everyone tell about their TF results

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  1. blazer

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    I only find a few responding to this TF site...
    Please lets all jump in and tell what we are taking, how much and most of all...HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW? Good news is so good for the rest of us. I know I am much stronger combing TF for the hhv6 and ebv ...on 3 each a day. Yes, it took me about 1 to 3 months to SEE and FEEL the difference in my body. Next ?...Has anyone been doing the TF for mycoplasmas..??? Please help me with this one..I am posiive for the myco/ferm. Is there anyone out there doing this TF?
    What are some good stories from this TF. If you have never written to this site before we and myself are truly asking you to help the rest of us. Yes, we all know herxing is rough but lets look at the bigger picture here...the end result...And...any doctors out there using mycoplasma TF for their patients?? I bet if allllllll of you respond to this letter there will be enough info to inspire and guide the rest of us on. We all want to live and GO on with our lives. Thank you...thank you. Blazer.
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    Yes, I would love to hear input from anyone that has had sucess too.

    I started with Transfer Factor 4life. It helped but life was rocky. I switched to Immune Transfer C. I had a few days of mild skin burning and not feeling well but it passed quickly for me. I think it was because I had been on Kutapressin which is no longer made.

    After 10 months I have developed nausea. It is helped by eating yogurt after taking the TF. The nausea doesn't slow me down. The Immune Transfer C is suppose to be taken by opening the capsule and emptying the contents under your tongue. I have always done it in the am but I will consider doing it at night if this nausea continues.

    I have also eliminated all white foods (until I started on the yogurt for the nausea). I feel that that has helped my brain fog.

    I will continue to try treatments. I am considering the heparin and the TF for myco or Mycoplus which a doc recommends.


  3. Mikie

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    I didn't know that about the TF C. I took it and TF 200 for a couple of days, but it made me so sick that I have had to quit for a couple of days so I can get some things done around here. I may have to postpone it until I return from the Awareness Day event in May.

    The Heparin has made me bloat up like I'm on steroids and the TF gives me horrible headaches, swollen lymph nodes, and a sore throat. Also, I'm so tired and feeling like I have the flu.

    Love, Mikie

    ANNXYZ New Member

    I started on immune C and had a really hard time with it.
    I changed to Immnune care 64 because it has complete HHV6 coverage . I took 1 capsule daily for 5 weeks and could not go to 2 because of the fluish feeling , swollen lymph nodes and profound fatigue. HOWEVER < my doctor says that this tells him the TF is firing my immune system up , which feels crummy , but is probably a good sign.
    I wish the literature reflected how challenging this actually can be ! From reading it I originally thought I would feel a little worse for a few days , then would notice slow improvement pretty soon after. I think this happens for some, but for others it is harder and progress is slower.
    On a positive note , I am tolerating 2 capsules without such difficulty now ( after 5 weeks) . I truly think my immune system goes into OFFENSIVE BATTLE mode with this stuff , which never FEELs good ( this attack mode makes us tired and achey).
    I am on whey and NAC and supplements to raise glutathione levels as this is critical for the immune system - without sufficient glutathione the immune system is FIRING BLANKS !!!! Most of us have abnormally low levels of glutathione , which is why many doctors are prescribing glutathione injections, IV's and related supplements supplements . There is excellent info on this in the library here.
    I think my strong reaction to the TF is influenced by
    raising this glutathione level and by taking naltrexone
    ( LOW DOSE!) which raises NK cell counts according to studies on patients with many different illnesses .
    At this point I feel it is definitely worthwhile to continue on this path and give this protocol every chance of working as it has been effective for some people in the past .
    I also remember reading that Sujay's improvement W/ a targeted Tf was a slow process that took months , so I have to have realistic expectations and try to be patient as I have multiple pathogens and have been ill almost 8 yrs. I also know my NK count is not normal and this can not be corrected quickly .My advice to anyone reading this is to go slowly on the dosage and try to be consistent as you can. Like the rest of you , there are days on occasion when I have to give myself a break .

