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    I have been reading so many letters about government aid and research for CFS/FM only to find no one which holds office seems to really care about all of this.

    I have been thinking what can we do and where are we going wrong that we cannot get doctors and our government to listen to us.

    It came to me we are not loud enough and we do not pester enough. We take the scraps they give us and go on like a dog with our tails between our legs and our lives keep going downhill.

    I am asking for everyone to do this. There is strength in numbers and in voices. I think we need Mrs. Bush as a spokes person to come out for us. She is visible she is important. Every week send an email to her then write a letter and send it also. Do this also to your state Congress person. Pester, Pester, Pester until someone listens.

    I am going to ask Mrs. Bush to please be a spokes person for this you all do the same.

    If we get no reply, then everytime you send a letter write on their (4th time sent no reply). Give it a month then write newspapers how you have written Congress and who ever you wrote to did not write back. We have Internet and can find any newspapers we want. Escpecially write the ones in your state. It is our votes they want, they are public figures, so we need to keep them in the public.

    Please write emails and send letters at least once a week. If they do not help us expose them. There are millions of people with CFS/FM. Millions of letters a week are going to have to get someone in Washingtons attention. Also if who you write to and Washington does not reply, then write the Washington D.C. Editors of their newspapers.

    Remember one time women did not have the right to vote, Polio had no cure or cause, etc... This came about because people made themselves heard.

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    I also am getting tired of getting blown off by our gov't and the med prof. I have been harrassing my senator and your idea gives me more people to bother. I do it happily as I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I can't even find a doc around my home town that treats it with any knowledge at all and I am treated like a junkie. I am not even on any meds regularly. LET'S DO THIS!!!!!