?
    I,m Canadian so I say ey all the time lol.
    Well just thought I would write this to you all because sometimes I cant respond to all your posts if I,m not feeling too well , but wanted you to know that before i lay my head to sleep I pray for each and everyone of you.
    Thank you so much again for being there for me when i need you.
    I will always be here for you too, and from the bottom of my heart i will always hold you all dear to it.

    Love u all lots. God bless you and keep you safe and happy.
    your friend and sister in God xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Danielle
  2. craziC

    craziC New Member

    That was a beautiful post. I have often wanted to write something like that but could never put into words how much I appreciate everyone here. You did it very well!

    God Bless,
  3. cinnabarsib

    cinnabarsib New Member

    Thank You for such a loving post! I too am too tired or sick to be on board here, but our God knows our hearts. (my d/h is from way up north and tries the "canadian talk" ey?)~~~~~~with love and hope, sib
  4. dash

    dash New Member

    I am so glad you are meeting here with us until we all meet in heaven.

    I had the pleasure of vacationing in Niagara Falls, Ontario earlier this year. I learned how important that little "ey" is. Also, I understand that "oakie dokey' is another important little phrase.

    We enjoyed our stay so much, my husband and I are considering a trip to Prince Edward's Island.--(I've always been an Anne of Green Gables fan)

    Love you back!
  5. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    Your welcome sweety,
    talk to u later.
    love you and God bless xxxxxxxx Dani
  6. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    cherbear ,I might have written this post first , but I know everyone here feels the same way. We really do feel each others pain and share in each others victories.I hope that our victories outway our pain most of the time.
    love you and God bless xxxxxxxx Dani
  7. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    Hey Dixie girl,
    Thank you for making me feel so welcomed here. It is I the lucky one to have found you all. But of course you and others here are very humble. I do hold on to the hope that we will meet on the other side. I hope by then we will all have earned our wings. You are most likely working on your second or third set:)
    talk to u later girlfriend.
    love you and God bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dani

  8. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    Hi sweety,
    you're right , God does know our hearts and he Put some extra love and caring when he gave us ours here on the boards. But you knew that "ey" lol.
    talk to you later sibby.
    Love you and God bless xxxxxxxxxxx Dani
  9. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    Hi della,
    We will meet in heaven some day Della, What a happy day that will be "ey" When I see you I'll give you a big hug and tell you that, now , everything is "oakie dokey" lol
    Hope you and hubby get to go on the prince Edward Island trip. It is a beautiful place ,Ive never been but I hear that British coumbia is one of the most beautiful places in Canada also. Ive lived in Ontario most of my life and been to Niagra falls only once but it was awsome there. I,m so glad you got the chance to go.
    well I,ll talk to You later.
    love you and God bless xxxxxxxxxxxx Dani