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  1. kitteejo

    kitteejo Member

    I just wanted you to know that we are worried about you also. Read your post to Lisa and because we were all so worried about her we didn't address your problem.

    You really sounded desperate. The world is full of so many beautiful people you just need to find them. Try to join a club or a class. You may find a new best friend.

    Sometimes we can be very sensitive and our feelings get hurt very easily than we stop calling or attend things with our old friends. Try to forgive and forget their rude comments.

    I know your in pain and sick and tired of this DD but alot of us are too and we MUST hang in there. Hey they could find a cure tomorrow and we'd all go dancing.

    Anyways, this is a great group here and we'd love to be your friend. PLEASE WRITE BACK AND TELL US HOW YOU ARE FEELING TODAY.


  2. jenn_c

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    Being 50 is still young. You have a lot of life left. Are you seeing a therapist? If not then I would definatly do that. Going to therapy along with my meds has changed my life.
    Now, while having a significant other is great, you do not need it to have a good life. If your doctors have given up on you then find new doctors. Even if it takes a year of trying out different ones, that is what you need to do if you want to have a worthwhile and good life.
    I think you'll see a big difference with the right doc.
    Do you have fibro or CFS? No matter how bleak things are, there must be some hobbies you enjoy. You have to be the one to fight for your life back. No one else can do it for you.

    How about you make a list of things you can do. Please write back, we worry about our sisters in pain. We are here for you.

  3. angelscutoo

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    I am 55 so yes 50 is young as they say "50 is the new 40"
    I know you will like the people here. Everyone is nice and caring. Sometimes the posts go fast and I miss something but I try to get on once during the day then again in the evening.

    I missed your post but I wanted to welcome you!!!!!
  4. catlin

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    I just got back here to you today. I didn't realize you were out there looking for me. I am very sorry I didn't get back until today.

    That is what fibro/cfs does over a very long time. When I was crushed emotionally by the breakup by my boyfriend, the only thing that makes sense to me is to try to keep up with my excercise. I feel totally numb emotionally.

    About 6 months ago I started Lyrica and it gave me enough energy to get up and walk. I have been walking two hours a day for about four months now.

    My apt is a mess, I only do the minimum allowable to survive, but I am walking!

    I hope that some day I will have a muscle or two or three and some energy.

    I quit smoking and gained a lot of weight, so the walking is what I need. Eveything else can go by the wayside for now. I am doing my best to beat back the fibro/cfs. I have only had two rebounds from the excercise on fatigue, but not bad.

    I know the Lyrica gives you suicidal ideology. I also know it is a symptom.

    Thankyou for the concern, though. If it gets too bad, you can be sure I will be back here talking.

    And HELLO from me too! :) Thank you for welcoming me.

    gotta go for now,

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