everyone please read - wessley uk demo and remote protest

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    Dear All

    please repost far and wide.

    Annette has gotten permission to do the demo as long as its peaceful
    in the grounds of barts. so we can go outside the entrance and
    demonstrate. they have only given us permission last minute so sorry
    its late notice.

    There is a tube strike on that day so will need to get bus and allow
    extra time to get there

    it starts at 12 so we are there for lunch, i just don t think we
    should let him get away with this anymore. This is an insult to
    those we have lost and those bedbound and made worse some left
    disabled for life by his treatment.

    If you can t come we hope you will send a birthday card as per the
    remote protest. Organised by Annette.

    Blow the candles out at Barts!

    (permission to repost)

    On Monday the 29th November Barts Hospital in London will be holding a
    celebration to mark 25 years of their "CFS/ME Clinic".

    The speakers will include Prof Simon Wessely and Prof Peter White (who
    may talk about the PACE Trial results). They will be having a
    celebration cake at 4.30pm on the day.

    The Barts Clinic treats patients with ME, CFS and fatigue with CBT,
    Graded Exercise and other methods. Their leaflet says

    "CBT and GET are the interventions for which there is the clearest
    research evidence of benefit"

    Let's take the opportunity to tell them what we think of their service
    and their claims about CBT and GET.

    See this website for more information on the Barts Celebration Protest


    Send them a card, fax or letter - see here for some ideas


    Turn up on the day to protest. Join this Facebook page


    This is open to anyone who wants to comment regardless of where you
    live. If you don't find a card to your taste or you would like to send
    a special one of your own then consider using Moonpig or a similar
    internet service to do so. You don't even have to leave the house (and
    many of us can't).

    See a Youtube video to support this protest here


    Right, all together now! Blow!

    Warmest regards,