  5. Mikie

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    With the Famvir, like with the Doxycycline, I felt fine except for a Herx every now and then. I was expecting the same. With the TF, I felt sick all the time like I had the flu. I have discontinued the TF and will not go back on it until I return from the FMS Awareness Day event up in Zephyrhills. I can't feel like this and drive. I'm planning to go on up to Atlanta to see my kids if I am up to it.

    I'll resume the TF when I get home and just suck it up as best I can. I think taking the Heparin increases the reaction to the TF. I am now convinced that it is the viruses and/or Lyme's Disease which make us so sick. It may be that I have destroyed a lot of the mycoplasmas being on the Doxy for two years, but the viruses seem to be more virulent.

    Love, Mikie
  6. CelticLadee

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    I started experimenting with TF's last Nov.-Dec.

    Initially I began with 4Life Plus TF recommended by my naturopath. It changed my immune system in a short time. For the first time in years I began catching flu and cold viruses and had a horrible Dec.-Jan. Not to mention that after a month on it I also got a yeast infection and began having horrible headaches too. I had a lot of fevers, body aches and fatigue also... same ones as always but increased.

    Next I tried PH Essentials w/ Matrix 2000. Again I the fevers, body aches and fatigue increased and after a month on it the worst headache ever began. It felt like my brain was swelling and the pressure caused intense pain and nausea. Still was catching every flu and cold around plus for the first time in a zillion years I got cold sores.

    On Feb. 19th I began using ImmuneCare 64. I was so excited because the first two weeks I felt an increase in wellness and energy. Week one dose was 1 capsule and week two was 2 capsules daily. Well, everything changed when I went to 3 capsules. My body began to ache, the fatigue returned and my temperature shot up to 101. Of course the headache came again but not as bad as with the first two TF's I tried. What really got to me was the chest pain and the breathing trouble I experienced. Fortunately when I cut back on TF it went away. It was rather frightening for awhile though.

    I cut back to 2 capsules for awhile and when things settled down again I began taking 3 capsules again. This time my head/ears/face felt pressure and numbness at times. I cut back to 2 capsules again and then again when things settled down I began taking 3 caps on just on Tues. and Thursdays. This is where I am at now. Some days when I take 2 caps I have felt almost normal again and naturally I go out and over do it and pay the next day. hehe. Hard headed aren't I? My emotions really get the best of me when I feel good. Go conquer the world. ha.

    I will begin my 3rd bottle of IC64 in a few days. May 19th will mark my 3rd month anniversary. I am stronger than when I started this program and I am hoping to be doing really well by my 9 mo. anniversary Nov. 19th.

    I am also taking bromelain 500 mg. 2400 GDU on an empty stomach twice daily to help make the TF more effective hopefully.

    Because HHV6 is a herpes virus I also take L-Lysine 1000 mg. daily.

    I am also taking 50 mg. of oregano extract and just am completing a bottle of olive leaf extract 500 mg. daily. I alternate these to help fight any other pathogens.

    Well, this is my arsenal against the bugs within. hehe.

    I would highly recommend that anyone with CFIDS take TF with antigens for both HHV6 A&B. After listening to a video by the infectious disease specialist Dr. Brewer I am convinced that most of us have this infection. TF without antigens for this will not be effective in treating it.

    Annyxz - I was amazed and so happy to hear you are up to 2 capsules. Is that daily? wow. You have advanced fast from where you were. Awesome.

    Mikie - Ouch. I am sorry to hear of your struggle with TF. Seems like you have had such a rough time of it this past winter I cringe to hear you are feeling bad again. You are smart to go off TF until you return from your trip. Go easy and keep us posted on how you're doing on TF when you begin again. Have a great trip.

    Well, hang in there TF users. Appreciate you posting and keeping us updated on how you are all doing. I've learned a lot from all of you and am thankful for the support at this board.


