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    dear all

    this board has been so wonderful to me over the years the support has kept me going

    we all need to support our charities and researchers as much as we support each other on this board.

    many charity workers at expense to their own health work so hard to advocate for us, and researchers have to suffer the stigma of working in this field.

    so please please please all read french tulips post on chase giving and vote for the charities listed.

    only a few days left now to do so.

    its quite simple to do and you can just cut and paste the tiny links and then just vote 2 clicks one to like the charity and another to vote.

    don t lets miss this chance to win some money for these charities

    my favourite is enterovirus foundation but vote for all the charities so other can be helped

    lots of love to all
    simps xxx
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