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    HI, HAVE any of you had a URIC ACID blood test run for GOUT. I finally mention to my dr.{BECAUSE hands & knuckles are/ were ertremily swollen and hurt.}Ran blood work YEP I was RIGHT! I'm taking:
    1.ALLIPOURINOL 300mg 1 a day
    2.INDOCIN .25 3 x a day

    Still can't sign my name OR close my hands. MAKES it alfull hard to HOLD toilet paper and WIPE your self. OR anything else in between. MY Rt. hand baby finger sticks out about 1 inch past ring finger{whats this haven't been able to wear rings for 2 months now} Seeing DR. next week. CAN"T handle this ANYMORE. but, THIS MIGHT BE INTERESTING FOR S/S APPT. on 3/12. Will keep everyone posted on DR.
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    run the uric acid test for gout. Hope you feel better. dolsgirl
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    but I have rheumatoid arthritis in them. They get red, swollen, inflamed, inflexible, and hurt like hell. On those days, I can't make a fist, hold an ink pen, write, hold a cup, or pick anything up.

    I just take my pain meds, my anti-inflammatory med, massage Tiger Balm into my hands, and put those heating gloves on my hands all day and hope I can function tomorrow. That's all I can do.

    My brother has gout in his big toe, and when he gets an attack he is in terrible pain and cannot walk.

    Hope you find relief soon. Blessings, Carol...