  7. Plantscaper

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    WOW, I am glad I went to ImmuneCare64, first and skipped the rest..those reactions to the other two TF sound rather awful, CelticLadee..and are more reminiscent of the OLE experience for me, although it was a rather short Herxing period, in comparison to TF, in many. I have used OLE, Grapefruit
    Seed Extract, Oil of Oregano, etc. to rid myself of most pathogens..still using OLE, as it is the most effective for me..

    Simultaneously, I have been working on Digestion (have had Achlorhydria-no acid in stomach) and Maladsorption issues, which I have had for over 20 years,with digestive enzymes/probiotics.

    According to what I have read, it is very important to maximize absorption to obtain the best response to TF. If one is not getting good results, it may be because some of these foundational steps need to be taken before starting TF..and in fact, I have comtemplated taking a break from TF..although I have begun reaping some positives.

    I, also have been working on my glutathione levels from eating various foods for enhancement to using various supplements that raise glutathione, including NAC, R-Lipoic Acid and Milk Thistle.

    I am,presently, using Bromelain (hard on stomach, with history of peptic ulcer) and Serrapeptase (lot easier on stomach) to help with the Hypercoagulation and I think it does help enhance the effects of the TF. My most difficult response to the IC64 was what I called, "Chest-Herxing"..felt like I had been kicked in the chest, with breathing problems, etc., much like what CLD described. The flu-like symptoms were not nearly as bad or long-lasting as compared with my previous experience with OLE.

    Presently, I am on 2 capsules/day and not doing badly..have feelings of WELLNESS..a very calm inner peace, interspersed with periods when I feel like I have caught a COLD..so I guess the immune system is being downregulated..from the theory of T1/T2. Still looking for the ever elusive ENERGY BUG..STILL NOT A LOT OF STAMINA...but moving in a better direction. Only been on IC64 for about 5-6 weeks, so have far to go...

    Hope all of you fellow TF users will begin to CATCH the WELLNESS BUG, too.

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  8. Mikie

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    Taking TF is like getting a tiny flu shot every time we take it. It's no wonder we feel so crappy. In the end, when we get through the worst of it, find the right TF, and get our dose figured out, I do believe we will all be better for it.

    Anyone on Bromelain, Heparin, or any other fibrin-eating blood thinner is going to have more of a reaction to the TF.

    I also believe that most people with chronic illness have the HHV-6. I have read "The Virus Within" and it is very interesting.

    I hope we all get well. That's what keeps me going through all this.

    Love, Mikie

    ANNXYZ New Member

    I guess you are right on the money - that TF is a bit like a flu shot , which does make you feel crummy.
    It does not matter what time I take the TF , I still wake up feeling horrible. After I drink some water, take a hot bath, and get thru a few morning hours , the misery seems less intense. But the mornings when I wake are rough . I am not sure but I suspect that even though I am OFF DOXY now , the TF and other supplements are still killing some bacteria . I wake up feeling like I am still on the doxy with night sweats (frequent) and
    tender lymph nodes and very achey overall.
  10. blazer

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    Hi, stay with the TF...take the olive leaf/echinacea off times of TF and you will feelllllll the difference and better.
  11. ANNXYZ

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    I have been on TF for 3 mos and have experienced 6 days
    of feeling noticeably BETTER . I took 1/2 to 1 capsule
    for about a month . Then I went to two capsules ( this was memorably unpleasant ).
    I am on my third month and am just starting 3 capsules.
    The key to surviving this is to go slow raising the dose and do not give up too soon.

    I told my doc I felt awful within a couple of hours of taking it - chills , ACHINESS (extremely so) and sore lymph nodes. My doc said this was evidence that TF was working - it was firing up my immune system...too bad it feels so crummy. I do think it is worth persevering and giving it every chance to work.

    I also think my doc is correct in encouraging me to diligently work at raising glutathione levels . Everything I read says chronically ill people have depleted supplies of glutathione . Glutathione is a critical weapon used by our immune systems to fight infections or cancer.