Everyone trying new supplements/herbs, PLEASE READ!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RedB, Jun 22, 2003.

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    Many of you are trying new herb or supplement therapies after having researched information from this Board. PLEASE USE CAUTION AND COMMON SENSE!!

    The following is a quote from an article right here on Immune Support. From Daniel J. Clauw, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, Director, Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center, and Interim Director of the Center for the Advancement of Clinical Research at The University of Michigan:

    ".... I am always somewhat amused when a patient comes in to me taking eight different nutritional supplements, and says that he/she doesn’t want to take any drugs. A drug is anything that is ingested to change the body’s physiology – nutritional supplements are drugs."

    And, this is Redb speaking again. Please remember -- if you are taking something that is new to your system, and you are feeling VERY ill, in a way that is totally (or even partially) different from your normal FM/CFS pain, assume first that it is the supplement. You would not continue a prescribed medicine that was making you terribly ill, so it is common sense to question the new supplement that you are putting into your system, and to do something about it.

    This is one of the reasons so many valued members of this board suggest that you only begin one new supplement/herb at a time -- that way you will be aware of what it is you are reacting to, and you can make changes to eliminate the problem. As with prescribed drugs, there are herbs/supplements out there that will make you sick! Remember, not everyone reacts the same to things!

    If you believe the problem is herxing, which you may have been warned about, but you believe it is too severe, stop the supplement for a few days to find out! Then, if you wish, restart it at a lower dosage and evaluate it again.

    Basically, my advice is: Don't make yourself sicker than you need to be! Use common sense.

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    I agree about your thoughts on supplements. Many of them also do not mix together. Before taking a supplement we all need to realize that they are "drugs" I have experienced professionally many people getting really ill due to supplements. I usually check with my ostheopathic physician or an individual really familiar with supplements. Research is also very important and making certain that if you are taking addtional vitamins or minerals that you are not exceeding the ODI.
    Thanks for the warning I think that when we are in pain we can get "desperate" and try things that actually may make us feel worse.

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    Thanks for the post.

    Too many people STILL are under the assumption that
    "natural" means "absolutely safe"!

    Be careful out there, folks.......
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    This was suppervised by doc and sleep clinic. Told not to worry totally natural. I almost died if it would not have come back up as quickly as it went down. This was only half dose. I am as product of 60`s never got into the drug seen. Too busy in school, and hosp. work. Yet, if this was what a trip was like what little I kept ingested sent me to a whole nother world. Sick also for quite awhile. I did my own research and I believe, even though they said no, that it was a form of GHB.

    Now when I hear do not worry it is all natural Big Red Flags fly in my brain, what is left from this all natural product.

    Thanks, I have said this before and to my patients alot of people do not understand this.

    Take Care and becareful just because it is sold in a nature store. This also goe`s for suppossed natural grown veg. etc. I have read some scary articles about that too.
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    Although I take a lot of supplements now I introduced them one at a time, and some groups are synergistic ie complement one another. My attempts at natural hrt require a selection of individual components etc because the combinations that are sold as an all in one contain ingredients I cannot tolerate. My aim is to eventually need far less than I'm taking now.

    Apart from perhaps a basic vit/min supplement, which is a good starting point, I think it's very important to research any supps or natural therapy before starting it. With each therapuetic agent start on a very low dose and build it up gradually, I don't think our bodies cope well with a sudden challenge.