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    Please go to congress.org. Here you will find a simple way to get in touch with all of your representatives at once. Just type in your zip code you will be directed to your representatives and you can send a letter directly to all of them at once. I just typed a letter about our situation begging for some research into this.

    On the home page in the left corner it says "write your officials" you then enter your zip code, check the box that says "compose your own message" it is really simple. We need to get this out! It was really easy PLEASE do it!!
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    That makes it so easy! I will definately write tommorrow. AMY
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    I appreciate your putting this on the board. I realize we are not supposed to talk about political things, but I feel this is different for the 5/12, FMS/CFS Day! :) We need to make others in government aware of our situations.

    Faye =^,,^=
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    Thank you for this post. It is so very valuable.
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    For making it easy!!
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    tell everyone you know, family friends, enemies if you have to. we have to help ourselves.
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